Watch GT after Super out of curiosity because of everyone shitposting about lately

>Watch GT after Super out of curiosity because of everyone shitposting about lately
>Starts randomly ripping off Star Wars almost 20 episodes in

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Star wars used to be cool to reference back in the day.

It's called an homage.

>Star Wars is no longer cool

What happened?

Disney took over.

it's called unnecessary sequels. People were already iffy with the prequels, but then sequels that don't bring anything to the story? Also even more spinoffs, which already over saturated the market with star wars shit.
Basically from a surprise hit it became a franchise, and that's never a good thing

It will continue to print money for decades to come, but it will never be star wars big.


give luke his milkys

Unironically this and Disney

What's wrong, user-kun? Don't you like Marey Sue? Only 1 movie left until she will be hailed as the greatest jedi ever.

in the 90s Star Wars was cool as fuck and everyone was super hyped about it
now its just another gay yearly franchise putting out boring trash

greed. there was no need for the new movies

>It will continue to print money for decades to come, but it will never be star wars big.
>it will never be star wars big
>source my ass
How about you don't tell lies for once user
>Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi
>Budget $200 million
>Box office $1.332 billion
>Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens
>Budget $258.6 million
>Box office $2.068 billion
Go back to your mother's basement user

I really did enjoy it. If you are the type of person who can enjoy things even if other people don't like it then its a fun little romp.

Am I only one that likes new trilogy?
Last Jedi did what it should-smear a shit in the face of butthurted fans

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I'm sorry, the doctor called and you have shit taste

If you removed the unnecessary shit like Finn's romance with the fatty (because it doesn't add anything to the story), then it could be good.

Also space battles.

The prequels > the sequels

Let's be honest, if the prequels had better CGI and dialogue they would be better than the originals too, the story and worldbuilding were superior

ESB is the best prequel.

Just remove Lucas' critters.

It's unironically terrible and you should feel terrible for continuing to exist with that shitty of a taste. You are a literal contrarian hipster faggot that should fuck off back to whatever dark shithole you hatched from.

Now adjust the old movies for inflation

I liked the dragon ball hunt part of the show. Everything after, like once they met Baby, and the show went full retard.

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How many memorable scenes are there from the prequels? I watched them as a child and the original is still way more memorable and iconic. These movies are even more forgettable than the prequels. They will fade very quickly just like Harry Potter.

I liked the concept of the dragonballs taking out their stress on goku for being abused for so long.

>liking literally the worst part

TFA was marred by a weak villain and rey being shit

TLJ was held back by some strange decisions (huldos plan) and that retarded casino planet plotline

both were good movies trapped inside mediocre ones

Dragon Ball hunt is what the series was at first. The fact power creep happened took all the fun away from it, everyone can gather the 7 balls in 5 minutes now.

Which makes me happy GT tried to make the adventures fun again.

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>tried to make the adventures fun again.
The adventures sucked. All planets and new characters were shit

The Revenge of The Sith is the best Star Wars movie ever

Fully disagreed. The planets were colorful and distinct unlike pic related which we were stuck in for 50 episodes.

You probably started watching at Z though and think flashy fights is all what matters, why bother.

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Dolltaki wasn't shit, his taste in waifus was top tier.

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You GTfagt are pathetic. What we got at the very beginning of DB? Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha and other great and funny characters. What we got in GT? Literally nothing

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It's called a homage

you mean here?

They are better than the prequels but not really that good, i like some of the ideas though but they really fuck some parts too.
The best part is watch the fans and theoryfags butthurt though specially after TLJ.

>wow pretty colors this adventure is great
Also you.
>stfu you probably only like it for the flashy lights

>They are better than the prequels

Nah, I and II are awful pacing-wise. Both could be cut in half and nothing of value would be lost. III's main problem is Christensen's portrayal of Anakin and being associated with the first two, but otherwise it's pretty good and on-par with originals.

>They are better than the prequels


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So is GT or Super the canon sequel to DBZ?


You know that "colorful" isn't used literally here, r-right, user? No one could be that retarded.


GT was never canon.

The prequels ruined the soil going foward.

Disney decided to desiccate the soul with cheap, produced-for-the-masses numbered churnouts.

The original 3 were the only ones ever worth watching, and it should have ENDED there.

Much like Dragon Ball would have been best if it ended after Namek.

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>Pretty much everything with Palpatine
>Vader being suited up
>Darth Maul fight
>Vader vs Kenobi
>Jedi fighting in the pit, kicking off the clone wars
>Order 66
>the podrace
There was lots of cool and memorable stuff in the prequels. It was just overshadowed by Jar Jar, bad actors for Anakin, metachloreans, and other silly shit.

Ok they are better than I and II, i never liked III but meh you can have that one
Rogue one is still the best new movie anyway

The Prequels got good characters and good cartoons

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Thanks. Is Super worth watching or will it just ruin my good childhood memories of Dragonball? Piccolo best boy.

