Nene thread?

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slut changes her hair for affection.

I would be okay with this.

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Sakura san...

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Somehow I find this titty monster gross.

Is "nene" another Japanese word for breasts?

Breasts too big
I think I talk for everyone when I say that those balloons are completely disgusting

>Most artificially depressing character
>Actually becomes the best girl in the series

I guess this is what happens when everyone is a bitch but one character.

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More like GAL-loons am I right guys?


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This is now a Nene thread.

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Criminally low amount of porn of her. Shame.

>I think I talk for everyone
Never attempt to speak for me again, I have never met some with which I disagreed with so fundamentally.

Sad but true.

Well the anime was complete shit so I don't imagine they'd stay the hell away from it.

>Those tits


You were a mistake

The quality of an anime rarely has anything to do with how much porn it gets.

>All those inferior Nenes

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>with which I disagreed with

First of all, it would be "with whom", not "with which". Second, using "with" twice is wrong. Third, it is perfectly acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition, so if you're just going to fuck up the syntax by trying to follow that made-up rule, don't even bother.

Bad Nenecchi

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Please explain why I should care about any of that, because I don't.

I want to nene Nene's nenes if you know what I mean

Nene thread?

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Why are Nenes so lewd?


That's the point of the character. She's absolutely perfect in every way to the main character's wants and desires but he still refuses her advances.

speak for yourself, asswipe

blame all those "flat is justice" lolifaggots

It is absolutely infuriating

Shittiest girl like her deserved it.

>please explain why I shouldn't talk like a retard

Sorry user, that one's on you.

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I want Umiko to peg me in the ass

>I think I talk for everyone
you're an idiot

I find it funny that the one starting a grammer argument said "I think I talk for everyone" at the very start.

My post doesn't say that. And it's not an argument, it's a correction. You seem to be rather confused about a number of things.