ITT: Characters you can't stop thinking about

ITT: Characters you can't stop thinking about

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Best Girl.

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shes's such a bitch but I can't get my mind off of her

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All 9 of my wives

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8 out of the 9 are complete shit

Who is this?

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Best girl to end all best girls

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Goddamit user.

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>no intelligent bookworm gf
why live

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not anime

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Western garbage can fuck off.

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Just Monika

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Do you like Mambo No. 5?

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Hellshake Yano.

>not the superior Magma Mixer Murata
Ah, you are motherfucker.

I can't stop thinking about Tsubaki. She needs her own show. It has been years already, and no word about Shigatsu. Help me.

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my waifu

Man, I wish SHAFT did more shit like ef, Chihiro and Renji was my favourite story

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Purest degenerate

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