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>that time when Grievous killed Shaggy
Will Gohan Calvo ever avenge his fallen friend?

The prequels are the best part of Star Wars lmao

Grievius was so great in this cartoon but then clone wars fucked with him hard

The star wars franchise was held up after the OT by alternate media and expanded universe in video game and comic. The prequels were bad but they still spawned good materials for video games, comics, and the animated series. Now that disney is in absolute control of the franchise, good luck with any of that with the tyrant hand of Disney. EA controlling the major star wars video games is just a bonus.

Watch the movies first and ignore the first 27 episodes of Super.

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i get that you want to feel like you have a sophisticated opinion or whatever but nah dude they just sucked

>JJ said practical effects
>ends up using more CGI and less practicals than the prequels

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with a compelling argument like that how could I not be swayed to your stance!

TFA is just a rehased ANH with even worse “new” characters

TLJ is a mess with plot that makes no sense and full of holes. It also fails to develop new characters from TFA and introduce even more bad characters

Both movies also ruin and kill off returning characters from the OT.

>and kill off
no shit they get killed off, did you want or expect another trilogy following luke, han and leia?

han was more of what he was, so was leia, luke you could argue the case, but his actions hold to the actions of past jedi

>TLJ plot makes no sense
there are issues with it, namely huldo being a bitch for no reason and the pointless side-quest

the first could have been fixed by just mentioning the possibility of a spy and the second should have been cut

>fails to develop
it gave rey some actual fucking character as opposed to making her a cardboard sue, which was nice

it also made kilo less of a one dimensional angst-lord

The Android arc was a Terminator rip off homage

SSJ4>>>>any of the deviantart tier transformations of Super, it actually looks like something the Saiyans would praise as God-like


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Oh did no one remember to actually remind you GT was shit? Because it's shit and Sup Forums posters are mostly contrarian retards at heart.

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> han solo
> a selfish character who only did things for his own gain
> he found friendship and love and ended up fighting to protect people he love
> found responsibility, managed to protect and marry the girl he love
> actually the marriage was bad. They got divorced, he went back to doing shady smuggling and get killed by his own son
That’s just revert all of his character progress in the OT to put him back to where he was just so Rey can do the exact thing luke did and find han solo once again for maximum rehash. Also, characters can die a natural and/or more dignified deaths than the pathetic ways they get killed in nu-star wars

Leia is kinda the same but she’s alive for some reason even when the actress is long dead.

TLJ plot was fucked up from the start. The whole chase set up is stupid to begin with when there’s dozens of star destroyer just tailing a handful of rebel ship for the whole length of the movie instead of cutting them off. The rebel plan to escape is retarde becaue it was supposed to be special sekrit plan when it was literally just abandon ship and land nearby inhabitable planet. Poe is ostracized for his reckless move but nobody mentioned what the alternate way to deal with the dreadnought when it has a weapon to wipe out rebel fleet that very moment. Most of stuffs involved luke was bad. Everything involved Finn and asian girl is bad. That makes up for more than half of the movie already. Ah yes Rey is so flawed that she has to train a whole day to master the force and be able to beat down bunch of elite guards. To fix TLJ, you have to fix luke, get rid of the chase, holdo, finn’s plot, FTL ramming, and fix snoke’s unsatisfying death so that’s like 90% of the movie already

Star Wars actually hasn't been cool since probably 1985.

I meant nearby habitable planet, which is not a dime in a dozen in space. The planet is only a short distance of non-hyperspace travel from where the main ship get destroyed

You can like something despite it being bad. You just need to recognize the new trilogy just has many many many faults. most originating from a lack of direction, uninteresting characters and corporate meddling. There's literally nothing wrong with liking something because explosions and space fights.

So, it's just like Dragon Ball then?

>They are better than the prequels
Literal rehashes, including from the prequels, are now better than the prequels? You actually enjoy the autistically telegraphed plot full of convenience tropes, power escalation with no build up and hyper fast pacing? Dear god your taste is awful.

Btw this applies to dragonball too.

>shit in the face of butthurted fans

I'm not a fan of star wars, but think carefully about what you posted. A good movie is not good because it insults a fanbase, star wars was never Evangelion, and people won't get away with it. The fact that you like a movie cos it insults a group of fat dipshit nerds says a lot about you as a person. Either you are a hateful fuck, or you have resentment towards these manchildren. Either way, you are pathetic.

>telegraphed plot full of convenience tropes
This was always the case though even in the original trilogy

just read the manga the anime isn't worth it
yeah it may have some good episodes but that doesn't excuse the tons of shitty episodes
and the story in the manga is different than the anime

Don't listen to any spic fag here.
Super is bad and it will ruin the show. You'll lose whatever kind of respect you had for Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Gohan etc.
Also, Vegeta cheers while Freeza is crowned one of the strongest beings in the multiverse. Yes, he cheers for a man who destroyed his entire race.

