Has Sup Forums ever settled the debate between who’s the better girl?

Has Sup Forums ever settled the debate between who’s the better girl?

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They're all best girl.

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It was always Satsuki, there never was a debate

Satsuki has both better looks and personality than Ryuko

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That's because Satsuki is less of a girl.


They're each other's best girl because Satsuki x Ryuuko is OTP.

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No, just their assets.

Gamagoori is best girl by a large margin.


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Nui is best girl.

Guts is bae.

Obviously Satsuki

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Almost no one on Sup Forums cares about the manface Satsuki. When the crossboarders finally left it was all Ryuko, Ragyo, and Nui

Satsuki, duh.

5 years later and i STILL believe that klk is a top tier anime for the ages

makes sense desu

Mental retardation doesn't go away no matter how many years past.

I'm submissive and love girls like Satsuki, they motivate me and make me want to be better man, even though I know I'll never be with them.

the genius appears as a deficient madman to the pebble

Are you me?

RyuMako, bitch. Actual, literal end game.

Yes, Ryuko. /thread

Might as well.

Probably not, but I'm happy that Satsuki inspires other people, helps them put their life in order and makes them try their best and never give up. She's the waifu that we don't deserve.

Is there any choice?

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Satsuki = 10/10
Nonon = 9.9/10
Ryuko = 4/10
Ragyo = 1000/10

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Ryuko has a better voice, cuter personality, and better design.

Satsuki is the objectively better leader

Ryuko, Akko and Ichigo >>>>>>> Satsuki, Dianna, and 02

>Nonon higher than Ryuko
Into the trash it goes


>having wrong opinions
leave this place and never return

This pairing was really unexpected for me, but also really welcome.

>criticizing others for having bad opinions
You sweet, naive child.

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Genki/Tomboy is a top tier pairing in itself too.

Why are Ryukoniggers so wrong?

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Anyone that picks Satsuki over Ryuko is a degenerare

Im a Ragyohappyposter above all else.
But yeah, if I have to choose, Nonon is above Ryugo.

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On one hand, that ass
On the other hand, that buldge

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tfw it's hard to find decent fics about it

Why are Nononbabies so delusional? Don’t you have another meme girl you could drool over?

No one can be with Satsuki. Other than her sister, that is

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Nonon > Satsuki > Ragyou > Ryuuko > shit > Mako > Nui

Nonon > Ragyou > Ryuuko > Satsuki > shit > Mako > Nui


It's close but Mako is ultimately the bestest of the best girls

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Takarada is objectively the best waifu

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i want to get impregnated with he womanly semen

But user... it's a crime to have sex with a retard.

>that fucked up nose
>better looks

Ryuko obviously, Satsuki is ultra used goods.

imagine being this autistic

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>not liking Manface McBushyBrow makes you autistic

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then your dad should be in jail

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but user dont you know that brows are just the cherry on top of a cake of perfection?

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>tfw you'll never be pregnant with lady Satsuki's child
Nature is too cruel.

we will cry together for eternity user ;(

did satsuki cut her hair to look more like ryuuko?

She wanted to look cute for her sister-waifu.


Ryuuko is an edgy teen, but for some reason I think thats more attractive.

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Who would’ve thought that people attracted to a girl with a manface like to get fucked in the ass? I always knew Satsukifags were homos.

Small time

Actual greatest love story ever told

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>short hair
what nonsense is this?

>not understanding the pleasure of having a strong female cock inside your boihole

shame on you user, shame on you

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It's always been obvious that Satsuki-sama is the vastly superior girl.

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F*cking roasted

Obviously Satsuki because of that one anal doujinshi of hers

>ass fucking

Someone posted Ryuuko's reaction to being asked out on a date and that alone makes her better than Satsuki, reminder that we do not know how Satsuki the person is compared to Satsuki the warrior since she finally dropped it at the end of hte show, her true personality is only shown in the christmas special and the epilogue credits

>this is how the average Satsukifag thinks

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>reminder that we do not know how Satsuki the person is compared to Satsuki the warrior
> her true personality is only shown in the christmas special and the epilogue credits
>her true personality is shown
wow, how does it feel to defeat your own argument in the same post you make it?

post the reaction please

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ofcourse, we actually like our waifu who would have thought! this is a better pic of your waifu

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>Ryuuko's reaction to being asked out on a date
I mean, she gets asked out by Mako, right?


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>we like our waifu
>has to imagine she has a cock to like her
Ryuko is perfect the way she is, fag.

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>implying you don’t want one to lead to the other

don't be too harsh on him he's retarded cant you see?

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>Ryuko is perfect the way she is

that's why I posted a picture of her, what you didn't like it?

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How can a mother that continuously rapes her children be best girl ? Ragyo is utter shit.

*kisses you*

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Oh look GW made a buddy for Abaddon

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>How can a mother that continuously rapes her children be best girl

user that is the best part, and it was on camera too!!!

It wasn’t very accurate. Here, have this picture of Satsuki to cheer you up.

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>How can a mother that continuously rapes her children be best girl ?
You answered your own question user.

If you can't put your dick in crazy, at least put your dick in stupid.

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Anons no! Only pigs in human clothing shittalks about each other's waifus. Post only nice things, like what have you done recently to honor your beloved?

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no user, that ryoko you are talking about, i see you got confused, here let me show you why she is best girl

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we are right user the dubs have our back

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Ragyo is best

Have a high-res Ryuko

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Ryuko is perfect for rape, but I'd have a relationship with Satsuki.

I lost 40 pounds in 4 months. I thought Ryuko would like me more if I lost some weight.

Nice inflatable ass. I’m sure she must have gotten a lot of those from the money her mom gave her.