Post smug girl

Post smug girl.

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Literally the best smug of the year.

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imagine cumming on her face

go to /wsr/ teenager

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From 6/10 to 11/10
How ?

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With that look ? instantly cum.

Once a month, after weeks of you begging and groveling, and only when she commands?

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Something has risen

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Robot Jox

My waifu is pure smug.

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Get your newfag asses back to your newfag boards.

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With a look like that I’d cum buckets

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since you guys love smug so much I can only assume you also enjoy doujins with smug girls, that being said I humbly request you smug patrons to tag doujins that contain smug on the various sites you use. I hope that one day all smug doujins will be tagged as such.

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What is it about smug that makes it so hot?


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I wonder

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Shame her show was so shit.

Agree, a lot of the character designs are appealing, but the show is just a rehash of shit I've seen time and time again.

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This would be the most rewarding.

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It ran out of material after like 3 episodes, and the "hey look a new waitress!" episodes helped to try and cover that up, especially "Literally Nico except she's a trap this time".

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She's 90% smug

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but that would ruin the smug. you're only allowed to cum on her feet.

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best smug. prove me wrong

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>he calls that a smug

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Wasn't taht guy arrested for tracing child porn for his doujins?

Can't believe no one posted Shiroyasha.

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