Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Why is Red Ai sidelining herself so hard?
Is it so Ginkoposters can continue to delude themselves re their dead and buried waifu's relevancy?

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Thank you for the bait thread, we certainly needed more of those.
I'm out. Enjoy shitposting in a circle with your IRC friends.

>introduce a better side girl with the right amount of tsun and dere and no violence
>realize that the token bitch is losing popularity
>sideline the new girl barely giving her spotlight
Well, Yaichi says that Red Ai's problem is refusing to cooperate with other people and he wants her to open up because otherwise she would be left behind eventually, but who knows if it would actually lead somewhere. Next volume should be her facing Unko in Mynavi so she should finally get some screentime.

Blue Ai = Red Ai = Char > The rest of them > Shit > Ginko

This. Nice taste user.

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Ginko is too high.

Why's she so fucking cute? It's like she's not a human being

Ginko is Sup Forums's town bicycle

Reminder that ginko a shit

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Ginko s shit

Ryuuou no Oshigoto! volume 9 will be released on August 15. The limited edition will be bundled with fifth drama CD titled "1st Yaichi Kuzuryuu Ryuuou Title Defense Commemorative Tournament". The bonus track is titled "Ai-chan's Yandere Level Check". The drama CD will feature Yaichi, both of his disciples, Ginko, Keika, the JS-ken members, Asuka, and Ika.


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Why are all the skirts so short?

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Is Ai wearing a uniform or is that her normal cloth?

No plot summary?
2ch speculated that the next will be Nourin but I guess the author decided to ditch it in favor of riding the shogi big wave.

I want to breed Ai.

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This is a miracle of the universe personified

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What is the purpose of those frills? They make my penis tingle.

She'd look great with short hair.

To make your penis tingle.


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So why didn't they show the Meijins face? Because he looks like this guy?

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The anime didn't faithfully adapt all of Ginko's scenes and it stopped short before volume 6 that boosted her popularity above Blue Ai.

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Pretty sure it was meant to be symbolic. Yaichi only saw him as some shogi god he would never match no matter what, which only stressed him out even more, but when friendship powers kick in and he starts pulling himself together and plays better, he realizes Mejin is just some other shogi autist like him and he starts treating him like one and stops being intimidated by his status.

Is Meijin a title of its own? Why does he want the Ryuuou title if he's already the top player?

Ginko is shit anyway

Not like somebody would like to watch Unko scenes.

>uses Red Ai for baiting and shitposting circlejerk
Please just go back to using Blue Ai.

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You underestimate the power of shit taste.

Ginko is great and adorable. I would.

Most LNfags and animefags would.

People use discord these day for coordinated shitposting with a circle of friends. Not that there is a difference in the end.

>LNfags and animefags
They rather more loli shenanigans than that cockblocker no fun allowed bitch

Just like it didn't adapt any other scene properly. And volume 5 is by far THE most highly ranked and was planned to be the end of the series before it got popular and author decided to write more while turning Unko into Kuroneko for additional shekels.

There are 7 major shogi titles. Ryuuou and Meijin being the most prestigious ones. He has already acquired eternal every other title many times and is only missing eternal Ryuuou.

I would just to spite loud, obnoxious, and ad nauseam haters.

That's what you see and feel. Fact is, she's most popular among LN and anime fandom.

Imagine licking Ai's cunny.

Fact is she's a little shit and you have shit taste, period.

Ginko is close to loli-ish enough. Also, she is endearing and fun through her own scary but cute jealous S&M ways on top of deadpan teasing.

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Being mad and throwing insults to cover up your inadequacies won't change that.

My wife Ai is so seductive

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>implying anyone's mad
You take Internet arguments too serious kiddo

Friendly reminder, blatant bait topic and/or intentional shitposting circlejerks are against the rules. You can report it.

Ai, Ginko, and Ai are equally best girls.

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>not autistically mad 24/7 responding to every single post, spamming one-liners shitpost like a bot, create a shit edits...and all to show how frustrated and obsessed they are to convince themselves and other people
That'll be a first for detractors such as yourself.

I understand why you like ginko so much, user, you're just as bitter as her when she sees Yaichi playing with his lolis.

I like all the girls and find enjoyment and entertainment in that, so no. I don't take comical and lighthearted scenes seriously, much less negatively. Unless certain overly sensitive detractors.

Your deflection is noted, by the way.

>implying anyone's mad
I don't know. Maybe you should stop using the word 'shit' in every post and change your tone from "I fucking hate Ginko, hear me!" to something more subtle.

Reminder that Ginko enjoys peeing on herself.

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Char> who gives a fuck about the rest

She never did it and is telling him what to do with a serious face. Shogi is life and death serious business after all.

It's never been mentioned in story, but that doesn't mean it has never happened. You can't tell me she has never played a game long enough that a bathroom break was absolutely necessary.

Why is ginko so shit? She ruined the whole show

Speculation is fun, but you can't say she did it until it's stated somewhere in the story. She's a girl, therefore I strongly doubt she has ever done it.

Why is Ginko so best? She saved the whole show.

