Imagine Lt. Colonel Degurechaff leading you into battle

Imagine Lt. Colonel Degurechaff leading you into battle.

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imagine shooting that ugly bitch in the back

Pathetic rat.

Imaging giving her everything and imposing trust upon her, only to have her defect to the Jewish states of Amerigomorrah due to her selfish standards.

I want to rape the nazi

>not escaping to a neutral country with stolen French art and gold

Truly not worth it desu.

t. Ivan

>Lt. Colonel
She's a Major, user

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Imagine fragging her

Just finished watching this yesterday.
Being X did nothing wrong.
Deus lo Vult!

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>imagine Tanya needing sexual relief in order to perform her military duties so she orders you to lick her butthole until she's fully satisfied

Imagine being a tirailleur and managing to capture her, maybe after whole months of being deployed on the front lines during which you and your platoon mates were unable to relieve themselves

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>movie isn't a useless recap and is basically seaadon 2
Colir me surprised. When is it coming out anyway?


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The early reactions were hilarious.
>various shitty review sites whined because it "portayed Nazis as the good guys"
>somehow these people forgot WW1 existed, even though the show specifically mentions the Kaiser and royal family exist
>even worse, some people thought Kaiser = Hitler

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I know what you mean user.

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Fluffy Tanya

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You need to understand how fucking retarded people are.
I remember someone once having a total meltdown after seeing a Holy Roman Empire flag, claiming it was a "Nazi dogwhistle". If it relates to Germany at all, the average tumblr user thinks it means Nazis because they don't know shit about history and think the Third Reich was the only thing to ever happen.

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her mouth and eyes look off

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Imagine Lt. Colonel Degurechaff leading you into bed

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this japanese salesman is in dire need of good doujins

It would've cost a fortune to animate it like the LN/Manga, and having it be generic to other anime would've been bad too. Goofy duckface gave it attention

What do you mean? I hope nothing dirty because she's a child.

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i think that on the whole battlefield the only place worse than behind her is in front of her.

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>Blu-ray version still has the ridiculous HE arms in that scene
That was the one thing I wanted to see fixed, and they kept it.


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American education doesn't differentiate the German Empire and the Nazi Reich. It is usually simplified to "Evil Germans, we kicked their ass" since the first was "Democracy vs Monarchy" and the latter "Democracy vs Fascism." As a result any German uniform has the association with the Reich which most Americans will think the latter fascist reich due to the second war getting more focus in American education to put an emphasis on the danger of extreme ideologies, nationalism, and a soap box for racial politics.

Now for the Europeans I have no idea but most Europeans I've met know less about their own history than I do, or its simplified to "America is a big meany and we didn't do nuthin." Which I imagine is a result of European nationalism that they want to pretend they do not have, that or there is some really weird fucked up guilt about their own history that they simultaneously hate themselves for it, want to shift the blame on America, or who the fuck knows.

In short, no one knows what the fuck why anything happened in the first or second world war and its all the goddamned French's fault.

What were we talking about?

i want to hug her and pat her head

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Imiss this season lads

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It was a devilishly fun watch.

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Would you die for her?

Can someone post all not!Beria pic?

American education

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>Vol. 2 of the LN is immediately out of stock on the first day of release
You'd have thought those fuckers at Yen Press would have learned with the first volume already.

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I want to rape her dead body.

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>protagonist is a man who is reborn as a women
>he never discusses it or how it effects him
>Is a completely sexless autist either way so it makes no difference to him
What was the point then? Just so they could include more cute girls?

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I don't think a 40 year old jap or a 10 year old prepubescent little girl are the most sexually inclined.

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Carlo did it on purpose.

For you.

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>Genitals is the only difference between men and women
>Men and women are physically Identical otherwise and not treated differently or held to different standards for cultural reasons

Carlo's attempts to make her unattractive only makes me want to masturbate to her out of spite.

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More like both groups have zero sex drive.

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I would unironically enjoy watching a post world war Tanya.

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I really like how the author went out of his way to approve the duckface art style so people wouldn't sexualize Tanya and everyone did it anyway.

The only one he's lying to is himself at this point.

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I want to rape some fear of G-d in this blasphemer

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I was waiting for that

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There's about to be two middle-aged salary men in that body lmao.

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Imagine being the enemy and capturing her. Imagine all the things you could do to her as “interrogation” techniques

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Any examples? You sound like you could know something about these techniques.

Good Luck Little Duck

Best Crackship so far.

Colonel Degurechaff is made for........


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>and its all the goddamned French's fault.
You got that right. The Revolution was a God damn mistake.