First six minutes of Persona 5 episode 1

First six minutes of Persona 5 episode 1.

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>That foreshadowing with the gun

Will this be the first A1 persona anime that won't be complete shit?

>Hick wife won't be in
What's the point

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I just hope it doesnt end up looking as awful as P4A and P4GA.
Also, plz let best girl have a decent amount of screentime (pic related).

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Probably not. Even if is better, I will not enjoy it since P5 was disspointing for me. I wish I liked as much as you guys but meh

Total 12 volumes, so 36 episodes?

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>entire focus of the Casino escape is on Goro
This anime is going to be fucking trash.

Probably just 24. P4A had a pretty miserable episode count per volume.

The first volume has two episodes so probably 24

Looks good so far but knowing A1 it's going to turn into a QUALITY fest soon.

So they are basically going to reuse all songs from the game right?

We've already seen some QUALITY shots with Morgana's head and that she wasnt using a scimitar at one point

Is that the official promo art? Damn, MC looks derpy as hell.

I love Kawakami, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Hell, if they animate her maid scenes I'd call that a major win.

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Im pretty sure they will, so DO get your hopes and dick up

Come here Chihayabro ;_;

w-what do you want with me?

>only 2 cours
It's going to be a shitshow isn't it?

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The interrogation was handled pretty well but the casino part was pretty dull. P5 fixed the slow parts of persona 3/4 openings with the high paced casino heist but this didn't give me the same feeling as what the game was trying to do. Should've made joker fight an enemy and used life will change like the game did. I understand that they didn't want it to drag on if they only have 24 episodes though
might as well, p5s ost is excellent

There is too much main story shit to get through to waste time on irrelevant side characters.

Great. For the next six months I now have to somehow avoid Persona 5 threads while looking for my favorite threads so I don't get spoiled.
If only rpcs3 worked on my toaster.

I really hate the P5 opening scene, it gave the illusion of being fun times with heists in the real world but like the rest of the nu persona trilogy, it was set in a surreal world apart of the real world.

Last adaptations for Persona were bad, why wouldn't this one be?

>Nu persona
Don't try to implu that the old games are better smart ass because i played them. And they were pretty dissapointing

But im afraid it might get repetitive, you know i loved last surprise but that song can get repetitive really fast.

Wasn't talking about quality here, talking about how all of the nu persona games are set in a separate plane of existence so the real world is mostly untouched until the climax as usual.

At this point you should have already played P5, its your own fault if you havent

At least the first Persona 4 Anime was good for fanservice.

it's been a year, go watch a LP or something

It might be bad too, but we can always hope the next will not.

As long as its as fun as the original P4 adaptation i don't really care about the QUALITY really.

ideally i would like the dungeon themes from the games and anime original tracks for boss fights or important moments/reveals but that's wishful thinking

Ishihama is directing this one

It's gonna be like in P4A. A mix of original songs + songs from the game.

Shinsekai Yori? Eh.

P4 and P3 anime had pretty decent original music.

>If only rpcs3 worked on my toaster.
Playstations are cheap as chips even when you buy new, let alone if you buy someone's old machine.

You can't afford to buy a used PS3? You can find them for like $60- $70.

Battle theme should be Last Surprise mixed with other anime originals to avoid overly repetitive songs, but we dont know how many battles we are gonna have. Palace Boss themes should remain untouched because we are gonna listen to it like 7 times total so im fine with it. The rest of the ambience songs i cannot be too picky, so ill just leave to the director's desire.

There's really not much main story to be fair. The meat of the game were the hours long confidants scenes and working out social stats, otherwise in anime terms it wouldn't take more than an episode introducing characters, another one scheming the heist and then maybe two episodes for the proper final dive and the falldown of the victim per palace and that could be easily shortened to use less screentime even.

tell me your address and i'll ship you my old ps3 and my ps3 copy of P5

recently bought a PS4 on craigslist and the dude sold me his games aswel which included a PS4 copy of P5

Like that show or not. He excels when he has to tip toe on a thin line between freaky and creepy.

How is Shinsekai Yori? Should I watch it? I remember seeing some gay stuff about it.

it's shit

Yes, there's an episode with a 2 second gay scene in it and it triggered half of Sup Forums into dropping it right there and then.

Incuding me.

So they are trying even less hard to hide that Goro is the traitor?

