Is this the best character redemption arc in recent memory...

Is this the best character redemption arc in recent memory? They transformed him from being a supporting nobody villain into being one of the best core cast members the show has had in decades.

Best of all, he's human and he doesn't need to transform to keep up with everyone around him. He just uses his damn brain to actually keep pace, help his friends and survive.

He fucking deserved to win in the end, as he rightly did.

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I still would like to see him with some super transformation.

Just because he is from the MIR = Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria. Just lefty propaganda, as always.

17 went from being completely overshadowed by his sister to one of the most important people. That's something I guess.

>Best of all, he's human and he doesn't need to transform to keep up with everyone around him

Yeah, he's Blue level without any good reason, not even a "I trained for a month" montage. He's garbage.

>17 went from being completely overshadowed by his sister

18 has never been a good character. Waifufaggots like her because, vagina. And she cemented herself as trash when the only reason she was kept around is to give Krillin a love interest and I hate the bald bastard for his behavior during the Cell Arc and how no one called his beta ass on how he let his dick do all the thinking. No way would a hot chick want a noseless bald midget like him who is also weak, that was all wish fulfillment bad writing. And what truly permanently killed 18 as a character is she becoming a boring Mom Bot. That's all she is. Being better than Chichi or Bulma is not exactly an accomplishment. But yeah 18 is trash.

17 being a male character needed to showcase a different layer of characterization to be worth a damn. After all, being a family man doesn't kill a male character like how it does to a female one. So he needed more substance to stand out.

A month? He had a decade to himself with nothing else to do but get stronger and he was always way above Super Saiyan level at Ascended Super Saiyan.

They always said he had great potential and in Super we finally get to see him being used properly rather than getting eaten by Cell to power him up.

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>invades your life knowing you are a complete stranger

He's really the kind of character to not give a fuck and play his cards close to the chest. He was never going to willingly give up his secrets.

Maybe it'll be retrospectively explained later in case the cast want to get stronger like with the time chamber?

>He had a decade to himself with nothing else to do but get stronger

Yeah and what did he do? Lift? Jog? What kind of training or fights could he have to justify being on par with Goku after all the shit he went through?

We don't know, we haven't been shown what.

He fights alien poachers in his reintroduction, literally anything could have happened between Super and his revival.

I'm wondering if his infinite energy makes it easier to increase his power. he only has to lay off when his body gets too beat up

He did 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats and ran 10km every single day

Totally agreed with the last line.

I was referring to


There was something slightly kino about him being the one to ultimately win and make the selfless wish to restore everything when he started not giving a shit about if the universe disappeared

>Literally goes from Super Saiyan 1 level, to Blue by "muh training".
Toriyama the greatest hack.

The best part of him is that he doesn't have a transformation

I can understand the unlimited energy perk, but literally try to explain his power gain. if he's able to do it, so should the rest of the Z warriors that are not saiyan.


why these niggas not blue level? huh? they've been in the game since the very beginning, but are constantly treated like sideline hype men. why is 18 not as strong as 17? you could argue that she's in mommy mode, but she was also training with krillin.

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based MVP

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He was a Gary Stu that popularity and producer wank carried too far, manga is gonna be different, him winning isn't Toriyama's outline

I will unironically read the manga if he's not made the golden boy like the producer hacks did at Toei for bullshit marketing.

I still think Toriyama cornered himself by having multiple U7 Saiyans. They should be the strongest in their universe, period, instead we get fanwank characters like Frieza and 17.

17's a Jinzo-ningen