Wasted Characters

Just finished binge-reading Arachnid after seeing pics of it in another thread. It's pretty shit.

Has there ever been another character as OP broken as pic-related who has a more interesting backstory than the MC and can easily wipe the floor with the rest of the cast yet get so unceremoniously jobbed and then written out of the plot for no reason whatsoever

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Falco from Hokuto no Ken gets introduced as someone who could be as powerful as Kenshiro and the new #1 side-character, like Rei was. Then he gets killed by a quite literally nameless mook to hype up the new country that Ken is visiting. The sense of danger it was supposed to generate is also instantly wasted because Ken can still easily beat every character in the new country besides a select few.

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>He actually read Arachnid
>When literally everyone says it's the author's weakest work and worse than KB or Caterpillar, to the point of being an outright trainwreck
We warned you, bro.

>Gets hyped up for like 10 chapters
>Spent her entire life as a child since birth fighting soldiers in third-world countries
>Destroys all the strongest members of the cast including the MC without getting scratched
>Essentially has time-stop
>baddest edgiest most powerful insect highschool girl ever
>Jotaro-ed at the last second by MC who also gains her power and better for no reason
>gets gangraped by literally-who faceless rape zombies and ultimately ends up a sex zombie herself

Arachnid was a mistake

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Jojo is the king of wasted characters.

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The German guy from Terra Formars who was ranked 2nd strongest in the official rankings and dies in his first fight because roaches threw stones at him. Then another character takes his powers later.

At least Scorpion shit gets unceremoniously fucked over, but it's small solace.

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Such a shame too, it's rare that Thai characters ever show up in manga, much less as waifu material major characters

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>that boring slut
>not gay kamen rider


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She never gets shown again after this does she?

>Gay Kamen Rider
>Not boring
His character is what would happen if fightan manga had a "badass male character" default option and the author used it unchanged. Dino at least has a cool character design.

Not in Arachnid, no. People have been speculating she might yet appear in Caterpillar, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

what happen to her ? did the author explain ?

This is her last panel in the manga, she'd basically be a sex zombie at this point.

True, but it would have been hot to see her as a sex zombie.

By the time Scorpion's nerve toxin wore off, shouldn't she have been overpowering all the other zombies and raping the shit out of everyone? She'd be as strong as before, but sex-berserk.

>femdom sex-berserker zombie

LITERALLY only showed up to show how much of a genius Spider was. And to get raped.

>Literally only showed up to help turn the MC from a likable underdog into boring Mary Sue

Should have raped her when I had the chance!
t. Cockroach

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And her loss to Alice is really boring. I hate when a story has to reduce the villain's IQ to single digits to get the hero to win.

To be fair you need to read Arachnid to appreciate Caterpillar
Technically she always had that power, it's the point of her autism
We'll know in april

arachnid has managed to have a protagonist so op that her messing up in any way is what actually might make the reader incredulous

in fact, after reading it i started expecting every other manga spiderman to be as invincible

Sex zombie Geji spinoff when?

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In hindsight, Roach barely got to do anything useful in either Arachnid or Caterpillar. And apparently Choubu no Shinobi killed her off already. Hell.

>rip off tomoko in your manga
>get her raped

Well, she's popular now.
Shinobi is a completely different title, don't confuse people. Also she did lewd stuff in Caterpillar

Roacheetah did some useful things though.

She wrecked them before going down at least

Kind of wasted characters

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She's already pretty kinky, you'd just add the zombie bit.

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