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Naruto is a faggot and shit dad.
I respect Boruto now

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Sasuke better be in the next episode. Or Konohamaru better actually use his abilities and not use this as some trash "teaching moment" for team 7

Uchiha, get the fuck out of my episode.

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They retconned everything.
Boruto meets Sasuke next week.

Naruto actually deserves to get his shit kicked in for how he treats his family, especially after how much he resented Misato who had to fucking sacrifice himself but not before having to watch the love of his life die in his arms
Naruto, series and character, should have died at Madara

Why the fug he's still around?

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How did Konohamaru even know what a White Zetsu is? From my memory, he never encountered one.

I thought the same. He probably heard about them.

I remember when Zetsu used to look normal. Still disappointed he didn't get a single fight in his full form.

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they were literally the entire enemy force on the third ninja war, how the fuck would he never know about them

Cute tsun Burrito.

Are they really writing Naruto to be a shit dad on purpose?

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Why does Kaguya have secret hideouts scattered all around? She conquered the entire planet when she wasn't sealed.

How else is Kishimoto supposed to self insert?

She probably built a whole bunch of hideouts and the world is only just discovering them now.

I am so god damn confused about the timeline of Boruto. Can someone please clear it up for me? Pic very much related. I'll greentext my confusions.

>how old is Himawari?
>she doesn't act anywhere like the age she's supposed to be
>I've heard people say she's 10
>i've heard people say she's only 6
>pic related she's 3 while Boruto is 5 in the ending scene of Naruto: The Last
>in the Boruto Movie there are 6 candles on her cake which is during the chunin exams where Boruto is 12 so she should be 10
>boruto was in the academy for 6 years before he graduated
>episode 2 of Boruto has Iwabe saying 10 years have passed since the 4th war (pic related)
>Several episodes later (I forget which) the TV announcer claims it's been 15 years since the war ended (pic related)
>episode 51 Naruto once again says it's been 10 years (pic related)
>if himawari was 6 during boruto the movie that would make her 1 when she debuts in the boruto anime
>i'm pretty sure no one here thinks that's the case right?
>she's 2 years and a couple months younger than Boruto
>the konoha chronology which was released before the anime came out also backs this up


>Kakashi was stated to have been 5 when he graduated from the academy
>obito and Rin graduated at 9 years old
>Kakashi was taking the chunin exams the same time Rin and Obito were
>according to the timeline they should have been in the academy

plot inconsistencies everywhere.

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The writers should be executed for the heinous crime of how hard they butchered Naruto's character.

Shikadai and Mitsuki, maybe but Inojin and Boruto aren't that close

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neither the series nor naruto should have died then

>Mitsuki: My father told me about these creatures. Even he had a hard time fighting against them.
>Konohamaru: Your father? Is your father a shinobi Mitsuki?
>Mitsuki:Of course, he is one of the leafs legendary sannin. (Mitsuki walks away)
>Konohamaru:... Grandpa... (clenches fist)
I'm so fucking happy they're going down this path with Mitsuki and Konohamaru!

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I doubt they are going to do it.

*>boruto was in the academy for 5 years before he graduated

my mistake. Typo

Nah you're just mad that you can't self insert. Give it up Narutard

>you'd better be home for Himawari's

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They need to

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I stopped following Naruto before the time skip. Is this new Zetsu monster something that should beat Boruto and crew?

I can't wait either. It's going to be dramatic as fuck.

>kono goes to see naruto
>tells him he doesn't feel like he can lead team 7 anymore
>he learned of Mitsuki's father
>Tells naruto he understands his anger and hatred is very much misplaced
>naruto tells him he is a shinobi now
>naruto tells him how important forgiveness is
>later that day Kono is walking around the village
>Iruka finds him
>tells kono naruto asked him to talk to him
>iruka tells kono about how he had anger towards naruto just like kono is feeling towards mitsuki

why not?

naruto, series and character, should have never existed. yet here we are

>he learned of Mitsuki's father
Konohamaru didn't piece it together already with Mitsuki's pale skin, Sound village origin, snake eyes, and snake jutsus that are identical to Orochimaru's?

He's in denial.

Sumire is nothing close to Boruto, he still calls her class rep, she still uses Kun, "boruto-kun"
so I opt for Borusara

Why are you still here? Fuck off

How many episodes in is this? This series progresses even slower than the original.

Himwari is between 5-10 years old.

Boruto should be between 11- 13 since we are just before the Chunin Exam Arc.

Iwabe is probably around 14-16 years old.

Personally, I think Himwari is about 7 and Borurto is 13.


that's a huge age gap. And no she was 3 in The Last and Boruto was 5. They have the timeline all fucked up.

>Himwari is between 5-10 years old.
Perfect for breeding

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its sakura's bday in Japan lets all take a moment to laugh

Some people are just shit parents it happens grow the fuck up

You mean "cheer", since it's best girl's birthday. Reminder, her popularity beats all of the other girls.

