Ditches coma induced MC for girlyboy

>ditches coma induced MC for girlyboy
Has there ever been a worse girl?

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I'm sure you were so faithful to your middle school sweetheart.

I bet you're one of those faggots who claim to have more than one waifu

As sad as it is, at least she remembered to MARRY AND REPRODUCE

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But MC mother moved him to other hospital without notice so she dosent waste her life waiting for him.

close one

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>But MC mother moved him to other hospital without notice so she dosent waste her life waiting for him.
10/10 mother

He doesn't need her. He's got DSL Mommy. Look at those fucking lips

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Yeah, he got his pizza girl and after time and space travel he made good story adapted into anime. So he ends up with younger girl and money. Good mother.

>people think she should have wasted her life waiting years for someone who might never wake up instead of moving on

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Why do you keep memeing that faggot

>ditches dead bodyswapped crush for delinquent guy
Has there ever been a worse guy?

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I really didn't understand why people were mad at her, she was like ten years old and barely knew the guy


People just really love to shitpost about NTR. Everyone fucking knew it was coming but people flooded the catalog anyways as if it was totally unexpected.
Kind of like what's happening with Franxx right now.

It's a story for all the white knights out there.
Don't be sad that they fuck someone else.

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They were not in relationship and they were still kids.

>goes through time and space to protect his childhood crush
>saves the waifufags and the momfu
>gets pizza girl at the end
Erased is the epitome of true love.

The best part: she didn't just got someone else, she went for another childhood friend to really stick it in.
That woman takes no prisoners.

How did she get from a 10/10 looking JS to a 2/10.

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She stopped being a JS

>*fucks Kayo*

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Kayo did nothing wrong.

She was a bitch, but not for the reason people usually think.
Yes, she didn't have to wait for her middle-school sweetheart to make up from the coma, that's pretty obvious, but you don't go see your hospitalized friend that just woke up from a 15 years long slumber, 15 years that he will never get back (which, in Japan, might be even worse than passing them as a NEET), with your child.
She's basically going about
>Oh, my old middle-school Bf just get out his coma, I bet he'll be happy to know that I moved on and had a fulfilling life, married his best friend, that is now working towards a satisfying career, had a kid with him
She basically the most insensitive bitch ever.

but mc was happy about it, i mean, he's gone back to save her, not to have her falling in love with him
mc never confessed and actually it was never implied that he even liked her that much, so it made sense that she would think he would be happy to know that after he saved her she moved on and made a family for herself

He did that because he wanted it. He was happy. In the end he found pizza girl, also his work got anime so has money. He still remembers those 15 years from previous lifetime and there he failed with his work. So now things are only better.

>Has there ever been a worse girl?

Pic extremely related. She is still the absolute worst it can ever get.

Because the betrayal actually kills thousands of innocent people.

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>Japs in charge of endings

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Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

Way to waste 70% of the entire story investing into one character relationship and then having no satisfying conclusion between the two of them other than "i had your best friend's baby whilst you were comatose".

Everyone was realistically happy Kayo survived, never doubting that for a second. Nobody however, felt satisfied that nothing happened between the two of them as adults after everything they both went through together for the vast majority of the plot. Their relationship quite literally fizzles out before the finishing line because she ended up having some loser's baby.

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>guy save your life in middle school by huge effort
>he also save life of other kids from serial killer, this include one of his friends
>guy end up in coma while trying to save another girl, most like because of that serial killer
>years later you fall in love with that friend
>more years, you have child with him
>at same time this guy wakes up
>you want to show baby to him, what is offspring of his friend and could only be born by this guy actions and sacrifice

What a f*cking slut, I can't believe it

Shipping them together was your mistake and your mistake only. He ended up with the better girl.

>Nobody however, felt satisfied that nothing happened between the two of them as adults after everything they both went through together for the vast majority of the plot.
I did, and so did many others. Why must every relationship between a girl and a boy end in romance? The point of their relationship was to get Kayo to live and then to get her out of her social autism. Romance would have just been an extra and clearly wasn't a necessity to their relationship.

Guys. Satoru didn't get NTR'd. The audience did, that's why we feel cheated.

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WTF The kid doesn't even look like his supposed dad

The character is not at fault, as others pointed out, waiting for that much time for a elementary schooler boy is retarded.

Those at fault are the writers for putting the audience into this position.

Because romance is the progression of a relationship, not an RPG goal like you seem to think it's treated as and nobody in the show's canon actually gave a shit about Kayo except Satoru and the audience knowing her importance.

It's still very much wasted time.

So why wasn't Hiromi the one saving Kayo's life then if he cared so much about her?

How can the audience not feel so utterly cheated by this turn of events?

Really after watching show I never even tought about that. First time I saw "NTR" was here on /a. They were kids and he had a mind of 20~ years old. They liked each other but there was no great romance. It was about SAVING her not FUCKING her. He got nice young pizza girl and good job.

How did Japan reacted about this shitty ending?

When will this shitposting end?
They were small kids and I bet she didn't want to move on. Besides, the MC just wanted her to live and he managed to make it happen. Those were tears of joy.

Yeah man, that woman should have spent her entire life waiting for a kid she had liked in middle school to wake up from a coma, something which might have never happened. Truly one of the top 10 anime betrayals.

