Goblin Slayer

He touched Priestess.

How many panels does he have left to live?

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GS gonna choke a bitch

If he is lucky, i'll say 3. More if he is unlucky.

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As many panels as Goblin Slayer needs to activate THAT.

>ywn prank GS by waking him up dressed as a goblin

This is by far one of the most retarded suicide ideas I've ever heard. I love it.

If either Lizard priest or Dwarf dies before the series is over would you be genuinely pissed?

Will GS just go God mode? Roll 20s?

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Dwarf not so much but cheese lizard bro is a good guy.

Quite a few, as all they do is fuck him up the first time.

I like dwarf well enough but he's there pretty much just to banter with the elf so I can't say I'd be very shaken.

Lizard is too based to be killed, I hope he gets some backstory. Same with the other two, but specially him.

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Well the champ actually retreats and they let them since they have to lick their own wounds.

What's this?

Goblin Gangbang. It's on panda.

Thank you kind user.

Just as anons predicted, chaoter ended with GS activating the berserker pack. Next chapter is gonna be crazy and full of memes potential.

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Love how you didn't mention Elf because everyone (that's not suffering from terminal diharrea taste) would be actually happy about it.

Is GS getting a power up?

Someone post the last page of that chapter with the autism being fully woke and that hype as fuck one-liner that GS says

>Love how you didn't mention Priestess because everyone (that's not suffering from terminal diharrea taste) would be actually happy about it

>worse death than Bill Murray in Zombieland

i really like how this series goes from "yay we're beating the baddie goblins, have at you!" to "OH FUCK I'M DYING HELP MEEEE" in a second. one thing goes wrong and the main heroine is literally pissing herself from the terror

GS is her sanity chain, without him she loses it. However, how she loses it changes as she becomes stronger.

btw did she get her arm bitten off completely, or was it just the clavicle area?

Just her shoulder

It's just a flesh wound

he he men time 4 rape now okay?

A bit, they're based, but really need more personality more than cheesu and Elf bantz partner. Elf also the same despite have several chapter about her and isn't latest volume supposedly about her? Why everyone only fixated at Priestess?

>Why everyone only fixated at Priestess?

Unironically a Mary Sue.

>However, how she loses it changes as she becomes stronger.
How so? I've yet to read the LN

Well, gs hasn't been fucked up that hard in the ln again so far but Priestess has been getting stronger, some anons speculate that the more effective she becomes, the more brutal would be her snap at gs "dying", like instead of falling in despair, going in a rampage.

GS would be proud

Elf so far hs shown more character than the rest of the additional party members, except Priestess.

Wasn't there something about her using a spell to directly kill a goblin leading to EM getting pissed at her?

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The LN has GS respond to the narrator's casual dismissal of their party's fate by saying "Horseshit" here instead. Not sure which line I like more.

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They only rip out his eye in this fight so he got many panels left.
I'm more hype for the panels where elf will get her clothes torn off by gobbos and her trying to cower her chest.

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Yeah, but she thought that using purification would make the goblin good, not turn its blood into water.

Got a chunk of her shoulder chomped off.

Stop shilling this shit

>make the goblin good
I think that's a success as far as GS concerned.

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>he doesn’t enjoy rape

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Honestly after what happened in the initial chapter of the main series and also what happened to that one elf girl in Year 1 going 0-60 cute girl to fucked up getting chomped by that rock eater in barely one page I wouldnt be surprised if Elf gets murderraped and/or theres a mostly total party wipe at some point

what, you'd rather this turn into a sol where all they do is win convincingly each time?

both are still poorly characterized

horseshit. GS' dialogue is becoming more and more isekai by the chapters. the writing is already chuuni as it is.

I'm not him, but the only rape I enjoy is that of those who deserve it.

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Well it wasn't what Priestess was expecting to happen

No, you don't mean THAT?!

if lizard or dwarf die i will be sad, elf idc what happens

>YOUR face when.

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Time for GS to protect elf and her 2000 year old virginity.

Dwarf saves her actually.

Where's the user doing the full song?