Fuck no. The manga ruined the best of Super

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he was cheering for goku not frieza retard
vegeta was literally dumbstruck when he seen goku fighting with frieza

>denying reality
The absolute state of DBSpic fans.

zamasu was kinda better in the manga
black was worse in manga
fused zamasu was better in the manga

>Also, Vegeta cheers while Freeza is crowned one of the strongest beings in the multiverse. Yes, he cheers for a man who destroyed his entire race.
You convinced med not to watch it. Vegeta is my second favorite after Piccolo and that sounds fucking retarded.

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There are parts of The Last Jedi I definitely liked, like Luke making a fool of Kylo in front of his entire army (and by that point, the clash between Kylo and the redhead to see who was in control of the army was unintentionally hilarious). However, the entire movie is incredibly boring, nothing happens besides history's slowest space persecution, and Luke's backstory just made it everything more retarded. It became clear since Anakin that no one in the franchise can write a believable fall to the Dark Side.

>the story and worldbuilding were superior
Phantom Menace basically had no story, though it had bits of interesting worldbuilding. Clone Wars at least attempted to establish Anakin's reasons to fall to the Dark Side, and Revenge of the Sith shitted on all that to be a clusterfuck with the worst turn to evil I've ever seen.

Here we have a Vegeta who doesn't give a fuck what Goku does and lives his life for and with his family, as a family man.
This is natural progression after the Buu saga and this is why I'll always respect GT more than Super.

>Ah yes Rey is so flawed that she has to train a whole day to master the force and be able to beat down bunch of elite guards
as opposed to luke who lifted for a week and could fight vader? her being good at fighting wasnt the issue in TFA and it isnt here, its the other baggage (that they ditched) which was

>han solo
>has character development
>undergoes stressful event (son joins space nazis, best friend fucks off)
>degenerates to a simpler state as coping mechanism
its not some impossible butchering of a character

is it great? no, but its not offensive either

the stuff involving luke was good, asian chick needs to die in fire, snokes death was resolved poorly- but the build up was great, the plan wasnt anything spectacular but there are reasons to keep it secret from a logical perspective

Zamasu should have been in the Tournament

Before that, Krillin was cheering for Vegeta and Gohan was cheering for 17, it's almost as if they already let go of grudges from the past.

>as opposed to luke who lifted for a week and could fight vader?
You're retarded holy fucking shit.

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it's sad you have to make shit up
the dude is lying vegeta was cheering for goku and 17
but the super anime is pretty shit just read the manga
don't watch the movies either because the powerlevels in that are completely fucked


What does it feel like being a brainless sheep?

Retarded mangafag

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It also happened to be a complete shit movie on its own.

>inexperienced fighter
>goes off to find wise old Jedi to teach them
>does some training
>leaves early to save friends

>goes off to find wise old Jedi to teach them
>does some training
>leaves early to save friends

Luke at least had guidance of Obi Wan and Yoda. Luke never beat Vader before training, and in fact lost twice to him before finally beating him. Rey on the other hand, Kylo Ren tries to enter her mind and she blocks him without any effort, and she doesn't even know what the force is.

However, I think the real issue is that Kylo Ren is a shitty villain. It doesn't matter if the hero is too special if the villain is a monster too, but Kylo got humilliated multiple times during the movie that should have established him as a menace, like Last Hope did with Vader.

>he doesn't know

Yeah, Luke left early and got a hand blown out. Rey left early and humilliated Kylo Ren again, after beating him without even knowing how to turn on a lightsaber.

yeah it's completely stupid that beerus could stand a chance against beerus who was using 70% of his power
that would mean ssb goku and golden frieza are stronger than beerus especially with ssbkk

Yet he can't let go of his obsession with Goku, even though he's canonically retarded. Stop defending retarded shit, it's honestly sad.

>However, I think the real issue is that Kylo Ren is a shitty villain.
I agree with that, he just doesent work as the villain- hes too "human" and seems like hes supposed to be a mirror of what the protagonist is meant to be (someone growing and developing) but without another villain to man the fort while he grows

when he was dealing with Rey in TLJ he worked as he wasn't the villain, he was an anti-hero, but that was kinda blown by the end of the movie when he just stays as the designated dark lord
>Rey left early and humilliated Kylo Ren again, after beating him without even knowing how to turn on a lightsaber.
what? she got tossed around by snoke like its nothing and then helped fight some guards

the heavy lifting there was done by Kylo

Told you that they would be coming in swarms to defend their shit
Reading the manga is better than watching the anime, but either way, they are rebooting the series to milk it some more. Vegeta is basically Yamcha-tier just like Piccolo became a nanny by the time the buu arc happened. I recommend reading one of the hundreds of better manga out there senpai, but whatever rocks your boat.

I won't defend Super, it's just that from all the shit we saw, Vegeta cheering for Freeza, as you say (because it wasn't the case), wasn't nearly as annoying as everything else.