Are there really so many people here who think that love is supposed to work like in shitty shonen series, where if you have a crush on someone when you're both kids then you're supposed to marry them and spend your entire lives together?

The MC was not a small kid, thus creating expectations for the audience. Again, there was no need for the writers do end the series this way, regardless of how realistic it is.

But he had no such feelings for her. As you said he was 22~ years old in a kids body. He was no pedo. I was expecting him to safe her not them to marry.

>Because romance is the progression of a relationship
Yes, romance is a progression, but NOT a necessary one. Does every male/female friendship ends in love? No. Romance was never the goal of their relationship and that was made clear many times in the show yet you still refuse to take off the shipfag goggles.

The show treats saving her as utterly inconsequential to just knowing Gaku was the killer all along. That is the only important thing Satoru even gains.

Kayo was just a waste of time. And a waste of time that eats up a large portion of the plot.

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Fucking slut, her fulfilled face makes me mad

It's not about sexual attraction, he doesn't need to be a pedo. He could have romantic feelings because of the situation he was placed. Of course he didn't had any, but it prompted expectations from the audience for instance that they could be together in the end as adults.

>at start of show
wow so sad, i hope this girl lives now
>at end of show
what was the fucking point, wish she did die now

What a stupid fucking mess of a series.

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How do we know the kid isn't his? As in she has had sex with MC therefore cucking her boyfriend while she's cucking the mc.

Not even middle school. She was like, 10 going on eleven. Still got a few years of elementary school.

Why does everyone assume he got the pizza girl in the end? She doesn't know him in the final timeline, is way younger than him, and they're not coworkers anymore.

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>"Satoru, thanks for being my only friend, saving my life, saving me from my horrible mother and generally being the only person who ever cared about me my whole life."

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I know right? Why on earth would anyone think they'd end up as a couple at some point. It's beyond me where people got that idea from.

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>Putting yourself on the same level as elementary schoolers.
Jesus christ user.

>your middle school sweetheart.
she dumped me

This. The end game was saving his DICK SUCKING LIPS mom

You are moving goalposts.
The point of the discussion is that "romance was necessary storywise" to "It's easy to think they would be a couple".

How old are you?

I want to erase this show from my memory.

Sachiko is best girl.

This is true. You can say that he time traveled to save DSL mom. Kayo was a random bonus.

why does Sup Forums care so much about unrequited love?

I never had a sweetheart

user. It was 15 fucking years. 15 years without any knowledge if he wakes up or not.

Besides he did all that shit just to save her. Mission accomplished. No genuine feelings.


Watch the live action
>can't get cucked if you erase yourself out of existence

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I'm more worried that they just gonna handwave the stuff about Satoru being an absolute potato for 15 years with no future career in sight (and no, don't just give me that bullshit about him being able to be an artist after 15 years bedridden with shitty muscle control)

Prolly cause similar scenario with Steins;Gate

>They knew about the shitty ending and played clever

It's my weakness.

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Because it is a waste of your time and energy if it doesn't happen?

Someone who just recently finished the series and is well aware of how pointless of a ride it is.

>Person who was originally destined to die marries other person originally destined to die.

Seems to me like the universe is keeping time travel from cuckolding the pizza girl.

This. She might as well have never existed to begin with given what they did with her near the end.

Totally pointless character, she didn't even play a role in the final episode.

Didn’t have a middle school sweetheart. I was close, numerous times, but came up short every time.

You totally missed the point of my post, she's a bitch because she show a total lack of tact and empathy in front of someone that is trying to recover from a terrible experience.
Thanks for correcting my broken English and expanding on my green text, you definitely pointed out the flaws of this reasoning better.

No, she's the worst.

fuck youre right

I don't know man he didn't seem bothered. Rather happy he saved her and that she have happy life now. He still have memories from his previous life so it's not like he's missing 100% of everything.

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>his childhood crush
she wasn't his crush

i lol'd

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>I really didn't understand why a board that has been ravaged by proto-/r9k/bots for a good part of 10 years would misinterpret childhood interactions and overemphasise their romantic significance
Shit man, anyone ever tell you you're just a little bit special?

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Stop it

I'd just say: why mangafags never had this problem? This NTR shit only exploded with animefags, you know why? Because it was fucking clear it wasn't NTR in the fucking manga, that's why. This was yet another reason manga is always and will always be better than anime.

I heard the anime even skipped the teacher backstory

But the entire point was to save her life. The MC didn't have many special feelings for her besides really wanting to save her life. He succeeded in his goal and got to see two people he saved live as a direct result of his actions.
why do you guys try so hard to act as if there is some kind of cuck motif into everything?

Why is it that I can't size back webms I have clicked on anymore?
I can only pause them but not make it small anymore.
Anyone got an idea?

Because she suddenly remembers him at the very last page.

Satoru didn't get anyone thats the problem with the story. They could have made an epilogue with Kayo kids playing with Satoru and pizza girl kids skipping another 10 years more and that would feel fullfiling.

Mc being "alone" while everyone else got married made it shitty.

>cuck sympathize with cuck MC
Hey, I guess there is an anime for everyone. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Why are you projecting the idea that people live vicariously through anime? You're the only ultracuck for being guilty of such vain shit.