This guy

fuck this guy

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Why? I thought he was pretty funny

especially when he tries to act tough in his nightmare and gets BTFOd every time without fail

Why would you hate one of the greatest aces in mecha history? Jealousy? Envy?

it makes me a little sad inside that newfags are more aware of NGE than this. NGE is clearly the inferior mech show


>He doesn't want to fuck funny guys.

You shouldn't speak ill of the dead.


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Hope they go wild with original material in the emperor arc. It could use it.

ftfy no logos now thank me later

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>tfw you can never watch Code Geass again because of purpleeyes

His abridged series' are the only ones with rewatch value.

Well he's dead now, are you happy

shinichiro doesn't die this is him in the last episode right before suzaku stabs lelouch

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What the fuck was he even doing there, he's a nobody

His VA died

he was literally next to Ohgi, they're OG black knights

and here he is again, why does everybody think he died he was the ace pilot of the black knights

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you ok?

damn wasted trips

777 get

He's an idiot but means no ill will.