Flip Flappers

Have you already seen this best show?

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DitF is better

It was alright. The only reason I didn't drop it was because it sounded so cute when they said Papika and Cocona.

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I saw the ED and its been in my Plan to Watch list for a while now. I'd hope its worth it.

Should have been 2 cours like DitF. The ending was rush.

When it was the random fun adventures it was better. The overarching plot was a huge letdown.

Yes, and several rewatches. It's one of my favorites.

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I hope this dies down some day.

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>The overarching plot was a huge letdown.

I agree. I think it's like the above user said though and it was just rushed. I would like to rewatch it at some point though.


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Everyday until you like it.

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It'll die down when Flip Floppers becomes so irrelevant that people can't even remember the jokes to make fun of it anymore

Sorry, but FliFla will be talked about for many years. I'm sure of that.

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I mean, I doubt I've seen the best show out there. There are a lot of shows I haven't seen, and so while some that I've watched are great, I'm not going to automatically declare one of them the objective best just through not being familiar with every other one.

I've also seen Flip Flappers as well, so I think you need to watch more anime if you think that it is the best. Or particularly that good.

Mostly because 2016 was such a shit year. Flip Flap was one of the few memorable ones.

the non-existant story killed it for me. Barely any of the characters motivations were explained with a ton of plot holes that were either never explained or resolved. For example, what was that world they were in? Why did that granny pretend to be her grandmother? What was the point of that painter chicks grandmother anyway? Too much talent and good animation wasted on someone who can't write for shit.

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You'll either think it's amazing or mediocre, depending on how autistically you try to understand everything, and how you like the final stretch of 3-4 episodes.

Oh my god, nigger.
>what was that world they were in?
Manifestation of the collective unconciouse, Freudian umwelt based on the subconcious of individuals.
>Why did that granny pretend to be her grandmother?
Because she was a robot put in place by the Asclepius organization to keep a watch over Cocona since they're not just going to put Mimi's daughter up for adoption.
>What was the point of that painter chicks grandmother anyway?
Not her real grandmother, just a kind neighbourhood granny suffering from dementia. The point of the episode was to introduce diving into deeper levels of subconcious in Pure Illusion, and show that this can have a tangible effect on the outside world. It changed Iroha-senpai so that she was able to move on from the "trauma" of granny forgetting her name, and was able to stop holding on to her old paintings. Cocona at first interprets Iroha burning her old paintings as a bad thing, but the message was that change isn't bad. This is re-enforced next episode where she has to confront the different facets of Papika and decide whether she would love Papika even if Papika was different than the "face" being shown to Cocona normally.

I got the limited exition BD recently, and upon another rewatch it really is good. Easilly at its best mid way, beginning gets a bit repetitive. But from mad max world on its great.
In the book it comes with they talk about how they dont draw the final forms much at the end cause they didn't have time for detail, and you can really tell.

The limited edition BD is great, and the interviews are extremely interesting. Haven't read the second half of the booklet though, but it looks like Oshiyama going through each episode and commenting on them, which I'm very excited to read.

It could have been AOTY. But thanks to 3-gatsu it wasn't even AOTS.

it's my favourite anime.

Please don't watch anime without having a brain in your skull.

see >You'll either think it's amazing or mediocre, depending on how autistically you try to understand everything

But it was elected Sup Forums's AOTY in the official poll, user.

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>trusting Sup Forums's opinion

Yeah, i am. It's good

Why can't people appreciate thoughtful, smart shows? In a sea of constant anime mediocrity, Flip Flappers dared give us something original, spectacular and different. Why do so many try to take the show down? Why can't we have nice things?

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because you're bigoted homophobes


I've been watching anime since the mid eighties. I saw Macross before Robotech finished airing here. I had 4th generation bootleg betamax tapes of Armor Hunter Mellowlink. I watched every Brave series as they aired. I lived in Yokohama for ten years, and waited IN QUEUE for the laserdisc release of the original To Terra. I've had lunch with Kunihiko Ikuhara, smooed a cigarette with Watanabe after a Seat Belts show. I've done it all, I've seen it all. I am a qualified expert.

And Flip Flappers is THE greatest anime I have ever seen. Bar none. This is where the medium has been going since day one. From the very first cel, it was all leading to Flip Flappers. Mark my words, this show will go down in history. It will change anime in a way not seen since Shogoki took her first steps in NGE.

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Thanks, I've haven't seen this in a while.


What group/website/etc do you trust more? MAL? Reddit? Kys. This is the best you are going to find.

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I never said I trusted other sites more. Doesn't mean I have too trust Sup Forums either though.

More importantly, why are there so few doujins?

it's too wholesome for that

Because people who draw fanart are famewhores first and foremost. They only draw for popular series to attract the lowest common denominator to line their pockets. This is why mobile games which have wrestled a huge and dedicated fanbase into their arms have so much constant fanart being created for them, despite being intellectually and artistically empty.
And you see the same for seasonal anime. If a series is airing and is popular it'll have a massive stream of fanart and doujins made for it, but as soon as it stops airing, so too does the fanart.
Flip Flappers was not even popular when it was airing, so what's left is a relatively tiny amount of fanart, and by extension doujins.

>random fun adventures it was better
not as good as Space Dandy.

