User, why don't you play My Hero Academia: Smash Tap? Pic related - FC Deku from ingame

user, why don't you play My Hero Academia: Smash Tap? Pic related - FC Deku from ingame

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More pic related - All Might from ingame

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Post Momo pics to judge.

No English Version

Play the jap version to get a feel for it then. Anni is coming up in 2 or so weeks, and we're probably gonna get an insane event

I would try it if I knew moon runes

Pretty sure my phone's too old to run it.

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Link? Can't download on normal way

lol, there's plenty of guides on the game out there, like:

Just look up Majin YT, SageArtz or JayYTGamer to get an idea of the community/game

god it looks horrid

iOS or Android?
If iOS: Make a JP iTunes acc and download Smash Tap from JP AppStore.
If Android: Download QooApp and download Smash Tap from there.

user, if you got questions about the game, post them and I'll try to help to the best of my ability. I will also reply with more card arts from the game.

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Kek, it's really not that bad. It's denitely better than most gacha games now that the rates have gotten better.

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Thanks also whats the strongest summon right now?

....but, it dosn't look fun.

can it be emulated on PC yet?

I'd rather just wait for a Langlais release

Best is AM in first pic. 2nd best is this Bakugo or the Shoto I posted previously

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>2nd best card is fucking bakusperg
Consider this app dropped

Yup. Download Nox App Player and get it on there.

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Kek. Froppy is one of the best though. So are Jirou and Ochako.

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Are characters like Inasa in it or has it not yet reached that point?

Deku should be in Smash (Bros)

He's not in. So far game has only added characters that appeared in the anime.

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Well hunter battle all stars got canned so I might as well but it doesn’t really seem all that great

How is that relevant to this thread? lol

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Smash Tap will grow on you (eventually). But the one GREAT thing about this game are the card arts. I mean, look at them.

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Yeah me too. Kinda burned out in playing J games all the time. Plus, the game is out for months, so I won't have all those special event characters and such.