Who does Sup Forums do it for?

Who does Sup Forums do it for?

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For you.

Have a bigger template.

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My real as it 3d girlfriend

As in real*


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That is my wife
That is my brother

Delete these

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Worst episode that doesn’t even fit with the shows tone.

Delet this NOW and never reply to me ever again

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For me?

uwu cute

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It was the best moment in LL, honk getting slapped down for being retarded and all the emotions from umi.
I almost cried.

he is your wife and brother?? I don't get it

Honoka is cute!

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Myself. Waifus are a coping mechanism for bitter incels who belong on /r9k/

You sound bitter yourself.

hair down honk is a miracle of the universe

Nice projection, faggot.

You don't know what that word means.

Thank you! my waifu is very cute indeed

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I want to cum in her!

>n-no you!

what did she do after love live?

Ate out Umi's warm pussy.

No, dont say lewd things involving my perfect waifu

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Myself, because you yourself is the only person you can trust in this twisted world

Congrats Sup Forumsnon for whatever reason you are now in your Waifus world. But how exactly do you think a loner and loser like you that was a failure in this world is gonna make your waifu that is most likely considered a 10/10 in her world fall for you? Also since most of the waifus are most likely around 18 years old dont you think it would be just creepy to start making moves on her. Oh and dont forget that there are chads in her world aswell that look 10 times better than you and are not autistic.

You don’t. That’s why you just imagine and fantasize

Having babies isn't lewd, user.

I've faced worse odds, and it's not like she's the object of everyone's or really anyone's desire
Why do you feel the need to spread your bitterness?

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Waifus exist in a world you create with your own imagination, so that doesnt have to be the case

My wife.

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I love my wife very much.

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good to see people showing love to their great wives

Yes. For you.

I respect those who show their wives. I never had the courage to do it.

You should show her here then. Im sure she would be very happy if you let other people how much she means to you!

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If someone will insult her I will get angry and violent, the evening would be ruined so better not to do so because i couldn't revenge through the internet and don't want conflicts.

My adored wife.

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farto dayo!

>I never had the courage to do it.
How come?

Nice trips Kyoko!



This is so fucking disgusting on many levels.

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For the girl I love so much.

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>Honkfags spamming Sup Forums with garbage
Try getting a better raibu

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And rehashfag spits insults like always without any reason. Kill youself, underage.

>Try getting a better raibu
>posts Mari

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>liking the javslut

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Puffy imouto

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>Spunky, funny rich girl
>Warm-hearted and always looking out for her friends
>Great body
>Absolutely adorable facial expressions
What's not to love?

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what the fuck? it fits perfectly

you want to talk user? you sound kinda angry

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my wife

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damn that is some low self esteem user

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I have to endure until her return

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i would always love μ's but i think Chika is my girl, she is so pure

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>all this Idolshit


back to your dragonballtard safespace

Chika is great! Her and Honoka are similar and Chika is definitely a cutie pi

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Anyone and everyone is welcomed in idol hell, friend. Feel free to pick up a show and pick best idol and join in on some lighthearted shitposting

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you bastard.

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The perfect woman.

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One does not love only because certain person is capable of doing X or Y thing. That's a plus. Thinking that someone has to do something to deserve love is really weird, like relationships or love was simply an economical transaction. As a social action, it expresses values of certain type of economy that is completely focused on production and the market. I don't think my waifu and I can share those social values, expressed as that social action, thinking about other people in those terms. Also, what determines what's a 'loser' is completely dependant on certain conditions your specific society, or even smaller, the group of people you have certain form of social interaction. These determines as important factors to label certain person as a failure or a successful person. Not that 'being a loser' is predetermined and as important as we would like to think. It's not about what you have; it's about what you do with what you have.
And I don't think she's fond of chads. I think she likes people that are nice people, with nice intetions. People willying to help the ones in need. No need to be a 'chad', really.
In terms of looks, that's something neither you or anyone can tell. That's completely debatable. And in regards autism, who is there to say that she wouldn't like autism?
Now, my waifu's age is not specified, but she's around 15-16 with the body of a 12 years old, so it would not be creepy; it would be really creepy.

>a loner and loser like you that was a failure in this world
>are chads in her world aswell that look 10 times better than you

Men that is some sad incel projection, i hope you find help

You know nothing about her.

>tfw my waifu would feel pity and worry after sensing my inner conflict and might decide to help me

Doesn't make me proud of myself but the possibility is still there.

I'm sorry you have shit taste

Such a weird scenario. If this was ME in that world, I'd probably go up and talk to her about how she's the star of one of my favorite anime back in my world.
Otherwise I probably wouldn't talk to her, because I wouldn't know her other than how she's pretty, and I'd live my life as a japanese person.

I'd much rather have her come into my world as an anime girl come to life.

>tfw no costume waifu to roleplay everynight in whatever random job she's pretending to be that day

Why bother?

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were all losers here who cares

When you get to know someone (in real life) you construct your idea of their personality in your head. They might have a physical brain full of stuff but you can only hope to know a fraction of what really goes on in there. Your idea of that person is partially based on your own imagination.
Loving your waifu, a personality constructed in your mind based on an anime series, is no different than loving a girl in real life. Not to mention how you can still love people after they die, even if they don't really exist anymore.


My gf (real)

Being a loser is fine and all, what's important is that you take the steps to improve.

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What's this, gay for ants?

This is what I've been trying to get across with all my autism every time 'you're waifu doesn't exists' enters the discussion.
Social relationships are intangible, just as many other components of our societies. There are different existences, of different ontogical nature. The things we decide as real is nothing more than an agreement of what we consider real and what don't.

Tell me something I don't know. I still can't make babies with her and tell her how much she means to me for real.

its overrated anyways

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>having to be plagued by dreams where you meet her for real only to wake up the next morning and feel awful

I know it might be hard user, but you're better off not worrying about any of that. Things like relationships and parenthood are possible ways in which to find life meaning, but they're not the only ways. It can be tough to remember that when browsing certain boards here. Don't fall for the trolls.

>most of the waifus are most likely around 18 years old

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