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I'm sorry, but he was gobbed

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Neither elf or priestess will die.

that works too

Her chest piece gets torn off though.


this chapter is so stupid
>here is our protag who distinguishes himself by being practically smarter and cautious
>he's currently tracking the leader of an atypical group of gobs
>most likely a very strong character
>we arrive at a heavily reinforced door into a very dark room
>instead of having a few of use stand guard lets all enter it
>here lemme throw a torch to illuminate it
>huh it's close ended, this might be a trap, lets have at least someone stand guard outside
>oh look there's a woman chained in typical post gob rape fashion but somehow she's in full set of armor minus the helmet, how odd
>nah lets not take precautions

AND NOW you know why the fuck goblin slayer is beloved, fuck goblins.

>let one/two stand guard
these two would have died, the LN described it as in it was a trap, the door closed itself
also they are already only a few, how far should they have spread out to cover that place

oh sure man id take all 5 dead than 2 any day. alternatively, an even slightly smarter person wouldve just tossed the torch in before they even step in

It's fine, there's nothing under it anyway.

>Those lyrics don't rhyme
Didn't even try, so lazy

All the characters in the party are save.

I'm all for free speech, but that guy seems like a faggot

Where can i find vol5,6 7 engrish? Any fan translations ?

So i just read this today. Is GS just the Macgyver of fantasy? That portal trick to kill the ogre was something else.

kissmanga has the official yenpress translations

About two fiddy

Oh, of the light novels?
I have no idea

Damn it i dont want to wait 2 years for a fucking volume

Volume 5 of the English LN comes out in September

Who’s best girl and why is it Guild Girl?

To long!
>not wanting CG milkies

The author wanted to make a Mines of Moria reference and broke immersion as a result

GG > Priestess > Elf > CG > SM

Any Manga or LN like Goblin Slayer?


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Should we even count that crazy cunt?

Even if it's a trap, if their goal was to exterminate all the goblins, forcing the goblins through one point of entry turned out to be advantageous, even though common sense normally says you need an escape route.

>anvil chest

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the slaying of the gob
We will soak our hands with goblin blood as we cut through the mob
We are smiting all of goblinkind, from babe to lord to hob
The slayer marches on

Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
The slayer marches on

We will kill it as it wanders and we'll kill it in its nest
We will never suffer goblin filth, exterminate the pest
If there be any goblins left, then we will hunt the rest
His duty marches on

Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
His duty marches on

By fire, blade and poison slain the goblin meets its end
With surging water drowning it within its earthen den
And no matter what the method funerals they must attend
His might is marching on

Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
His might is marching on

We will kill all them with prejudice, we'll end them without fear
We'll eradicate the goblin threat located far and near
Our work will be done silently, and no one will us cheer
Our duty marches on

Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Our duty marches on

As he wades knee-deep in goblin guts he kills for you and me
And he will not let them roll the dice, from fate he battles free
"Is it goblins?" he will question, if it's yes he'll slay with glee
Extinction marches on

Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Steady, steady, slay the goblins
Extinction marches on

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If he was doing the mission alone i bet he would have either just thrown a stone at her or just ignored her but his party members kinda made him check whether she was alive or not.

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Not only that.

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If any stat of his is an 18, it's wisdom. But I'm skeptical anything is above 16.

It only makes her better


That said, my only gripe is with "His might is marching on". Sounds somewhat weak to me, and it's not like might is really a proper trait for GS.

Personally, I think either "His fury marches on" or "His wrath is marching on" would work better

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Priestess > CG > GG > Female Knight > Witch > Sword Maiden > Elf

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Sup Forums sings when

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>anvil chest
And those are incredible to make my dick hard as diamond.

What about Constitution?

I want to have sex with GG’s braided hair

Fair. I used "might" because I see GS as an inexorable tide against goblindom, and I wanted to focus some on that rather than just the anger he feels against the gobs - he's actually *doing* something about it.

If my voice weren't so untrained I would record it


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>there are people with taste so bad they don’t enjoy rape

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I hope they get enough time in the manga to get most of her clothes, even if she will just use her hair to cover anything.

>the gobs managed to run away
is this how the legend of the Goblin Slayer gets passed among the goblins?