Danchigai chapter 69

Nakano Satsuki, a bugchaser.

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They're so cute together, I wish they have more chapter together.

I want her to Punish me.

Would you allow yor imouto to be such a gigantic fucking nerd ?

I'd protect her from everything.

Everytime I read Danchigai I get an erection because the art reminds me of inuboshi for some fucking reason.

Cute father/daughter bonding chapter

Poor Yayoi, she lost another chance to spend time with her oniichan due to her fear of bugs.

Cute chapter.



Why would you save photos like that in your phone ?


>No Doujins
Damn it

Bug Catcher Satsuki would like to battle!

Do not lewd the Nakanos

What a good onii-san.


Rare non-triangle mouth spotted!

>the weren't insects goons,
Should this be "insect goons" instead? The fourth panel has it that way as well.

>kind faries

>we only got started
we've only gotten started
alt. we just started

>there's a lot of rare
there are

>Don't be sad, we've only just gotten started

*so sad

Haruki confirmed a Sup Forumsermin

What about Mutsuki?

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I want Mutsuki to kill me after i raped her in front of her brother

Cute. Thank you!

Are you just perpetuating this weird meme or the same guy?

That's what she's for, I think.

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Step away from my daughterimouto.

I want Haruki to be my oniisan.

That's really incoprehensibly stupid