>laughing at Sakura's birthday
>not just laughing at her everyday

is that a mantrain?

>t. pinkshitfag

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>Google that shit buddy


What a fucking normie.

Go back

What the fuck is wrong with Naruto? You don't need to be a child psychologist to know that is the worst time to ruffle his hair.

google what? The timeline is fucked up. You can't google that.

It's just not funny. Nobody laughs except maybe 3-4 people -- who are usually just the same posters. This agenda to turn Sakura into a gag is never going to get off the ground because most people either like her or are indifferent.

Sakura has been hated here before you even knew Sup Forums existed, fuck off

It honestly pissed me off. Now him refusing Nardos fist bump in the movie makes more sense.

If Sakura is as hated as you claim, then why is she defended by fans here and loved on other sites? The hate Sakura gets is wildly overblown.

>expecting someone who grew up without parents to know how to parent

Boruto is a brat that can't understand what responsability and protecting your people means

Other sites don’t collectively “love” Sakura or any other character, and you’re the only one who defends her here

>Boruto's birthday only consists of his sister, his one childhood friend, his childhood friend's mom, his teammate, and his own mom.
Are birthdays in Japan supposed to be this small? And why didn't Shikadai come?

Naruto reminded me of Sasuke in that whole scene. That's not a good sign.
Maybe Shikadai was out on a mission?

That episode was great

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>Other sites don’t collectively “love” Sakura or any other character
But she is treated fairly and positively, I giant contrast to the narrative here about "everyone" hating her.

>and you’re the only one who defends her here
Not really. There are other Sakura fans here. This may come as a surprise to you, but this board doesn't consist of only one type of fan.

They called Kaguya "Kagura" when they were talking about the ruins in Naruto's office. That's kind of a big typo considering Kagura is his own actual character who's had screen time in Boruto.

i've defended her a few times in the past too but it's a lost cause

>reducing Mitsuki to a mere teammate

Then go back to those sites, I know there’s other Sakura fans here but none are as desperate as you are

I really enjoyed it too

Everyone needs to take into account that Naruto never had parents growing up. Naruto doesn't know how to be a proper father, which I think he admitted somewhere in a past episode. And there is also the fact he's the Hokage, and his #1 job is to make sure the village is safe and secure at all costs.

I noticed this too. It would have made sense if her actual name was kagula. Nips can't say L.

Call me back when Mitsuki does something that makes him more than that.

do you not remember how much free time past hokages had? They were walking around the village all the time. Especially the 3rd hokage.

Naruto also has the keep the peace between nations, that's a lot more than past Hokage had. They are in an age of peace, I bet the Hokage has to do more than just be a general like in the old days.

he's the person Boruto hangs out witht he most, the teammate he actually wanted on his birthday, the only friend he invited at home to present him to his family. Have you watched the whole first 30 episodes you retard?

redpill me about jiraiya

Sorry, I have trouble noticing him since he keeps fading into the background.


he's dead. What are you asking?

I unironically think Sasuke would have handled it better, if only for the fact that Sasuke would have kept physical contact to maybe a pat on the shoulder.

>Based Sasuke next episode.
WEW. How hard is Boruto gonna cream himself?

but that's only recent you turd and it doesn't change the relations between characters

That was when it was still the "Village Hidden in the Leaves" instead of the "Mid-sized Metropolis Hidden in the Leaves"

Thanks, Kakashi

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Why do they spend so much time in the lower area? I wanna see them go all Tokyo city lights on us in the upper level above the stone faces.

Has the gang stepped foot in that city yet?

Kakashi expanded the village?


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I don't think so at least not that I remember


I wonder what's up there. That's probably where all the rich people live

Yes a few episodes ago although I can't remember what they did.

He presided over most of the peacetime years so I assume so


Why the fuck not? He's part god tree anyways. Mitsuki 10 tails is destiny.

because he'll become a bad guy. I don't want him to be a villain. He should remain a good guy.

I'm glad that Sarada was there for Boruto's birthday and tried to talk with Boruto about why he was feeling sad.

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he won't become a bad guy. Why would he? That would go against his developement and his desire to help Boruto. Beside there's no hint of him being a bad guy, he's still supportive in the manga stop forcing that shit. He's a good guy

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Yes, we know

Mitsuki is pure

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yeah that was really nice. I liked this episode a lot. It was cute.

the 10 tails is evil and part of kaguya. He can become the 10 tails jinjuriki if he stays good though that's fine.

You guys think Kawaki will be as good of a rival as chars like Vegeta, Sasuke, and Bakugou?

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as long as he loses yes. The bad guy should always lose.

having and evil demon in you isn't a good thing idiot. Anyway, Mitsuki doesn't have rinnegan even after those event, so it's not gonna happen. eat shit

I love Sarada-chan.

Is there an instance in shounen where the rival doesn't lose in the end?