His death was an asspull

His death was an asspull.

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Great character and great fight

I don't know if asspull is the right word, but it was really poorly executed. They had an interesting fight going on and Naruto basically came in and instagibbed him to show how strong his new technique is.

Sup Forums overuses this term these days, particularly in regards to shounen fights, but Kakuzu's demise was a very literal example of "jobbing".

It was disappointing but Naruto finally having a new move after all of that training isn’t surprising.

I would call it an asspull. Kishimoto tried to develop his elemental system by giving it flaws/buffs and then completely ignored his own system after fucking over two Aktsuki members. Deidara and Kakuzu.

>all of that training
Did they explain the idea behind shadow and light chakra energy that Yamato mentioned during the rock-paper-scissors fire beats wind chakra types?

Indeed, Kishi wrote him to be too strong for the series at the time. The power creep hadn't caught up yet to the point he was at so he turned out to be just another test dummy for the protag power up.

Plus he fought the 1st hokage and survived has over 90 years of battle experience as a shinobi as was able to kill his village elders as a youth.

Overall interesting character and fucking well animated and choreographed fight, shame he got turned into a jobber.

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Oh, an additional note: This is made retroactively more ridiculous due to the power creep that took place after Pain arc. The fact that he fought Hashirama and survived became an increasingly amazing feat as Hashirama's powerlevel became increasingly exponential. The fact that he went out the way he did to a simple, straightforward rasengan with a nature infusion after surviving Hashirama is hilarious.

>Overall interesting character and fucking well animated and choreographed fight

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>Plus he fought the 1st hokage and survived has over 90 years of battle experience as a shinobi as was able to kill his village elders as a youth.
I actually don't remember this part, probably because it's been literally over a decade since I read his fight/character. That's really baffling Naruto was able to kill this guy then.

>oh the guy makes copies that he constantly uses for distraction
>better ignore the copies that just went behind me
In general mangaka should just stop writing immortal or really old characters because they always act like some teenager with downs syndrome.

Naruto and Bleach were such a waste of interesting characters

It was good until Narushit came and ruined it all.

>tfw Naruto's new jutsu was one of the strongest ever created at that point in the story and super dangerous to even use
>at the end of the manga it's actually nothing special

Creep and seep man

Dude is based as fuck
>Was expected to assassinate the 1st hokage
>fails to kill him but manages to survive
>is punished by elders
>He kills literally all of them and steals their techniques
>becomes pseudo-immortal before orochimaru could
>can tank a tailed beast bomb to the face
>lets hidan fight shika 1v1 so he can 1v6
>has a NATURAL release of all basic elements
>108 years old at the time of the fight
>all of this to get fucking outsmarted by a shadow-clone


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Yeah, was the 1st hokage just really drunk when they fought or something?
If a simple shadow clone can trick him he'd die in seconds against the first.

>Kishimoto is a good writ-

>all of this to get fucking outsmarted by a shadow-clone
Twice in a row for that matter. I could understand if he let his guard down while fighting some brat the first time around, but holy fuck did the fight have a shit ending or what

Remember when he jobbed to TenTen?

Your birth was an asspull

Why the fuck everyone assumes that he literally fought against first hokage 1 on 1? He could be part of a fodder that was atacking him or something, or maybe the first just didn't give enough of a fuck to finish him off, since he was fairly weak.

The way he died was decent, it succeeded in showing how insanely powerful Naruto's new jutsu, that he had spent 20 episodes or so creating. The way it was executed with the shadowclone decoy was terrible, Naruto's 'fight' with Kakuzu should of been much longer with Naruto barely holding on, until the end were he uses the last of his chakra creating the rasenshuriken to kill Kakuzu.


It actually had a good development to it.

>Helped introduce or explore elemental affinities
>Was a suicidal move anyways that had too many downsides to outweigh its power
>Combines the common idea of a ninja using shuriken into the MC's repertoire who in an almost ironic fashion
>Showed just how much Naruto had grown and how he wasn't fucking around when he leaned to throw it at Pain
>It acted as a source of tension due to how he only had a limited amount against Pain.

Now, I'm pretty sure Naruto just punches stuff really really hard.

they are used for genjutsu iirc

More likely, Madara made a bet with Hirashima on how far he could let Kakuzu's "assassination" go on without guy realizing he knew about his plan from the beginning.

It's honestly really possible Madara even just put the guy into a genjutsu to think he even had a chance against his mancrush.

is this bait
bro kakuzu made an attempt on Hashiramas life like 75 some years before naruto lmao
he isnt even under madaras control that shit makes no sense my dude.

Sad but true.