Opinions really diverge cause watching it is one hell of a trip. For some it turns out amazing others think it's merely pretentious.

Personally I really liked it, especially in the directing department which is why I trust in Ishihama to properly convey Persona 5's freaky yet somewhat creepy vibe that it has at times.

Squealer did nothing wrong

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There was nothing to hide. Goro being the traitor was never the twist, it was a red herring

Why even bother trying to hide something literally everyone already knows?

So just one of the episodes? That's fine.

To me it's more that they showed him also being a Persona user cause the shot he fired was framed in a more jokingly light than "oh shit, did he just betray me?"

Fuck me the ps3 version still costs 50$ where i live

Yes just one episode and it's immediately followed by a 2 second lesbian scene, and it isn't just a random thing either, it's important to the story.
And I'm joking about dropping it of course, that's be a retarded thing to do, I loved the show.

But here's the big problem with Shin Sekai Yori, the early school episodes can be a drag and a pain to sit through. Uneventful and filled with what might appear as boring exposition.
The thing is, you can't skip them because all of it is important set up, you need to understand the circumstances and reality these characters find themsleves in, but when the shit finally hits the fan, the pay off for sitting through the early episodes is absolutely worth it.

tl;dr if you like mind fuck, creepy, insane shit, SSY is what you're looking for.
Also, there's this motherfucker


Ayumu Watanabe directed Ace Attorney anime.


Watanabe is not Ishihama

Watanabe at least should be able to make show not look like fucking garbage.

Joker going full cakemaster when?

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>Watanabe at least should be able to make show not look like fucking garbage.

No kidding

The stark contrast between Ace Attorney and After the Rain is fucking night and day

Even the worst episodes out of 99 episodes of Space Brothers looked better than best episodes of 24 episode Ace Attorney.

Shin Sekai Yori is bar none the best political drama in anime. Helps that it comes from a author of a real book and not a LN.

In other words, if you like political story telling and world building, SSY is one of the more subtle ones out there. Especially compared to Brave New World or Legend of the Galactic Heroes which explicitly tell you the meaning of their works and force feed it to you. SSY will make you argue with yourself without realizing it.
The last third or so is especially terrific.

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Again Watanabe is not Ishihama.
What does that have to do with anything regarding P5?

And if we're talking hypothetically then fuck that

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I bought a PS3 from some dude on Let Go for $40 and a copy of the game for $10. I wasn't waiting for the emulator

Please tell me they're dubbing this.

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Why must I find this out now

>not wanting to hear Aki's beautiful voice

Buy Trickstars

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Nigger, I don't care about your VA circlejerking.

get a fucking PS3 you loser, they are cheap and every model can be downgraded.

Yea for real, I didn't play the game in Japanese so I don't wanna watch the anime in it. Persona 5 had a great dub and I've become attached to the character's English voices.

What if you just stopped being poor?

Really excited for this

>already looks bad
>airs in the same season as the real master thief full of style and charisma: Lupin III

>you weren't born in a first world country

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>two cours

I'm from gypsyland. Just buy one, even if it takes a few months of saving because P5 is worth it.

>tfw probably going to have to wait 12+ episodes for NEET

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That's nothing, think of the Lavenza-fags.

10 minutes of screentime in the very last episode!

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>Goro is the first party member shown
Based Gorofag director.

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Im from the third world and still own a PS3.

I'm really excited for this adaptation. Hopefully is going to be better than P4A and the P3 movies.
I bet Anne is going to look gorgeous.

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Wonder if they'll give him some anime original scenes. It might improve his character, honestly.

>I bet Anne is going to look gorgeous.
Of course. She always does.

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Ma inseala ochii, sau vad cu adevarat alt tigan care a jucat P5?

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I can't hold all this QUALITY


Real life Morgana.

but why wont sh-
>her voice actor


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cant wait for best boy and the reaction from tumblr

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N-as fi crezut ca mai aud de alt roman care a jucat P5 si mai e si pe Sup Forums, woah

Sunt doar in trecere pe aici. Am vrut sa vad ce impresie are Sup Forums de cele 6 minute din anime.
Ce nume de pi es en ai?

P5 Tumblr is too busy getting triggered by the dancing games having lewd outfits.

Imagine how the ANN reviews will look like.


Huh.. Nu inteleg.