Worst tropes in anime

>"If you kill him you'll be just like him!"
Do your worst anons.

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>midget old person

>"I love y-"
>*Loud Noise* *Fireworks* *Speeding Train*
>"Eh? What did you say?"

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>characters have wikipedia powered memories of X details the author wants to explain

>character has super op power
>"if you'll use it, you'll die/lose your powers"
>character uses it
>something extremely convenient for them happens
>character is fine
>super op power "consumes lifespan"
>character uses it
>side effect is completely irrelevant because the series ends earlier or character dies in another way
I can understand this second one, it can be used to make a character "insane" or to show that they are willing to sacrifice their life to achieve their goals.
But the first one? Literal fucking bullshit. Learn to write stories, retards.

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>Generic MC: I'll save you, Heroine X!
>proceeds to fuck everything up
>Never saves her at the end
>Having to go through countless dialogue about how MC cares so much about her but didn't save her in time or giving excuses such as "I was too shocked blah blah" before finally fixing things up.

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The moral of the story is "You are yourself"

>anime original ending

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Abe dislikes it when the series ends before OP and best girl marry and reproduce

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>Here's a test to see which kind of element/power you gravitate most towards

>Wow, X element, that's really rare!

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>High School setting
>I am a totally normal X except for the fact I am the 2985th descendant of a trans-dimentional alien hero spirit
>Here I go falling into random boobs and ass constantly
>Let's not fight at full strength right away and just keep it going to one up each other throughout our fight

>stay out of this, i will beat him alone
Every bad guy ever.

>i'm your regular [thing]
>but i'm not


>"My victory is certain,you have no chance to beat me"
>gets destroyed
Are there anyone other than based chrollo who broke that trope?

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>hey I'm a qt loli idol girl but I'm REALLY SCARY and I'll totally kill you xD
>haha don't test me I'll really do it I'm scary and also I have a shrill voice because I'm a loli xD
I fucking hate Illya and that pink cunt from Kill la Kill. Any time I see a new loli with the same trope the anime immediately dives 2-4 points depending on how often I see her.

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>it was just a dream lol

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>high school setting
>beta male mc
>aggressive female
>sex is banned and completely horrible for everyone involved
>only women ever want sex while men recoil with force of a thousand suns at the proposition
>bathrooms without locks on the doors
>people acting insane as the standard
>armies don't exist, all power struggles between nations are solved with a series of 1v1 fights where the younger you are the more likely you are to win against an adult who spent his entire life training in combat
>""fanservice"" where a standard bath scene occurs with every woman has strands of hair permanently glued to their nipples resulting in thousands of 12y old jap kids furiously masturbating their 3cm penises
>anime science/time travel/autoerotic asphyxiation stopping aids
>moe as a substitute to content
>character making a silly face constitutes a punchline to a joke
>average breasts size in japan is A cup and I'm super angry about my small A cup breasts
>power levels that go up to infinity
>reference humor as a substitute to humor
>if you want to save the world you better be 14y old
>comedic relief characters
>neon-colored hair
>men not reciprocating violence against women as self-defense
>Anime armor. Really, why are they wearing armor. Armor doesn't stop anime weapons. Just go naked.

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>re:zero ending

>character talks about something from their past or other traumatic experiences
>other person just goes "Sakura-chan..."
>scene ends

Based Abe.

Gimme a greencard and I'll fix that reproductive issue, Japan.

>talented commander whose weak point is his daughter or sister
>character talks about how an object is important than it slips "accidentally" from his hand
>moralfags who always oppose revenge and punishements but don't mind the death of countless soldiers .

>guy that sucks always wins somehow

Oh you got me with that one

This is probably my fault for taking memes seriously but what has he actually done to increase birth rates? It doesn't look like anything he's done has improved anything.

>Character has plot armor because he's a fan favorite
Even disregarding the established fact strong Nen can persist after the user's death, his lungs were stopped for a long time. As far as we know, Hisoka is just human. If he's not, how come he was able to be suffocated into losing in the first place?

