Violet Evergarden

>See a clip of the show
>Animation looks top notch
>Decide to check it out.
>Seems well made, if a little archetypal with this emotionless chick.
>Watch a few episodes, expect it to do the normal anime thing of meandering around with no real advancement in the characters for 12 episodes and then end with a big reveal and sudden character change (except not really)
>Actually has great progression, showing her slowly opening up and understanding others more over the course of the episodes, which in turn brings on a greater understanding of herself and sudden regret and sadness over her past actions.
>Culminates in reveal about the major, survivor's guilt and overwhelming regret about the lives she took.
>Emotional turning point. Opens up to the world much more. Moved to tears by the plight of others, tries her best to help even when its irrational and dangerous to her.
>No longer uses lethal force, even when attacked. That decision is subtle and she never just states it in a long, on the nose speech. She just knocks people out or disarms them instead of murdering them.
>Each episode is Violet helping someone out and even though some are profoundly sad and can even end in tragedy, it doesn't have that "Suffering for the sake of suffering" feeling. Actually feels oddly uplifting much of the time.

Wow, this shit is great. I wonder what other people think of it?

>Check online
>4/10 boring melodrama. Visuals hurt my eyes. Nothing happens.

Otakus were a mistake.

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>expecting ironic weebs who have seen 20 anime tops to appreciate Violet.

ironic weebs love VEG though.

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Post the latest weekly rankings.

Uhhhmm, I'm sorry sweetie but liking VEG here on Sup Forums is illegal.

The episodes are a fucking hit or miss. I can't even get past episode 8 yet because Violet sperging out at everyone is making me cringe.

>Finds episode 8 cringy
I find your lack of humanity Cringy.

It was the same for me, initially i didn`t expect much from this anime, but it grew in me at each episode (episode 10 was my favorite)
The music and artstyle are very good too

Go back to the filthy frank section on YouTube you retarded faggot.

It made me cry in multple episodes (though it's not hard to do cause I'm a pretty emotional person) but everytime after I dry my tears away I'm left feeling absolutely nothing, with the only exception being the episode about the mother's letters for her daughter cause that really touched me deeply. So yeah, it's definitely forced melodrama, but still pretty to watch.

VEG > your seasonal animu

>p-please watch this show: the post
Jesus Christ, fuck off.

>please watch the most popular animu of the season
I don't get it.

this desu senpai, why do VEGfags insist on shilling their garbage show? I couldn't even get pass episode 3 due to how bad it is, sure the art is great but that's all their is to it.

It's the most popular show of the season for a reason.

That's not Sora Yori.

Ahahaha, no.

Not an argument.

I expected pretentious shit.
I got pretentious not-shit.

If it wasn't for Violet's beauty, I wouldn't have bother watching it at all.

Well I hated it and dropped it.
Violet doesn't feel like she's a broken person who is closed off to other people, she comes across like a huge annoying sperg.
Her development is neither logical nor shown off so it's not satisfying. She learns these small lessons in 3 and 4 and the next time we see her she's an empathetic competent Disney princess doing moe moe kyun shit like pulling her blank face into a smile.
I don't know what other anime you've watched, but this practically defines meandering around with no advancement since they're all disconnected sidestories with throwaway characters, and there's no throughline until way late. Her running into the brother who's there just to be an asshole for no reason which we don't see is probably the best example of this.
We never see her use lethal force after war so no winners there as far as development either.
I don't find any of the stories interesting or sad, much less profound. It's all cheap melodrama because the show doesn't have real characters, so they just set up sad situations, sensationalize it with music and visuals, and expect you to be sad at the idea rather than empathizing with the characters that you barely know.

This is all big picture stuff, it doesn't properly capture the frustrating experience of watching the show minute-to-minute. The far bigger issue is the lack of logic or care put into the writing or storyboarding. The war ends months ago but everyone looks like they've been living in paece for ages, the Colonel is first to recognize the importance of the wartime post office but months after the war he already has well-established larger competition in the industry and there's academia and a fairy-tale origin for technology that seems extremely recent, it's mentioned that the population is significantly illiterate so the entire auto memoir doll thing doesn't make sense as a viable profession for country bumpkins, and everyone's too stupid to stop Violet from fucking up her first job.

Violet is a worse written Rei-clone.

>We never see her use lethal force after war so no winners there as far as development either.
>Was used as a tool of destruction even without orders
>Now refuses to kill anyone. Especially in the latest episode. And she listens to her superiors.
Imagine being this angry and this delusional.


Like it's a surprise to anyone Kyoani makes masterpiecees


>expect it to do the normal anime thing of meandering around with no real advancement in the characters for 12 episodes and then end with a big reveal and sudden character change (except not really)

lol right on


cringy post

You have to pay more attention since this show doesn't really spell out how Violet develops.

OP finds out Sup Forums has shit taste


eta 20 hours I think:

Why is saber dressed so weird?

i know, asenshi is making us suffer to put us in the right mood for ep 12
you should've said 5 minutes

The show probably wouldn't get half the hate it does on Sup Forums if it weren't constantly being shilled as AOTS/AOTY.


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It's garbo bro, it's dead everywhere only brought up to shit on it. Even nips are disgusted by it.

go back from whatever hole you came from.
I'm convinced VEG is ADHD filter at this point

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Best thing is seeing japs say the same as us, boring, shit pacing, shit directing, forced drama, too dark and it goes on and on.

Also finally someone points out the absolute dogshite of an ED it has, it's maximun cringe.

But the japs aren't saying that, unless you're using yaraon as your only source.

WOW. Nice blog, dude!!
Where can I ubboat?

Kyoanus can't write for shit, every time they've deviated from LN content the show has ended being garbage, just like VEG, but this goes back years by now.

They can't direct for shit without using retarded slowmo and closeups during combat, or being oblivious to quality lightning, and let's not talk about having dynamic pace so the show isn't such boring trash.

It's not just the nips though, you see this posts calling it boring garbage literally everywhere, it's only followed by chinks but those are subhuman bugs. And double digit fedora redditors that are too retarded to be self-aware of their autism.

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>Laid-back camp when Yuru Camp isnt hard to remember and way quicker to type

Silly user, that chart is for retards who would be fine to see their shit get 4Kids'D

Spam is a bannable offence, you know what to do lads, but in case you don't let me help you out

VE selling well is a great thing for anime. This is leaps and bounds above the status quo.

VEG is the キモオタ filter of the year and it's doing well. Stay mad pleb.