Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

In this chapter of Fat Elf, Naoe is scared of lizards.

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>Kuroeda dos'tt have boob jiggle like Dragon and Tater elf
Poor dark elf.

good lord

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Erufuda is so fucking hot

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She gets butt jiggle though, a superior jiggle.

Good lord indeed.

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You have to be a bot. Don't tell me you watch Sup Forums 24/7 just to reply to fat elf threads.

so this was an elf dying from food additives right?

>treasure is just a bunch of garbage

>remember, you are here forever.

We are Legion

big fat dragon tiddies

Dragon just keeps getting so much fucking cuter holy fuck

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Where is the user that rips the chapter?

That's not even as impressive as Sup Forums's reisen lover


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bless your heart

I still remember how FLAOT went on for a few years before it finally stopped.

Lotta good reaction images here. cant wait to get to work after its translated

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I think we can all agree two part chapters are a terrible idea.
It wasn't bad but Meth's style is more suited for one chapter long stories.

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>author bullying my waifu
remember when donk elf had tiddies?

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Those days are long gone

You're right, her tits deflated. Guess her diet isn't working like she wanted or Meth realized that everyone having the same breast size made things too samey.

Jesus christ Erufuda's gone up a couple sizes

I decided to check it out after seeing cute elves, maybe it's like dungeon meshi I though
Nope, its aggressively boring I dont know what. A gallery of fat elf art?

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On the other hand, Erufuda is fucking HUGE now.


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>she's 40
Holy shit, I thought she was late 20s/early 30s. Delicious.

So why aren't you on exhentai fapping to obese girls? Why read this crap?

Meth doesn't fuck around.

Do you also go to Mitsuboshi Colors threads to tell them to go fap to loli somewhere else?

If they post a picture with a girl spreading her legs to highlight her vagoo and say "mm 9y olds, delicious" then yes.

>Why are you talking about manga in the manga board?

Because the art is good and it has its funny moments.

Meth please, I can only take so much

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i've already fapped to all the methonium doujins like 1000x times. this has a fun and cute story with a fun and cute characters. the cake is just a bonus. fuck off, you dipshit smug little retard.

First part of the post is standard replying to a post and the last part is what you'd expect from some russian orphan who was never looked after when it cried as a baby.
Kinda funny contrast.

it's all a normal post, redditfag.

I love dragon's everything. And her her march straight through deep snow is super cute.

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wow, that guy is still around hu?

>Erufudas potatoes
Literally what happened?

sweaty dragon tiddies

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I have the option of doing both.

I already fapped to all the good obese girl porn so there isnt much left for me to fap to. Plus, the girls in this are cute.

When the fuck is Satyr gonna return

>She will never sit on your face

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But is she better than Cool's?

In my headcanon Dragon Maid and Erufuda take place on the same city

My head canon is that Dragon Maid is a piece of shit compared to this comfy manga

so potato absorbed butt's boobs right?

Maybe Kuroeda meeting Erufuda was all it took to motivate her into taking her own diet seriously

I can see Elma asking Naoe for help with her diet

You must have immediately read it after seeing a single image, because even the most cursory of looks through any of these threads would let you know this is more like Monster Musume than Dungeon Meshi. Hell, even good elf works are rarely like Dungeon Meshi, why would that even be your baseline of random elf manga?

So what's Satyr's in-series name?

ch13 says Satero

Could've fooled me.

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I'm going to need the next picture to be of the dragon.

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All her breast fat went to her ass and thighs.

Jesus Christ

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>yfw Cowgirl who requests milking to lose weight

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You would enjoy the last two chapters of monmusu

I know of that, too bad all the girls are shit so my dick was soft even when one of my favorite fetishes was catered too.

>too bad all the girls are shit
You sir, are not my friend with an opinion like that.

I wouldn't want a friend who enjoys a manga that makes monster girls generic and boring, which I thought wasn't possible but apparently crab-man succeeded.

>that makes monster girls generic and boring
I'm not following you here?

>"Hi you saw my bob or vagane"
>"Humans bully me because I'm an [x]"
>"That's wack"
>"You are such a nice guy, give me dick"
>"I don't want this for reasons"

There I summed up 80+ chapters of MM for you.

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Oh I see, you only read the first couple volumes and didn't realize Crab drops the episodic format and actually develops the cast. It's an easy mistake to make and sure, the first part is baseline haremshit with a furry twist.

sums up anime, manga and LN in general

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Happy to see she's back.

I read half of the darn thing a year ago, it's just the same fucking joke and plotline every single god damn time. It's hentai with just the lame plot and teasing, without the actually nooki that we want to see. So don't pull that "oh you only reach a couple of chapters", no I fucking forced myself to read it and it was draining to the brain.

You must not read or get out much

I'm happy to see her back

Touch the bird.

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my god those monstrous guns

This is my wife.

All the needs is booze and a baby.

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I think you mean my wife m8

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>cutest tail in the series
>MC is afraid of it

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The cutest tail is doggo

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Come home Oga-san

Come home Oga-san

>So don't pull that "oh you only reach a couple of chapters"
Sounds like a valid observation since the story goes through iterations of plot setups and the bulk of complaints now is that Crab needs to stop writing a linear storyline and go back to episodic format.

I can tell that you stopped a few volumes in, as well as falling for the "it's hentai" meme because the work was never meant to be more than fanservice.

It dosen't even work at a fanservice level since it's so dull and uninteresting.

The most boring people I have ever meant online enjoy Monster Musume, it's the tofu of fanservice.

>Falling for "it's hentai" meme

I just said also that its major problem, it's not hentai, nor is it interesting from a narrative standpoint.

>it's not hentai
Yes it's not, so why get mad at it for not having sex?

eh, last chapters have been some good stuff fanservice-wise and I'm happy with the series at large although Crab still needs to learn how to draw large girls (meaning big frames not fat) because tiny heads on massive bodies is offputting.

Come home Oga-san.

Because what's there to enjoy if the story is shit, if the characters are shit, if everyone acts the same, but none of them fuck as respite. Why do you read this? Do you just hate your brain that much to make it suffer through manga version of paint drying?

Come home Oga-san

>post more of a short dragon

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Come home Oga-san

>Why do you read this?
Because I came for the ecchi and stayed for a story that does a good job of fleshing out a world where different races co-exist. And Crab has gotten better as a writer even with some stumbling points. The T&A that is there is sufficient for my needs since I'm not a retard that expects everything to end in sex.

Also I read it for Rachnera.

>Do you just hate your brain that much
Ironically, your intent of shutting your brain off and not reading the story for the plot but instead for some basic fanservice. It's not like Monmusu is super deep (it's really,really not) but there is more depth to the characters now than you give it credit for. But I don't expect to change your mind since who fucking cares about your shit taste.

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Come home Oga-san

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>read manga
>Steam Bath chapter
>Censored nipples
Why?! For what Purpose?!

Nipples are for volume releases.