Why are Taiga and Ryuuji so perfect together?

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Number2 is canon.

Because she's an adorable little girl and he's a responsible dad.

Definitely better than Taiga's real dad.

He's also better than his own dad. Which doesn't happen all that often.
Because their idiosyncrasies are compatible.

They're not, he should've ended up with Ami.

I too think that he should have gone out with a bitch with a completely fake outside personality, and a bitchy real personality.

They complement each other.
He's tall. She's short.
He's calm. She's angry.
He's responsible. She's a bit of a slob.
He has a penis. She has a vagina.

>He has a penis. She has a vagina.
That's deep bro.

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I'm a true intellectual.

because the build up to their confession is so fucking painfully long (24 episodes or something) that you just want to accept it and be over with it.

You should watch Maison Ikkoku if you think that's long.

The reason why is in the title.

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i want an irl taiga

basically this. their whole relationship is fetishbait.

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How deep is Taiga's vagina?

Like that one perfect ami doujin said Ryuuji doesnt fit. Fuck I love that doujin.

>Imagine being able to play with that silky messy beautiful hair on a daily basis
Ryuuji you lucky bastard.

Taiga confessed in 8 episodes or something like that though.
>muh Ryuuji

Taiga is a naive little girl that still believes in love and destiny while Ryuuji is chuuni as fuck to unironically say stuff like that which makes her heart go doki. They're a perfect fit for each other.

Golden Time a shit and I even like dumb Koko.

Because in every couple, there needs to be one person with excellent domestic skills.

Yeah but it's the fun kind of shit.

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>implying homo isnt the best love

his mom was best

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Did someone say number 2 Taiga?

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Its padded a little. Still beats most shoujo romance which would build up a mere kiss longer than it takes to kill Griffith or Aizen.