Watch anime

>watch anime
>good guys don't win
>baddies get away with everything

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my favorite type of anime.

>watch the news
>good guys don't win
>baddies get away with everything

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name 73 (seventy-three)

>watch anime
>watch pre-assumed good guys slowly turn into the bad guys as more info about the world is revealed

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>watch the news
>news aren't done in anime style
>they are full of 3D people

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>3D "people"

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>watch 3d
>bad guys don't win
>good guys get away with everything

this is why anime is better

>watch 3D porn
>the guy doing the raping isn't faceless
How I am supossed to self insert?

name 1 (one)

Was the image not obvious enough? Shingeki No Kyojin.

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>watch anime
>good and evil is not presented as an inherent feature of humanity
>gray areas everywhere
>everything went better than expected

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Just like real life.

Name one instance of the good guys losing in real life


>Name one instance of the good guys losing in real life
World war 2

Anonymous 03/28/18(Wed)11:14:43 No.170484463

>Name one instance of the good guys losing in real life
World war 24463
javascript:; this wins so much interbutt xD

epic bro

>watch american 2d
>cute ponies doing cute things

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go back there

>watch american 2D
>poorly animated transexual stones

Give me 10 animes that does thi

Only the best.

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You were bottle fed, weren't you cuck?

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>retaliating against the nation who attacked his people unprovoked after 100 years
>the same nation who wants to steal titans powers to use in completely different war

Shaman King

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Name one political leader in all of history you can honestly call a "good guy"


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Name all you know

>MC gets in 1 fight with the bad guys
>show gets fucking cancelled and ends

All those who died.


Watch Kaiji you ass

>watch isekai anime
>there are no game mechanics

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Mandela, Ghandi, Stalin, etc..

Gundam IBO

Spec ops: the line

everyone who was killed before they could achieve anything

None of those are good

>watch porn
>guy cum isn't red
What the fuck

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The United States Presidential Election of 2016

>bad guy wins
>good guys call bad guy's mom to tell him to be less of a dick
>it works

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But Jeb was always the good guy


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Syria, Iraq and ISIS say hi

Don't you know?
History is written by the Winners.


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vlad tepes
idi amin dada
jean-claude duvalier
brigham young
syngman rhee

>anime doesn't have good or bad guys

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King Arthur

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pls clap

Loli gets her eyes fixed and a heart transplant. Still tries to kill the good doctor during a house call.

>watch anime
>bad guy isnt real
>Good guys are actually bad guys
>someone gets away with something

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Abraham Lincoln

Am I a pleb for only recognizing the first one of these names?

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Cross Ange

just like real life!

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>watch anime
>overpowered sue protagonist who gets isekai'd is bad guy

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> grow up
> realize the "baddies" were the good guys / the lesser evil all along

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> >Stalin
> Holodomor
One of the biggest pieces of shit in history, and all you could think of is killing a bunch of Ukrainian subhumans (collateral damage, not the intent). Fucking Westerners, I swear...

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*drowns a boatload of babies*

he was still a communist.

>watch anime
>little girls dancing everywhere

i hate this shit

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This one so much. The bad guys didn’t just get away with it, they are the fucking heroes of history. Rustal does exactly what the main cast wanted, for no fucking reason, just after he’s killed them all.

They should all act like Ride and assasinate Rustal.

any animes with this feel?

Gundam Wing

The point is, he's done a lot more than making a bunch of provincials starve.
He makes it sound like Ukraine was the only thing that mattered.

Shut up, Atalanta

I would only expect west coast Americans to know Brigham Young but otherwise yes

Shinsekai Yori
Fullmetal Alchemist (though to be fair that happens very early)

>watch anime
>good guys win
>baddies get away with everything

The battle of Waterloo

Muhammad (PBUH)

Cheng Kai Shek

>watch anime

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t. Britbong

The entire Killzone series.


>watch anime
>good guys win
>always get the backstory of all baddies and feel bad for them
>baddies aren't actually doing anything wrong but neither are the good guys

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uhhhhh name?

lurk two years before posting

Boku no Bat