When did you realize Berserk is actually happening inside Overlord's world?

When did you realize Berserk is actually happening inside Overlord's world?

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Shitty way to start, OP, but I'll take your berserk thread
Killing Shiva: blunder of the millenium or premeditated way to make the Godhand tangible and accessible?

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honestly I feel like griffith is the one who's going to kill the godhands or at least set up their deaths because he feel they are too evil and he is he only "just" godhand

>"just" godhand
What was NTR about then?

Set up for the rebirth. Also to spite Guts.

Some justice this was.

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indirect sex with guts

unintended but workable

It was definitely a blunder, he was just using Femto as a test for whether or not the Behelit blade could actually kill one of the Godhand.

It's difficult to say if it hurt or helped his chances. Yes, they're tangible and do not need to come to the mundane realm to be reached (or to visit their domain instead). However they clearly had a limit to their power when they entered the mundane realm, and had no visible limit in their domain. Now that the two are indistinguishable, anything short of another Godhand seems unlikely to be able to put up a fight.

Actually, I unironically think that he is the closest thing to the perfect king right now.
He has his own country, and considering how hard he pushed to obtain it, I wouldn't envy anyone who will try to mess with it, including godhand.

>Kill the godhand
Why? Femto is the only bad one, the rest have done nothing for centuries. It was when Griffith took over that they fucked up everything and made the world awful, if anything the other four will help guts/Skully kill the femboy

But he still dicked other man' girl. That's capital sin.

And Truman nuked two civilian cities. Nobody is perfect.

>Femto is the only bad one, the rest have done nothing for centuries.
Slan was literally rousing cannabalism parties in conviction arc.

Not to mention Void branding the sacrifices and Ubik being the manipulator to tempt those to sacrifice. Femto actually hasnt done much outside of merge the realms and that was probably planned by all the god hand. We just need more info on them.

NTR is worse, much worse. That's like stealing a man's toothbrush and cleaning yo ass with it.

What if it's a girls tootbrush and you use the other end of the brush?

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As much as i want to help you since i liked both series, i just couldn't since idk what would make for an interesting contribution about this topic

Hopefully she's only going to touch that with her hand, not the insides of her mouth, so that's bearable.

>the insides of her mouth
Holy fuck, you just made my joke into a lewd fantasy, thanks user

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It's almost like you're saying cannibalism parties are worse than killing most of the population and enslaving the rest to monsters

Yeah, I wonder where did I get the inspiration?

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Did araragi shove his shit particles into his little sister's mouth?

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We don't know how did he use that toothbrush before.

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Cleaning school toilets for a year?

No, mall toilets.

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Yeah but Im sure all the god hand planned and wanted it. They had Femto carry it out cause he is a fag who wants to rule over humans.

>premeditated way
Wasn't it stated that branded ones are outside of fate? And I always thought SK was branded.

My headcanon says that he put it in his butt while bathing cause he was curious, noticed that karen was peeping but acted like he didn't know, then did the toothbrush scene (fully aware karen was aware of what she was putting in her mouth)

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The only thing that annoys me is that people think Casca is going to go crazy again or some other bullshit tragedy. It's very clear that Miura is trying to fucking END the series.

Let's look at an earlier arc that's been precluding this moment for a LONG fucking time. The Witch of the Forest asked a pretty good question to Guts. Essentially along the lines of "what will you do when you no longer have rage to fuel you?"
This is that moment. Casca is going to admit she was more scared to meet Guts than anyone else because she's ashamed. More than that she wants to settle down and cherish the life that they managed to preserve in all the chaos. Their child is definitely going to reappear pretty soon as well cementing a definite reason for Guts to permanently stay on the island.

And I don't know what Miura will do with it.
This could all become some weird meta story from this point out. We still don't know Griffiths full plan. Possibly killing other Godhand members

Is Rickert going to fuck Locus up?

He's going to fuck everything up, figuratively and literally.

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Guts cant fight all the main apostles. I assume it'll be

Zodd and Grubeld vs Guts (He will fight both separately.
Apostle/Pseudo apostle mule vs Isidro
Apostle Sonia vs Schierke
Irvine vs Serpico
Locus vs Rickert

So Skull Knight is just Ainz or one of his henchmen LARPing?

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Zodd is fun as fuck to play as in the game.

Premeditated on his part, as in intentional