Let's be real for a moment here guys. First 6 episodes where the best episode anime has to offer. When I think what this wierd medium we are in can do those few episode are certainly in my mind.
But.The show concluded so horribly I cant say it is the best show oin the planet. It had so much promise and yet it fall flat on its face with the diretor change. If I could rate its half seperatly then the second half doesnt even come close. No question about that.
On the other hand, the very ending with Cocona And Papika being adorable was very pleasant.

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This is going to be better than Flip Flappers.

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I'd say first 9 eps but yeah.
Let's not forget dandy was a mixed bag. Some masterpieces some complete trash eps

>on its face with the diretor change
This is a shitpost. This is the shitposting that made the threads on airing days unusable. Thanks for ruining threads.

The plot was good. Fuck you faggots.

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This scene was great, fuck the haters. Also the whole Pure Illusion of Salt.

>darling in the brapp
nobody cares about your meme anime

>diretor change
When shitposting gets so bad that not even shitposters know what they're misconstruing.

And what is that supposed to be?

The plot was the reason the show was good.


3Hz next original anime.

for you

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If I didn't know it was a 3Hz original I wouldn't be won over by that trailer, but I expect it to be good anyway. After all, Flip Flappers' synopsis and cover art turned me off of it hard before it aired.

Still don't know what it is about.

>script: Hayashi Naoki

I would be too harsh on him since he was handed a half finished product. He might to better if he is allowed to make the story from the start.

The fanservice seemed mishandled. They sell them as sweet and innocent girls, then tear their clothes off and go in for the crotch shots. That only appeals to daughter-cons. If you aren't going to corrupt them sexually during the course of the show, you need to pick one or the other.

>for the crotch shots
Wasn't that only in episode 8, which obviously had its in-universe reasons for being a fanservice-heavy episode?
Otherwise there was the shot of Cocona showering but I found that far more relaxing and setting the tone of them camping together as opposed to being a titilating shot.

This company needs to train it's shills better.

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We know our stuff, but you can't trust what we say. This isn't a place to get recommendations.

Yeah, Yen Press is probably the only one that learned the trade fast. It was hilarious to see them first time around, going around in early pick threads being overtly polite about "not offending" general consensus and being super polite as if original fantranslators were reading the threads.

You really think >883 can afford shills?
It's a really nice special edition BD, with a lenticulated box (the material that shimmers and changes based on what angle you look at it from) and lots of art in the style of the gorgeous ED storybook stuff.

Raise your perv level, and watch it again as 2x speed. The whole things is full of awkward fanservice, except near the end.

Sorry, I can't just flip a switch in my brain to make me attracted to middle school girls.
There's a lot of psychological themes including freudian, but I wouldn't include that as fanservice.

You aren't fooling anyone with a weak deflection like that. At least you did some homework for 883.

It's been a year and a half since the show aired and it's not like it's been picking up any more popularity. Anyone who's going to buy the BD would have already.

>I can't just flip a switch in my brain to make me attracted to middle school girls.
I don't think you're qualified to have this conversation.

>DitF drags its feet for 10 episodes and accomplishes 0 plot progression past the first 3 episodes, which in itself could have been done in 1 episode
>people use it as an example of 2-cour being better
What the fuck

So it's imagined fanservice.

When will this meme that the second half is worse than the first die?

The worst part is that it's not a meme; people actually believe this.

I watched it when it was airing, really, really liked it, and have already completely forgotten more or less everything that happened.

Yeah, guess the shills are slipping up, they toed bit more carefully when the localization bd box released but it was still pretty transparent.

It's bit weaker if you consider the twins and late-addition-girl and how the organization got dealt with but the main weight with Salt and the past was pretty well done.
Maybe they could have conveyed the "evil" Mimi bit better if it had been the cast helping the "original" fight from inside but that's bullshit I thought of on the spot as I finished it.

Nyunyu served her purpose in the plot of kicking Yayaka's conflict into its final stage, and then quickly became a Thomasson.
The twins got the development and roles which were required of them.

>anyone talking about a product for sale is a shill
Fuck off already, isn't this what Sup Forums does all day?

Sup Forums doesn't know how bittorrent works.

watch it again!

>he didn’t feel the director change

Don't shitpost on drugs, kids.

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The visuals were nice but it kind of shat the bed at the end. Ultimately pretty pictures can't make up for bad writing.

They did in shoujo shuumatsu ryokou.

>no OVA about Papika and Cocona's awkward first date ending in a cute kiss with Yayaka looking on like the NTR'd cuck she is

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Papika already slept with her while naked, nothing is awkward for that girl.

Is there another animes girl who comes close to Cocona's beauty?

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the ending theme was great

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>winning a rigged poll
>meaning anything

It's my favorite anime ED.

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I can't believe I actually thought for a second that this was a new piece of good Flip Flappers fanart.

>copy Cockona
>make her worst girl

saved, thanks user

>make her worst girl
>like she wasn't the worst girl of her show to begin with

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Papika was the worst girl though.

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Don't mind me, just the superior 3hz show and one that actually didn't flop coming through

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I don't know if worse is the right word but given how good it started I was hoping it would transition into some mindblowing overarching plot so even if it was of comparable quality I still kinda feel let down by the ending.

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