A great artist and a great thief, both know how to steal your soul. -Lupin III

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First for touch me is a faggot


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is this because of low budget or because they are lazy?

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He's been hit with the 6th tier spell, Moronic Degeneration

Sebas Tian
Night Mare

Let's make it simple. If you are a fire type, he can change himself into water type for advantage.

If I remember, PA can mimic 45 different forms including the 41 guild members' appearance and 80% of their skills. The guy is a tactical nightmare and almost impossible to 1v1.

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is this done on powerpoint.

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Why can't Netflix step in and give Overlord a gigantic budget?
Why Edgyman Crybaby instead?

If the NPCs take bits and pieces of the personalities of their creator that weren't written in their programming, then does that mean Ainz isn't just a closet / acceptable chuuni, but a full-blown chuuni nerd?

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>cape covering one of the shoulderpads
Does he miss bugdad?

Was, user. He was definitely every bit as Chuuni as PA at one point, but then he grew out of it.
Everyone has something in their past they're ashamed of.

>dat yandere smile


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>leaving group mid dungeon.webm

It's about time and effort, they just deemed season 2 as shit so gave them the 3rd rate team while everyone else worked on Antarctica and sakura.
If the author actually writes novels extras for s3 then maybe they'll make an effort.

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How do you think he manages to pass the bluff checks and roleplay hardcore as an overlord without getting caught? he have experience.

Is everyone crazy in the kingdom or something

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Imagine Gazeff bending EE over the table and fucking her raw right in front of everyone.

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no one wants to look at this

EE only has eyes for men stronger than her.


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Then just overpower him in raw strength. Dude may have versatility but weak as fuck, only 80% of a normal level 100.

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>changed into ainz
[greater teleportation]
>changed into takemikazuchi
>changed into touch me

What the fuck is on the 8th floor aside from Victim?

Rubedo, the Treasury, and all the strongest NPCs. The whole floor is a barren desert I think.

>1 more ep before the long wait
Feels bad.

I now, but just imagine. His cock must be as thick as her arm.

Only 80%, remember?

We can still shitpost about the dub.

You seem to think that is not a lot.

It's probably the norm in the kingdom.

>enemy pull some nuke
>change into bukubukuchagama
>change into TM and rape him
>enemy tries to escape
>change into peroroncino and snipe him
>some one saw the whole thing
>change into nishikienrai and wipe all witnesses

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The only person I want to imagine sexualizing EE is myself.

>blonde hair, that evil looking eye
>blonde hair, mask to hide her identity

Renner is evileye

when you see them like this: it's someone posing as her, like ainz/momon

Pandoras Actor could do anything with the gear in the treasury. One man holocaust. Best boy

could be but like I said user, he's tactical nightmare. If his enemy is weak minded or dumb, PA can use that as his advantage.

You could say that PA is like a mini version of Ainz. He has the smarts and think like Ainz when it comes in battle.

user there's a massive height difference.
One is a dumb yandere slut who wants to turn Climb into her living dildo
The other is a pure-hearted maiden who inspires us to IMAGINE with her deliciously diminutive form.

One is a huge knight in black armor who fights for justice

One is a skeleton, who hates the living

We've already established Ainz and Momon are two different people, no need to elaborate further.

Keep saying that schlomo, I won't fall for that like the other sheep

For someone living in E-Rantel you should probably watch your tongue.

>living under the rule of the bone Jew
Humanity will prosper and squash the undead tyrant, the people of E-Rantel just need to hold out and pray they aren't killed.

You're given 100 levels for an NPC and a small area to design to your hearts content. What race is your NPC? Classes, personality, backstory? What equipment do you farm for your NPC? And the area, what do you design it as?

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Anyone else felt bad for them? I really hope Ainz gets BTFO soon.

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what if I just copy the overlord setting

They deserved what they got, filthy grave robbers explicitly stated they would kill anyone in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, even humans.

In the web novel Arche survives and becomes Shalltears sex toy. She also gets to save her sisters and gets to live on the 6th floor with them.

Hey man Im the guy who made Kuro, would you mind if I made another?

Why is the web novel so different anyways?

>Man should get BTFO for defending his home from robbers
What kind of fucked up shithole do you live, user?

Not at all they're all great

They got what they deserve.

He's the one who lured them there.

Probably Brazil

I live in America. And I live in a state where I can shoot and kill invaders. Difference is Ainz set all this up with the intention of killing them. They didn't just randomly wander in. If they did then no matter how sympathetic they were, I wouldn't give a fuck.

He didn't lure any of them there, Jircniv sent them there because he's a filthy humie degenerate.

Not only was it a 1 cour rushed shit, they had to animate the whole thing with the ass instead of hands.

I hope s3 gets a slight effort put into it and not fuck up SPLAT and JUSTniv.

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Can't wait until Phillip dicks Albedo.

Can't wait for the doujin.

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Sting operations aren't legal in your state?

Maybe 5 ears ago but now you'll get send to jail for killing them, even hurting them will get you massive fines.

>Just a slightly bit stronger
Is it me or it was a lot funnier in the novel? It just doesn't work in the anime without the monologue of the characters

Me 2

Guys Maruyama just got a 1 week vacation.

I do.

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Is Aurole a level 100 NPC too?


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Oh it really is her in there, the one in the Miko outfit.

i really like this anime

What are the odds we get a S3? I want more, but I don't want to read the LN.

Glad to heart it.


By the time it comes out you won't care so get to reading, stupid.

How strong is PA? His stats on the sheet look rather unimpressive but Albedo has said that he just as strong as her and Demi.

He's by far the smartest and most tactical NPC in all of Nazarick. I bet if PA got serious and stopped dicking about, I can seriously think of him defeating quite a few of the floor Guardians, just not anyone too crazy like Rubedo.

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Just read it user.

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As expected of Momonga's son!

But LNs are written like absolute shit...

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Yet you're happily eating up shitty adaptation of LNs that are written like absolute shit and eagerly ask for seconds you twat. Are you a retard?

>but weak as fuck
He is your personal hard counter, no matter who you are, just like Chair for Ainz.
It all depends on how experienced and tactically flexible PA is.
If he is anything like Ainz - he is a real bitch to fight.

Below shalltear and any good PVP player.
80% of any AOG member is good and will have the upper hand at all times but that missing 20% will be fatal against tryhard builds.