WSJ bracket

Fill out this bracket faggot

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What are half of these

>Only Jump titles from this decade and 00s

True WSJ bracket would have titles from ALL 50 years

Jojo wins easily.

>different genres
How the hell am I supposed to compare Ichigo100% and Black Clover? They're both fucking trash.

I included the 32 most popular Jump series in the last 20 years. I didn't add HxH and Naruto, because fuck Naruto and HxH is too popular.
Also I don't know a few of them myself.

I was too lazy to go all the way back, but I probably make another one later today

JoJo should be the winner or you're all retarded, this is not an opinion btw

TLR is in shonen jump??? its fucking porn

Where is Kimetsu no Yaiba

Dr. Stone placement on the grid is shit

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that's the worst taste i've seen in a while

Been a while since you've looked on your list?

even if i shit on my list it would look better than yours

These matchups are pretty weak.

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I hope you are happy

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not biased at all

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Excellent winner choice.
Best Shonen series of past decade.

This bracket needs more Saiki though.

Shit bracket.

The two best series in this image with the possible exception of Bakuman/Death Note are in the top left corner. The two below that are up there, too. It's not even worth it for me to draw the bracket.

>slam dunk nowhere to be seen
>rurouni memed to hell
>no yu yu (or hxh but thats okay)
i mean i like new jump a lot still but wheres the older stuff, brackets still actually pretty good tho besides That One Matchup

i tried keeping things like bad endings/hiatuses and stuff out of decision making, but it only would've changed D.Gray-man vs Dr Stone and Sket Dance vs Haikyuu

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AssClass is the most boring series of the last decade. How it became a hit, I really don't know.

I'd swap Prince of Tennis for Kinnikuman or Captain Tsubasa

Would have been more interesting if I'd actually read everything.

Neverland practically got a free pass.

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didn't even try





Step up your game fags. Most of these are dogshit.

Where do you anons find these clean logos?

I'm searching Kinnikuman and some other more for a crazy 32 or even 48 titles bracket

Just google the name of the series + logo.

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Actual garbage

Thanks dad

Sorry, I like Jump's entire 50 years so restricting most of the classics makes it impossible to take this seriously

I can accept Bleach somehow worming its way into a finals, but Medaka? And then Medaka beating Bleach? What??

>Medaka Box is user's favourite 00s Jump series

top laff

I'm a Nisiofag, there is no redemption for me.

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A lot of these series feel way too new to really evaluate. Hardest picks were Hikaru v. Bleach and Bakuman v Death Note. I'll do in a bit

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>no golden age

get better taste faggot

The selection was mostly shitty, but here you go.

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Something like this, I guess.

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i didnt even realize it wasnt on the bracket but it shouldnt be anywhere near a Top 4 anyway

The brackets need to be divided by category.
Cult hits

Fite me

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>the first chapter of Death Note and the first chapter of Gintama were in following Jump issues

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Shit taste but the only ones ITT that bothered to make their shit readable

I know it's not from Shounen Jump and I don't care.

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>shitty trigger world over the promised neverland
> shitty food was in second place
> sassination classroom wins over dr stone

go eat a dick, idiot

yuyu hakusho is shit. slam dunk is the winner by far

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behold the only one thats correct

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You're retarded consider actually necking yourself

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Not my fault you have shit taste, faggot

behold superior taste

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I took everyone's tastes into account when making this

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I feel like this was the reason one piece was left off.
You are a man of good taste.
You are a man of good bait.

very correct

Pls no bully

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World Trigger wins block A

Death Note wins block B


i though it was actually good until i realized the possibly worst series in the entire thing won it

t. reddit

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A lot of series are missing in this chart.

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>psyren vs ohba/obata in right side semis

Based on my own subjective enjoyment. I read everything except for the one under Gintama. Bakuman would have been higher had it not run into Black Cat in the beginning. BC holds a special place in my heart for being one of the first manga series that I've ever read. Also, if it was literally any other part but Stone Ocean, Jojo would be higher. If it was part 7, it would have won.

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There's nothing worse than people who do this.

snk and death note shit on your hiatusxhiatus

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my favourite series is better than yours

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Besides Medaka winning it all this may be the best one in the thread so far
>I read everything except for the one under Gintama
You missed out on one of the only series I've almost never seen negativity towards on Sup Forums, and for good reason
>Also, if it was literally any other part but Stone Ocean, Jojo would be higher. If it was part 7, it would have won.
Big agree, I have no idea why OP chose Stone Ocean for that slot

>Rookies nowhere to be seen

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One Piece is literally the 60's-70's UCLA of WSJ. they will win it every time.

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This thread just makes me thinks how many of these things I haven't seen yet