Best boys from their series

Best boys from their series

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Why are you interested in muscular men?

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I'm not in particular, but there are no small dudes in Fist of The North Star, so I couldn't pick one.

You like small guys?

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>breaks 2 minutes later

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That's not Volg.

Volg is second best in my opinion

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ur a mesh i

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>Childhood is idolizing Yusuke
>Edgy teen years is worshipping Hiei
>Final years of Uni is when you realize Kuwabara makes more sense
>Fully matured and educated adulthood is when you finally see the light and understand that Kurama is best boy.

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Who started the "Say my name" trope? I see it everywhere.

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>not Toki


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lol why would you care about such a shit series so long??

Shut up, faggot.

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That’s not Manato.

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>endgame-tier design, backstory and motivation is fleshed out to the point where his actions are at least slightly understandable
>one of the most human antagonists on the show next to Souther and Raoh
>built up in the anime to be an actual threat after 30 episodes of weak-looking nobodies that get bodied in the same episode they debut in
>fight is a complete waste of potential that does nothing but jerk off Ken and rehash the same "you aren't the same guy" shit that Shin's arc did

I love Fist but Buronson really shat the bed with Jagi, he should have been a major antagonist

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I love Jagi so much I literally played that shitty musou game just so I could play as him

That side story was worth it just for the ending with him and Amiba

Have you read Jagi Gaiden

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Oh what, I never even knew that existed, I'll give it a looksee

not even close

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He's likable but a bit of a gary stu at times, you have to admit.

The artstyle is weird at first but you'll get used to it

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That's odd, I don't see Aladdin in your picture.

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