Classic literature that should get an anime

I'll start.

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At least we get some very Orwellian anime

Just because 1984 is the only classic you have read doesn't mean it would work as an anime.
Now delete this thread and go away.

Classic loli suffering

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Nips can't into european literature. There's a reason why most anime doesn't deal with serious subjects


Actually, 1984 is already anime. It's called Fresh Pretty Cure, and I ain't even joking.

I dunno. I unironically thing Dwarf would be great as a short series.

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1984 is a cringefest
>muh tyrannical regime
>meanwhile nobody gives a shit about the proles

Yeah, more adaptations is what we need. Fuck trying to be original and use the strengths of each medium for its intended purpose


I know you're after one of those "Enders Game would make a greate anime!" threads but the truth is that a straight adaptation of any lit classics would either suck or turn into a boring snoozefest. A regular anime with /lit/ influences would be better, something like Zetsuen no Tempest having influences from Shakespeare or that Count of Monte Cristo one.

unironically dune. the story gets so weird in the later novels that it's weird to not think of it as an anime.

you need to be 18 to post here

Did you just finish reading this in your sophomore class?
Fuck off and get some taste. 1984 is as pleb as it gets

Foundation trilogy
It has a manga but its super obscure and has not been translated

Aoi bungaku was fun tho.

You now remember this.

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Gankutsuou is honestly really good, but its that precisely because they "anime'd" the original instead of trying to go for a straightforward adaptation.
Changing the structure made it interesting, unlike every single other adaptation of Monte Cristo. Gankutsuou had artistic vision and daring.

Assuming there isn't one already, I'd kill for a "Lord of the Flies" adaptation.

Dazai is a really good writer and I'm not just saying that becasue I want to fuck his character in Bungou Stray Dogs.

>anime protagonist
>waifu wars
>Humiliation fetish

But honestly I threw the book across the room several times in anger because its very upsetting.

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Lord of the Rings, obviously. BUT everyone is a cute girl instead except for maybe for Gandalf and Gimli.

Oliver Twist but Oliver is a loli

gravity's rainbow by shaft

>Sauron and Morgoth lewd girly sleep overs

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They showed with the hollywood movie that live action isn't viable for it

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Yeah it's socialism.

Not a classic and rather obscure but I want to see nazis get raped.

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It can be a good anime with some good waifu

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still having the USSR in a supposed future is this book's fatal flaw. the movie was correct in removing this altogether. else they'd have to do some alternative universe shit and this would ruin too much.


with a good director like Satoshi Kon except not because he's dead, RIP I thought after reading it that The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami would make a good anime movie trilogy



Proles aren't people

Not classic literature.

Brave New World, since it's the world Hentai wants to happen. Everybody has sex, everybody only cares about pleasure and satisfaction and whatnot with 2D waifus in virtual reality feelies institutions and whatnot.

Also not classic literature.

fart on my dick nameteen

It's a pretty lame book though, way inferior to 1984 for example

LotR is widely studied in academia and considered 20th century canon, despite what your opinion of the book or fantasy in general might be

Rape when?

Academics also study popular culture. Find me a single non-genre literary anthology that includes any of Tolkein's work.

in later in-universe books it's elaborated on further that the second warsaw pact is not a direct successor to the ussr. the ussr did break up, then far later after the first formic war, russia strongarmed most previously soviet states into the second warsaw pact as a power grab during the destabilization caused by the invasion


>LotR is widely studied in academia
Why? Even the movies are more influential than the books

Yeah, it's pretty lame for a book that accurately predicted what Japan is trying to do to control it's population right now??

It's just nerds with PhDs wanting to write an epic essay about The Hobbit. No serious literary scholars study Tolkein.

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We almost got a Neuromancer movie with Nihei as the creative director.

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go back to gaia underagelord

Fuck off

I would give away my freedom just so i can live with my waifu to be honest

t. brainlet
1984 is just boring "government is ebil they are trying to control you" brave new world is about social decay and decadence and the danger of a society devoid of morals and soul
it'd make a shitty anime though

I was about to post this, classic sci-fi is perfect for anime, nueromancer and forever war couldn't be done well live action an anime would be perfect
just imagine, case is a loli


If only it didn't have that fucking horrid cgi

In my opinion 1984 and BNW are mandatory with each other. If you've read one and not the other you're missing out, they compliment each other perfectly. Both detail a totalitarian future where your every move is controlled but one does it with oppressive invasive communism and the other does it with bourgeoisie capitalistic excess. Together they form a commentary on the value of freedom and the need for individualism in a society.

