He killed hundreds

He killed hundreds

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To kill hundreds.

He killed millions

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But he killed millions.

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More like killed hundreds of immoral mercenarys to save millions of lives with bringing his fairytale Kingdom to reality
Truly a good man

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>killing his lifelong friends to fulfil his selfish dream of becoming a powerful man
His motivations were never noble. He's just a cunt.

It doesn’t matter what som one’s motivations are, if it’s doing more good than evil for people It’s just objectively looked at as right and you will be praised for it. Griffith did nothing wrong

He raped one

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>Griffith did nothing wrong
You wouldn't feel that way if you were one of the sacrifices,

Let's be real here he probably rapes little boys on the regular. It was only personal to Guts

He killed hundreds of people for nothing
Griffith just did one rape to save the world.
And he raped a murderer.

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Aren't you forgetting about something m8?

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>only hundreds

yeah tell that to the millions upon millions of people who couldn't make it to Falconia who were burned alive by dragonflame or raped to death by trolls that it was all for the "greater good"

griffithfags are delusional

why was he so qt god damn it

To save billions

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To kill more:

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We don't even know what is the total human population in the Berserk's universe. It could easily be less than a billion.

>less than billion.
you forgot "now"

He's never killed anyone for personal gain. I don't think killing random people when he was a mercenary really counts as it was his job, and those who fought with him knew damn well what they were getting into.

Yeah because they will not be sacrificed in the end, sure.

Can we all simply agree that Berserk is simply full of shitty human beings and that its better to kill yourself than to try and live in that world

Moralfags that don’t understand happiness and life come from sacrificing and taking from a minority. This is why you will accomplish nothing in your life’s just like Guts. If you were some poor commoner living in a shit hole like Pre eclipse Berserk, than suddenly got to live in a Fairytale thanks to Griffith you would still see the man as your lord and savior regardless of what it took for him to achieve it.

Is Griffith a shit character? People constantly have to lie about him

Go back to masturbating to Guts, Griffith

Except when you're not lucky enough to be near Falconia, then you're completely fucked.

Billions of nice fresh sacrifices


how dare you

He didn't do it by candlelight so it's rape.

>tfw you realize Guts hasn't accomplished anything and that Casca will be pissed that he brought back all her memories
>All of Guts' actions have been counterproductive

Truly, he's the struggler.

He paid good money for Guts. It's not his fault.

Its the racist anons trying to bring a good black man down

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>t.doesn't know what love is

Baby, don't hurt me.

Falconia=the beast's new world order