Name a better vampire

Name a better vampire.

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Better at what?



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Okay, what do I win?

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You know you posted the same character as OP, right?

Different universes/canons, separate characters.

Dio Brando
Kissshot Heartunderblade
That girl from the Nasuverse


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Well, that was easy.

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>That girl from the Nasuverse

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my fucking nigger

You unwashed masses.

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Are you by chance a shotacon?

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>being this wrong

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Shit taste.

shame the author died


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Not even the best vampire in her series.

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this guy at 100% vs alucard without schrodinger asspull, who wins ?

You called?

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Came to post this girl
Good work user

Just a reminder that Alucard is better than all of what you faggots posted.
He can be
>a loli
>a triggerhappy edgelord
>a cool old king

If your vampire can't be all those three things at once then they are automatically inferior.

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Is D the only vampire in fiction more powerful than Alucard? And I'm talking about the Vampire Hunter D novels. The shit D did in those are insane.

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I love Karin!

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>all these small-times in this thread

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I can't. Alucard is the perfection.

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gud taste


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Do you people have any idea how insignificant you are?

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>posts a Tzimisce

t. tremere peon

Man that game started so good, its a shame how it goes to shit once you reach chinatown

All your shit tier moe vampires ain't got shit on this guy. And he's only half vampire.

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Those are all good vampires but this one is THE best one.

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*blocks everyone's path*

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>Vampire who hunts other vampires
Why is this trope so common

But really though, how did nobody post this vampire yet?

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I actually always used to roll a Tremere. Tremere a best. A BEST.

My one and only waifu. Seras.


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How does it feel to be a pyramid slave, usurper?

did they bang? didn't read/watch this.

Because self-loathing is one of the most tried and true tropes when it comes to vampires. Mostly due to their parasitic and almost entirely destructive nature - and I'm talking about oldschool Vampires here, the ones that either kill or turn their victims, not soypires.

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Nekomimi modo!

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Perfect taste

Yeah. There was rape too.

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Was the main girl raped???? If that's the case I wont even bother.

The MC raping her is a Bad End in the VN. It doesn't actually happen.

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Chibi Vampire

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This fine gentleman

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>Acid Mist
>Soul Steal
strongest Alucard coming through

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Since we already crossed into video games. Dude managed to change destinies of multiple characters despite being controlled by predestination. He paradoxed the predestination paradox and then stopped it from paradoxing to reparadox it, making whole universe give up and create alternate timeline.

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>trapped in fujobait the manga.


>gay werewolf rape


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For now.

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Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of killing you third time in a row.

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>third time in a row
Thanks for proving the point.

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What do I win

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Dio being Dio doesn't really require him being a vampire.

Dhampirs realize vampires are a mistake and shame that must be eradicated for the good of all life. Some also seek to atone for their own existence in a way.

>half vampire
>vampire hunter d
>oh I get it the d stands for dracula
>apparently that isn't the case

How long has she been on that stake now? They should rescue her already so she can join the team, atleast she would be around all the time then.

My god I was coming here to post that. Took entirely too long for someone to post it.

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>Acts like big shot
>Spends his nights sending threats to a radio host

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So much good taste in this thread, I love it.

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Remi is best and cutest vamp

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