IT by Stephen King

>Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.

>no true scotsman would
Literary criticism is a muddled field in the first place with arbitrary definitions. Tolkien is as valid of a topic to look into as anything else
Tolkien was no Woolf, but his writing shaped literature as well, which warrants study.

Not classic literature. Not even a good book.

Good comment, I will henceforth visit /lit/ regularly

i kinda dont like the faggot hints the protag and Montecristo had, i liked the deaths tho

I'm not trying to make a value judgment about the quality of Tolkein's work or its influence on popular culture. I like Tolkein. That doesn't change the fact that his wooden prose alone keeps his works from being what I'd consider "classic literature."

What even IS classic literature? Sounds like yet another meaningless buzzword

The Scarlet Pimpernel

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You are exactly the kind of person NHK is talking about. Don't do it user! your waifu doesn't want a consciousness-less user.

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Frankenstien done properly would be great.

>The whole point of why Lolita is good is Humbert's thoughts and the language
>Let's make a visual adaptation of it
Consequently why neither of the already existing film adaptations are good.

Certainly not most of the high school level shitty sci-fi people in this thread are posting.

After seeing the Country Doctor anime it'd be nice to have some more of Kafka's short stories done.

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Getting the obvious out of the way.

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One show for each book, airing at the same time, with an "All persons fictitious disclaimer" at the end

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please explain

So what would you throw into the ring then?

the cantos by ezra pound

>One show for each book
The Bible's would have to be about twice as long as the other two. The Quran and New Testament would also suck ass because they're boring as fuck.

Could be made similar to paprika or perfect blue, op is underage btw

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Books, novels that have stood the test of time and are still talked about.
Everything is literature but not everything is classic literature.


Harry Potter

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Fun fact. I have a mate, who is a Bong, who works for a Saudi Arabian company. According to him, Saudi Arabia loves anime. The Crown Prince Mohammad adores it. So much so that there is a rush to produced 'home-grown' anime. My mate is a writer for such anime. He now works in Japan with anime studios producing Muslim anime. He's already produced a couple, but he's working on another one. The director for his newest anime is the guy who did Knights of Sidonia anime.

So, Muslim anime is coming.

It is arbitrary. Generally, it means a work that is extensively studied in academia, and deemed important for one reason or another by scholars.
Even still there will be confusion. Such as with Tolkien as discussed here. On the other hand, its a piece of literature that is highly influential, albeit concerning genre literature, but influential nonetheless and thus studied.
On the other, it's often not included in the "canon" because it is "genre literature", or because, as this user here notes, the prose is often quite stiff and some literary critics deem it undeserving of any scrutiny.

Literature that stays in print. That's literally it. Disregard all the pretentious fags.

2nd to last episode was retarded, rest was brilliant, early 2000s CG not withstanding

>It can be a good anime with some good waifu
You people sounds unironically like those old people who would cover their anti-masturbation message with crunchy hip hop.
At least they usually meant well, you're just a faggot though.

>So, Muslim anime is coming.
About time

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The western canon and the classics are not the same thing user.

Moby Dick is pretty anime, but only if you take pretty much everything that makes it interesting out and just tell the story. A dude so fucking mad that he forces his crew to murder the fuck out of a shitload of whales, all while doing anime shit like stabbing the hell out of them with harpoons? Guys standing on his crewmates shoulders and sniping a harpoon straight into a whale's blowhole? Tempering a harpoon mace of all the metal you've ever used in your whole life with the entire crews blood, then having it struck by lightning while you scream TONIGHT WE DIE MEN in the middle of a storm like a fucking nutjob? Moby Dick is pretty much the craziest shit ever.

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>Literature that stays in print
That's a terrible definition.

Technically he's already done Muslim anime.

Have TRIGGER animate it

It is if you want to have any substantive definition.

I'm looking at this through academia because I've made the mistake of studying a bit of literature.
I suppose this is closer to truth concerning "classic" There's so much overlap though that they're often interchangeable, I would think.

It's the exact and succinct definition of a classic. It has nothing to do with it being studied or dissected in academia, only with it being kept in print because people are expected to want to read it. You guys are mixing up canon and classic, which are different things like this faggot

Pretty much, it basically encapsulates why people like GAR so much. It's just stupid, crazy shit that's fun as hell to watch.

No it would make a great adaption

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