Darling in the Franxx

>Paired with Mitsuru
>He always treated her like garbage and never even tried to listen
>Dumps her first time
>She still tries to support him
>He badmouths her anyway
>And then he dumps her again
>Her crush pretty much friendzoned her
>Their first metaphorical sex was a failure
>paired with miserable fatman who she couldn't care less about
Honestly, I don't care that much about her sexual orientation, I like her character. She went through alot of stuff. And yet she still stays strong and never whines and keeps going. A real trooper.

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She’s shit, m8

i like her stoicism. i'm interested to see how her episode goes.

She's going to explode in her highlight episode.


"Even NTR is preferred over the degeneracy that are homosexual and lesbian relationships" -Abe, Godemphra of Japan

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Based Abe.

She didnt try to support him, she knew his problems and just stated them which provoked Mitsuru. Kokoro did actually help Mitsuru, she cut off the communication and spoke to him face to face, she told him that he was hurt but stuff like that happens to people, and it's important to share life with others.

Mitsuru and Ikuno had similar personalities, they just didn't work out together. Mitsuru needed someone like Kokoro, and Ikuno needed to get off Mitsuru and spend more time with Ichigo.

please do not NTRpost. this thread is not for that.

You are right, this is about shitting on the lesbian.

>She didnt try to support him
I disagree
For example, she could've let him fall in this scene after what he did to her earlier, but instead she helped him to get into the fucking franxx

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She did that because Ichigo said so, she never gave a shit about him
Shes selfish as fuck. Stop being a yurishitter

She helped a patient to walk, that's pretty normal human behavior.

What I meant she didn't support him in his trauma, she probably didn't care enough.

She will get her own exclusive episode where it's exposed that she is watching Yuru Camp alone.

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>Yuri Camp

I can't bring myself to like a lesbian characters and I really hate myself for this.

God is punishing her for being a faggot


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Can I ask why not user? I am not saying this as a leading question, but genuinely asking: can you only like female characters if they would be theoretically sexually available to you?

>Futoshi and Ikuno become bros and club hopping ep when?


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I really think Futoshi, Miku and Ikuno don't need their own episode. Please skip.


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Best girl right here. Also, the only pure parasite.

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She can't be pure if she is a degenerate dyke.

Being "pure" because nobody wants you is lower than being a slut.


She's pure because she only wants the purest form of love. The other pistils are unlovable sluts with brains rotten by the D.


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Ikuno is cute, in her own way.

Best franxx, best pistil

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She wants that "purest form of love" especially with one of those "unlovable sluts with brains rotten by the D". You don't make any sense.

Ikuno best girl.
Thots/roasties need not reply.

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I like how even though this thread was here first the other one is more active because the OP is encouraging shitposting.

I'm bummed that she's now gimped by fatass.

In her infinite goodness, she believes she can bring her to the right path. She'd rather go after the one lost sheep.

I just can't trust lesbians. I mean do they hate me for being a man and can get with girls, have kids, live together acknowledged by society while they can't? Do they have envy or jealousy towards men? If they can't fall in love with men, That means they think they think that the male body isn't attractive or disgusting. Why? Isn't it normal for girls to find the male body attractive and Vice versa?

This is all my insecurities problem, and I am not planning to judge people on their sexuality but I can't sympathy with lesbian characters or understand them, and I know it's horrible and can't fix it.

she’s authentically the kind of person that milkman was pretending to be

Gimped? Up until episode 11 Chlorophytum has jobbed in every fight it's been. If it wasn't for Futoshi we never would've seen Chlorophytum perform competently.

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Ikuno's appeal.

Out of all these threads, this is the comfy one, right?

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It could be

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Not anymore. Please go away.

How do we stop him?

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Fuck off.

>hating Goro
Fuck off.

>3rd DitF thread today
I just want to grab a handful of her sweet meat seat.

I honestly thought Futoshi would get Ikuno killed before that fight started. Guess Fatman now has at least one positive character trait.

I like her too. I hope Futoshi quits being a needy faggot, and that they can become good partners.

He can't be stopped. He's taking bro tier to the top of the charts!

I never said I hated him, but fuck your facebook shit polls.

You fuck off. There's other threads that are containing those fags that want to shitpost.

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am male and have lesbian friends, they don’t inherently have disgust for you user. you shouldn’t place so much value in attraction.

Is that catharsis I spot, can't wait

Dont post in this yurinigger thread dudes

What would their personalities be if they all had one?

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Finally. Some people with good taste.

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>tfw you relate to her the most
kill me

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Are you a dyke?


I relate to her very much in her love for Ichigo.

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>Sup Forums is full of little girls

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>She’s shit, m8

I vehemently disagree dude

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>Her crush pretty much friendzoned her
Wait till Ichigo dies. Ikuno's reaction will be a sight to behold.

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I want to fuck them

>lesbians can have kids
Is that you, Nodoka?



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>Inserts as a Primal Klaxosaur, with a barbed Dick that fancies to prey (rape) Franxx with delight

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Get some dick you glasses wearing dork

Ikuno needs some love so that she can bloom. She gives hers to Ichigo, but never receives it from anybody

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If you can't fall in love with men, does that mean that you hate all men? No? Of course there are some lesbians who hate men, just like there are some straight women who hate men, but lesbians aren't inherently any more "man-hating" than others. Lesbians can get with girls; not all lesbians want kids, or can adopt them; and society has been getting better about acknowledging gays, lesbians, bi, etc. all the time. I mean, you don't find the male body attractive either (I assume). It's only 'normal' for straight girls to find the male body attractive; it's normal for lesbians to find the female body attractive. That's kind of the point.
My best friend is a lesbian who is just fine. I like hanging out with her better than my straight girl friends because we can talk about how hot we find women together for example. She's also just a good person in general. Lesbians are people who come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some being horrible, some being wonderful, just like any other group of people.

You don't value your male friends because you're not sexually attracted to them, user?

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It's sad her only option would be Futoshi, honestly I don't see them ever going beyond good partners at all.

>I don't see them ever going beyond good partners at all
t. jealous cuckoro roastie

Probably something like this

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I-I asked what their personalities were anons, not if you wanted to fuck them.

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And that's fine too, isn't it? Life isn't all about love, although losing it and then settling for megane friend does seem a bit sad

What's the difference.

Why Genista is using wyvern fire when there are no klaxos around?

Still better than the milkboy. At least with Futoshi she can improve.

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Probably something weird is happening in the cockpit

Somebody stop him.

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Where do I get lesbians?

He says, while more and more japanese cities legalize gay marriage, with his blessings.

Honestly this. That Chlorophytum performed well for once was just beginner's luck. They can't get better because of Ikuno's sexual orientation.

irl lesbians are not cute, user.

Is this new?

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Obviously the same as the girls.

Please the messes.

Bread an circus.

2 days old bro

>is this new?

It is the newest, but not new as such.

From two days ago, it was Milkman's day.

energy overload
poor doc didn't expect connection going too well