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Women have an additional organ in their abdomen, and thus less room for a full bladder. It's precisely because she's a girl that she must have if she takes her own advice.

>annoying cockblocking cunt
>saving anything

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Yaichi is not a lolicon.

Ai did it first. You can't complain.

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Ai is the main heroine and the series is supposed to be about her, not gray shit.

She doesn't necessarily enjoy it, just that she would glare at the opponent while doing so, with tears at the corners of her eyes, angry that the opponent would waste enough of her time that she has to humiliate herself like this, instead of honorably resigning against her perfect traditional defense.

Imagine if she lost the game despite resorting to that.

That's irrelevant. All is fair in love and war.

Like everyone calling your waifu whatever she is and you getting butthurt and defensive about it.

Ginko is nothing more than an old hag.

>losing and is behind Ginko, Machi, and even Char in the latest LN
Being Blue Ai is suffering.

Ginko isn't my waifu though. And you're changing the topic.

>everyone calling Ginko a best and a cute and you getting butthurt and trigger about it

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>literally has a date with Yaichi where he takes only her photos and she rides ochinchin for the first time
>Unko doesn't even appear except for short stories published earlier
Nice one.

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>old hag
I love this meme that's exclusive to these threads.

She's fucking old.

It's a JK now since it's spring already and it graduated middle school, somehow, despite being autistic and skipping classes to enjoy some old men.
>inb4 b-but she's flat
Nice goalpost moving.

The photo shoot and date take up a quarter of the volume and even that is more than what Ai got in terms of romantic ship tease. And you forgot volume 6.

Her character can be summed up with
>[Angry Ginko Noises]

I'm talking about Ai in volume 8. And yes, volume 6 was nice because it finally proved that Yaichi is a lolicon in denial when he was having dreams about lolis and was about to rape Ai after she brought him back to reality from his shogi autism mode with just a couple glances which Unko was unable to do even in love hotel.

>lolicon in denial when he was having dreams about lolis and was about to rape Ai
Strong as hell headcanon and waifu goggles you have there. He still claims not lolicon and is aversive to the idea of marrying her.

Nah, you're stupid.

She's JC as far as the anime and LN up to v7 is concerned. JC in context isn't even about anyways. It's a body type qualifier.

Ginko is a hag to Ai and Ai is a teen to Char.

Conclusion: Char is best girl.

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LRD would approve!

Thanks to the amazing amount of work put in by Ginko's haters, I have realized that I do in fact like her.

You can try reading it yourself before trying to argue. He literally has dreams about multiple lolis playing doctor with him and castrating him for being a lolicon. He literally says that he's about to cross the final line if Ai pushes just a bit further.

>JC in context isn't even about anyways. It's a body type qualifier.
Nigger, JC literally means female middle schooler so yes, it's about age. Maybe you shouldn't use the words you don't know the meaning of.

Yes, in one of the short stories Ai suspects that he may be liking the girls even younger and she will try her best to answer his demand. He approves.

Here's absolute proof that Ginko is in fact a loli.

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Was a loli 10 years ago but already was an autistic abusive piece of shit.

6 is perfect.
This also means Keika will be perfect again in a couple more years.

Ginkoshitter BTFO

>castrating him for being a lolicon.
That suggests he still has a strong moral compass. Ie, not a full blown lolicon.

>waifufaggotry and secondhand info
Ai is cute and charming and sometimes he gets that feeling, but he remains firm that he isn't a lolicon and that it is a misunderstanding. That scene is supporting evidence. That's how it is so far and until something major happened, maybe a timeskip where he can have romantic feelings for her.

Imagine her pantsu after that.

how new

Ginkohater BTFO.

It's about attraction not morals. Having no morals and acting on it would be a crime. He would only do it in the face of his duty as a shogi professional.

>secondhand info
Nice projection. I can read it myself unlike you.
>he remains firm that he isn't a lolicon and that it is a misunderstanding. That scene is supporting evidence.
It's called denial.

Holy shit, I just realized that the Ginko haters are exactly as tsun as Ginko. I want to force them to have hatesex with her until they show their dere side.

No shit, Sherlock. It depends on context and loli, which is always determined by body unless specified otherwise, naturally implies looking like JS or JC.

I too want Ginko to be raped and mindbroken by middle aged men and leave MC alone to his loliwife.

I doubt that since you appear to have trouble reading and understanding.
>It's called denial
Headcanon and waifufaggotry you mean. He can't be a lolicon, not a true one when he has healthy boy reactions and fondness for oppai and older girls. Something huge has to happened for him to see Ai romantically. Period.

I guess we've found someone even deeper in denial than Yaichi. Congratulations.

>Timeskip happened and Ai is 15
>Yaichi and Ai start down the path to finally hook up because she's legal
How mad would Aifags be?

Imagine a bunch of neckbeards having their turns with Ginko while yelling "GINKO A SHIT" and cumming over and over until everyone passes out. Then nine months later Ginko has a baby, they fuck the baby as well, and they finally start to realize that they do in fact love Ginko once they notice her pupils have turned into hearts.