Thoughts on the franchise as a whole?

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Digimon adventure was pretty good
Digimon 02 was ok
Digimon Tamers was really boring in the first part and got decent after the digital world
Digimon frontier made no sense and to me it stands out as one of the weirder ones
Digimon Xross Wars pretty meh except for a few times
Appli is bad up until a certain point and then it got watchable
Digimon Tri is really mediocre but not that bad.
As a whole it has it's good points.

Do we know what happened to the 02 kids yet?

As a whole the franchise has become way too disjointed, every new entry, anime or game or whatever, is too much of it's own thing. Having variety in your franchise is not necessarily a bad thing but Digimon took it to a point where there's nothing unifying the parts of the whole other than the Digimon name.

Poor man's pokemon knockoff. I'm still amazed Nintendo hasn't sued digimon for ripping off them so blatantly.

All new digimon from the past year.

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It's no more similar to Pokemon than Monster Rancher.

It's really clear that it's a blatant rippoff of pokemon.

Really, the series are only similar on a superficial level. What distinguishes Pokemon from everything else remains unique to that series - capturing monsters in balls and training them to fight one another in blood sports.

AIDS cat was a mistake.

Product of its era
Aged like milk

>capturing monsters and training them to fight one another

so like Shin Megami Tensei.

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Personally, Hunters was not all that bad.

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They're suddenly back now user, where the fuck do you think Omimon's new forme came from? Either way back to this
Season 1 is god tier
Season 2 is shit
Season 3 is lower god tier
Season 4 is shit but not as shit as 2
Season 5 is mediocre
Season 6 is shit, even shittier than 2
Tri is a wet fart on season 1 and is rapidly approaching season 6 level of shit.

>Poor man's pokemon knockoff. I'm still amazed Nintendo hasn't sued digimon for ripping off them so blatantly
I'm surprised digimon didn't sue nintendo considering digimon came before pokemon

Pokémon came out over a year before digimon.

No it didn't. The original Digital Monster virtual pet came out in Japan on June 26, 1997, while the Pokémon anime started airing on April 1, 1997, not to mention the games having come out in 1996. Digimon isn't a ripoff of Pokémon, but they didn't come before it either.


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Pokemon is Shin Megami Tensei for children

>but Digimon took it to a point where there's nothing unifying the parts of the whole other than the Digimon name.
everything is tied to 6 continuities which have each gotten their own seasons.
the most focus is given to the adventures and savers continuities with the world and story games though.

It's missing the hedgehog from the new mobage.

why did such a great design have to get ruined by tri?
we need another Meicoomon in tamers who has no association to the shitter from adventures.
She can be rivals with Renamon

>dragon turns into knight
>knight turns into dragon
why must they always do this

tri killed any hope I had for this franchise

>the champion is literally sonichu

Because standardization is lame.

Are they actually back or are you just making that up?

Because if you had your way, Metalgreymon would just evolve into a bigger cyborg dinosaur.

Quite funny you say that when SMT have mon spin offs.

>Metalgreymon would just evolve into a bigger cyborg dinosaur
As it should.
I'm no advocate of things just getting bigger but there's a point where things get plain retarded like a whale evolving into a sea angel.

Which mon is the black dragon one?
Also which digimon is going to wield the shield and sword legend arms?

the contrast between how simplistic Durandamon's line is and how busy the shield digimon's line is is jarring.
Also Volcanicdramon's ultimate looks so much better in art than its model it's crazy.
Same with Raguelmon which looked pretty shit in tri

Digimon Games are dope as hell.
Bandai just have to come with a new top tier anime like adventure and tamers

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who will win the Mimi-bowl?

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>Which mon is the black dragon one?
>Also which digimon is going to wield the shield and sword legend arms?
At the rate Bamco is going, it'll probably be revealed by the 25th anniversary.

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Really gets that noggin joggin.

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>Adventure 01
Nostalgic as fuck but not actually that good if you rewatch it.

>Adventure 02
Loads of good ideas being wasted.

Probably the best Digimon series made.

Pretty damn good even if the premise is a bit strange. I'd rate this the second best Digimon series.

It's not bad but it doesn't feel like Digimon at all.

>Xross Wars
It was good and felt very much like Adventure so it was almost nostalgic to watch it.

>Xross Wars S2
Trash with a few good scenes.

First one was nice but then it turned into garbage. I don't even remember what happened in the last movie because it was so bad I had to drink vodka in order to be able to finish watching it.

>Cyber Slut
Decent game but I haven't played any other Digimon games so I can't really compare it to anything.

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what´s your point?

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>Metalgreymon would just evolve into a bigger cyborg dinosaur.
It does now.

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Digimon don't have mega-evolution either.

you´re right Digimon call it "Burst Mode"

Mega stones = Burst Mode

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It's smaller and still stands upright.

Adventure and Tamers are actually pretty good even without nostalgia included. Tri was surprisingly OK. But all the rest is absolute garbage.

The thing that stands the most about the whole franchise is Adventure movie. Fucking dope. Watching Summer Wars was like a concentrated orgasm because of that, even though it wasn't perfect.

No one knows it's size yet actually. It could be as big as MetalGreymon.

>Metalgreymon would just evolve into a bigger cyborg dinosaur.
Got you covered.

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>Tri was surprisingly OK. But all the rest is absolute garbage.
that's some astoundingly shit taste

where did you get it being smaller from?
Even WGM dŵarfs MGM


why the fuck did it get rid of those dope claws for a stupid flail?
A big bulky weapon misses the whole point of Miragegaogamon being a speedster.

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Digimon spawned as a spinoff to tamagotchi but marketed towards boys who wanted fighting monsters and iirc was made to be a competitor to pokemon. So tamagotchi was first, then pokemon, then digimon

Wargreymon's mimimum weight is 20-30g. Metalgreymon's is 40g. In the show, Metalgreymon was clearly much larger than Wargreymon.

The color balance on BlitzGreymon is just awful.

pokemon is literally a Shin Megami Tensei rip off

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