KEIJO thread

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I want to eat butts.

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Miyata-chan's the very best.

why did keijo have to die

It was ass


>keijo flops so hard the manga dies
>meanwhile yuri on ice is one of the highest selling series of all time
There is no justice.

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explain keijo without saying ass or anything related to it

Anime tiddie shonen

Coming of age sports manga where the main heroine has to claw her way through the rankings to achieve her dream to turn pro.

I'm curious. Did we get any continuity from the scanlation here?

158 got translatd recently after an almost year long hiatus. idk if theyre back 100%

Yeah, just checking the thread and someone said it'll back on monday. Dunno which monday though.

sorry, got Hinamatsuri first.
I have to do a short series first and then Keijo, I said 48 hrs top.

So is this just tits and ass rubbing on each other?

Too ahead of its time

It's a over-the-top shonen battle series, with things like moving faster than sound, creating after-images, hardening your muscles to become nigh-invulnerable, all the stuff you expect from such a series.
Except instead of hitting each other with fists and feet, they use tits and butts.

this is the worst of all timelines

Just move on to Takkyuu Musume like everyone else.

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How could they cancel this masterpiece? Now there's no chance of S2 and I won't get Nozomi going full Jew among other things.

How was the ending to the manga?

>> Yaoi on Ice beating a legitimately good battle shounen with an actually well done female cast.
>> LITERALLY SHAKING are all offended because the Keijos aren't wearing burka but faggotry without decent animation or relationship progression gets a pass because faggots.
I want it to be 2008 again. Save us, my prince.

There is no God.

That looks legit fun. Do the Japanese gamble like that? And is it possible to participate as foreigner?

Keijo is not a real thing if that is what you're asking.

Guys. What if the following:
>lolis (think prisma illya or something)
>skimpy outfits

Great action-comedy that mixes the typical shonen battles and over the top sports manga with amazing gags related to those subjects mixed with sexual humor.

>Takkyuu Musume

I faintly remember watching an episode of that and thinking it was garbage.
More of a CGDCT than a sports shounen featuring girls with great assets.
It's not even remotely on the same plane as Keijo.

The CGDCT is just fluff the anime added in the first few episodes. It's about the sport more than the girls just like Keijo.

There's next to none of the CGDCT stuff in the manga.

This show is ass