Toji no Miko

Miko, miko, armpits!

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Explain your obsession with armpits? You can't even fuck them like a mouth or pussy.

>You can't even fuck them like a mouth or pussy.
Sure you can!

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Well for one thing, they're attached to breasts and thus are also often shown with sideboob, which is tied for underboob as the best form of cleavage.

They're the most closely guarded and unseen part of the female body.

>they're attached to breasts
Not in this case.

They get sweaty easily and taste really good!

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The dry scientific explanation? The armpits is one of the places where the human "scent glands" are located.

The reptile part of our brains are attracted to the scent and pheromones it' excretes.

Another major location is the anus.

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>tfw no episode this week

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Humans don't release pheromones you dumb nigger.

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I'm hoping for Mihono-narrated recap.

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why isn't Ellen wearing a bra, doesn't that hurt her back from the lack of support?


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The miko outfits are great.

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>Still no update to the THE CHART with Hiyori on it

>You can't even fuck them like a mouth or pussy
Newfag please.

The recap will be narrated by Yomi. Screencap this.

Which is the best team and why is it Osafune-team?

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Kaoru is her support.

>tfw it's actually a dual commentary with Yukina and Yomi
>just twenty minutes of Yukina calling Yomi a retard for missing minor intricacies of the plot

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>it sounds like she's just reading off a wikipedia article
>halfway through the recording Yukina comes into the booth and beats her for not giving Sayaka enough attention

Aaaah the latest firefox update borke my extensions suzuka save me

>not Nene

people keep calling me a boy and it hurts my feelings, Suzuka please help me

That would be the best recap of all time.

Kanami's sneakers are cute

My uniform is too short and my spats are showing Suzukaaaaaaa

Just imagine Mirja's high boots stepping all over you.

Please stop bullying Maki-kun immediately. She catches more fresh Toji pussy, (and "swords" if she's into that), than we could ever dream of.

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Maki is a dumb boy!

She will only get Suzuka's sword.

Sex with Yume-chan's decomposing corpse!

Good, that's the only one that matters.

What a total 180, it was only a short while ago that Suzuka was the one getting bullied.

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But now she's a necrophiliac.

Why Sayaka so perfect? I really want to commit a crime.

I want Kaoru

You wouldn't.

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I really, really would.

Suzuka was getting bullied for doing absolutely jackshit and having no discernible niche or function among the Elite 4 besides taking up space, and even then barely did that so we just settled on her being Maki's relief toy. Maki was getting gassed up for winning two tournaments in a row, being the bodyguard for the world's mightiest Toji and leading the elite four and has barely anything to show for it.

>muh seigi

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Suzuka is a bully.

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>doesn't that hurt her back from the lack of support?
No. Like most Americans, she's too high on painkillers to feel anything.

Source please? Reverse search gave me nothing.

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She's the only one of the elite four who has her shit together, so that has to count for something. That'll probably make her more important in the second half.

>She's the only one of the elite four who has her shit together
Yume was competent too.

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Yeah, the "was" is important. Unless some cool new elite guard is introduced Suzuka should step up and fill the void.

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I wanna fug Hiyori's everything.

What would they even guard now? Yukari got Hiyori'd.

I love it when characters do this.

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The Origami sister who will take over Yukari's duties. Unless she has a hateboner for them I don't think bother replacing the guard.


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So after all this is over, Sayaka will transfer to Minoseki, right? I can't imagine her being able to live without Mai anymore.

She'll just become Mai's pet.

According to an user, the tip of that sword was broken twice. The second piece is now in Mihono's body apparently.

Can you transfer schools that easily?


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Mai just needs to bribe the principals with her milk and cockies.


Aradama Queen Mihono when?

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Well she can always put a Yukari wig and pee on Yukina while Yomi masturbates in the corner

Episode 17

Money and cookies can do wonders.

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I hope it's not by Kanami. Her VA is bad.

Rude. She did a good job voicing Kon.

Koume > Kon

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Fight me fag.

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Would be a waste of time, life's already done my work for me.

How can you love Kon if you won't fight to defend her honor? All Konfags are lowly, just like Kon.

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Says the fag who loves the witchfucker. You're on.

I want to fuck Kon.

Koume best girl, shut up faggot

Am currently on ep3. Does the production value improve later or is it Toji no Budget all the way?

Koume is third.

My wife Kon is so cute.

Cum inside Kon.

Drink Kon's piss.

If you're calling this no budget, then you've probably lost all sense of quality.

Will she cut me if I tried to lick her armpits?

She'd stab you in the eye.

Maybe I just got desensitized, but I thought the recent episodes looked amazing despite there still being QUALITY here and there. They definitely got better at managing and transitioning to CGI. Episode 6 I think was a real low point though. But not exactly Marchen Madchen levels or anything.

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What will be Kanami's weird habit?

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Grabbing Hiyoyon's ass

Stabbing Hiyoyo's ass in public.

Licking Hiyoyon's ass

Sucking Mai-chan's breasts.

Those are reserved now

Look at how gay these girls are.
Pink sparkles and shit.

>love bubbles
That is a little queer.

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