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>someone says something that wasn't that funny
>the whole gang laughs
>outside shot of the building or the sky or some shit like that

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>pointless "cute" animal mascot that makes annoying noises and/or has annoying voice

This. There has never been one that wasn't annoying. The cat from Aria was bearable.

I almost dropped Valkyria Chronicles when they introduced that fucking winged pig, but the game was good enough that I endured it
>hard ass boss fight
>pig does literally nothing
>gee we couldnt have done it without you, annoying animal mascot
>*annoying animal mascot noises*

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Death happens when the brain stop functioning user.My guess is that chrollo probably teleported hisoka somehow,i don't think he bothered carrying him out of the tower that was flooded by security.So it seams to us like a long time passed since the end of the fight when hisoka came back but it is just few minutes

How many of those does berserk have at this point?

yeah come to think of it that one's pretty fucking stupid.
it's usually a warning flag when the MC inevitably knows all of them.

The best use for that line should be after the kill.
>*HEADSHOT*. Headless character drops to the ground gushing like a fountain
>Stay out of this, I'll beat him alone
>proceeds to beat the corpse like a dead horse
>bonus points if it's actually a horse he shot just now

Although it would be great if that important object is the world-saving macguffin.

>character personalities and compatibility defined by blood-type meme

>Implements a super complex plan to defeat the enemy
>point blank range

>character is an normal person
>suddenly turns into a complete asshole when fighting the mc

Ancient evil: HUMANITY IS BAD
Twelve year old girl: NUH-UH HUMANITY IS GOOD
Ancient evil: You're right, let's be best friends

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>mfw remembering Seven Deadly Sins

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>and then they fucked

Nice job copying threads from the front page of reddit, user.

And here we have a specimen of an aggressively stupid user. Take note kids, never do this.

Everyone gets a unique thing but MC has an even more unique unique thing that either makes him the chosen one or the outcast who is the key to the final battle anyway

>survives villain's ultimate move

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But what if all along the Mc could use it but. The mentor was a traitor and didn't want him to use it as it would decrease the likely hood of him winning?

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>"If you kill him you'll be just like him!"
does that really come up often? It seems more like a superhero comic sort of thing

>im so glad i dodged that life-ending attack, now i have 15 extra seconds to deliver my edgy one liner and explain out loud how im gonna kill my opponent

That still wasn't the worst cliche they were guilty of, Isara's death was painful to watch and I don't mean because it was sad. It could have been more predictable if Rosie had said "Wow Isara, you have taught me, a racist, so much of my ignorant ways and the second we shake hands we will be bestest friends forever and ever and nothing, not even a stray bullet from a random enemy soldier can possibly stop it!"
I didn't even dislike her but that shit made me roll my eyes so hard I could see the back of my fucking skull.

that's batman

How many deaths is Batman responsible for by not killing people?
It's like some politician making a law that allows thousands of rapists into the country and then thinking they're not responsible for the rapes.

fmab when roy try to kill envy and also when winry try to shoot her parents killer.

You mean mexicans?

No. I like louis ck.

Billions in child-care and tuition subsidies.

>character uses blood as a weapon and named their fighting style after that

Garo, this season. And boy did that fuck need killing.

>Garo not killing a single person and defending a kid against monsters
>deserve to die

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I meant the gangster who killed that kid's girlfriend, you buttsample.

oh my bad i thought you was talking about opm.
Just read the series few days ago and can't get it out of my head

>"Everyone says I'm ugly."
>"That's not true at all Chie. You're the most beautiful person I've ever met."
>"Wow MC-kun, I'm 16 years old and yet you're the first person ever to compliment me in my entire life. Can I suck your dick?"
>"I fuckin hate you MC-kun!
>MC saves her life.
>"Oh my God MC-kun. I love you so much, you're just simply the best

>hes my best friend but now we're enemies
fuck gundam

>character drinking something
>makes that horrible sound

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>oh my bad i thought you was talking about opm.
*Garou there, friend

I mean, not a complete change, but your opinion of a person who saves your life should change a lot, unless you're a douchebag or that person did it for personal gains or whatever