Would you trade places with Kazuma if given the chance?

Would you trade places with Kazuma if given the chance?

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What kind of a stupid question is this user who the fuck wouldn't?

I wouldn't
I don't want to live in some shitty teen fantasy

Literally why not?

Of course, it would be so easy to fuck Darkness and Aqua.

i bet your life is so much better


Yes I wanna fuck Darkness.

Probably, because adventure's interesting and experiencing magic and fiction first hand would be cool, but I'd likely come to regret it. He's an idiot surrounded by idiots, so he kinda fits in. I wouldn't be able to stand their shenanigans for long. And then the problem is that I'm just an Sup Forumsnon. I wouldn't get any OP gear, skill, etc... I'd just trade places with Kazuma. And that would suck.

Only if I got to keep his LCK stat

Ya must be a massive wimp fut fuck

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In an instant

I want Aqua to piss into my mouth.

>hot girls but with no brains who keep getting you in trouble
>you die a horrible death on a bi-monthly basis
>no Sup Forums to shitpost on
That's about it

>no Sup Forums

No. All the girls are shit and I wouldn't want to live in a pseudo-medieval world.

>hot girls who i get to fuck
>i die horrible death but come back to life
>shitpost at the tavern


I'd get married to Yunyun and we'd have a healthy, non-chuuni relationship.

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can I ditch the three autists?

A man of taste.

Yes, but only because I'd get to live in a mansion, fight monsters and get drunk with bros. The girls are actually the downside.

You need to give people a cheat OP, no one not thinking with their dick would just jump into a fantasy world.



He's fucking dead!

So yes.

No. I like programming, internet, browsing Sup Forums, spending time with friends, etc.
I wouldn't like to make living doing dangerous quests and dealing with medieval civilization. And I wouldn't want to betray my waifu.

>Your powers are teleportation, near-invulnerability to physical damage, and seeing through illusions.
Marry Darkness and Yunyun, occasionally go tomb hunting.

>Your powers are passing through solid objects, a prehensile tongue, manipulating time and transforming into a gelatinous form.
This sounds like the plot to a doujin.

Maybe the others, but Aqua is your cheat item. If you want to get rid of her you must kill the DK

>incompentant goddess who is incredibly lazy
>masochistic moralfag
>prepubescent explosive maniac manipulator
>perceptually poor lich who teases you
>incredibly insecure girl who thinks she has to measure up to the chunni
It would be literal hell.

>Fire powers and reading minds
I'm literally made to bully Aqua into my wife.


I'd probably would attempt to harem all of them.

I would manipulate Megumin and Yunyun into competing to see how could make me cum harder

No thanks, Dying from literally getting cucked by a girl you like then getting reborn in a different life doesn't sound all that great.

>Dying from literally getting cucked
What the fuck are you on about this time you memeing piece of shit?

I guess school's over, so he has to shitpost for a bit to relax.

yes, n marry darkness obv

Right now? I wouldn't do that to Kazuma. He doesn't deserve what I'm going through.

you people disgust me.

>Your powers are passing through solid objects and altering your appearance.
Who do I fuck?

This guy gets it.

Here's the thing about someone like Aqua specifically. She's got a perfect body and she's hot. And now the downside; She's dumb, she's conceited, she's incompetent, she's constantly (albeit clumsily) manipulative, she constantly needs you to get her out of trouble, she constantly wants you to spend money on her, and she wants you to buy her booze and food every day.

You don't need to travel through a portal to a fantasy world to experience this. You can get this right here in the real world.

And kids, it gets old. Faster than you think.

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I'd rather trade places with megumin

I have to put up with that to varying degrees IRL anyway.
might as well enjoy the company of the others, even if they have their own quirks

Go back to school

They act like 3DPD.
Why would I want that?

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I'm sure your current life is so much better

How do I get isekai'd, Sup Forums? I'm sick of this boring reality.

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Yes, I'd sacrifice my entire family to get to fuck megumin

Go meet truck-kun, he'll show the way

No, low-tier sekai, I'd rather not and hold out for gensokyo or makai or something.

A life of drinking and fried frog legs everyday doesn't sound so bad.

Aqua could always restore your liver as well.

Aqua is already good enough of a cheat.

>Your power is draining life energy.

Isn't this already one of Kazuma's powers?

KonoSuba's world is pretty comfy even though it is low tech.

You would be forced to walk more. Isn't that a good thing?

Based on Darkness and Megumin's complaints, most of Kazuma's days are normal except Aqua ad Kazuma wake up late in the morning, drink, go back to sleep until dinner time, wake up and drink again, and pass out in drunkenness. Rinse. Repeat.

>you die a horrible death on a bi-monthly basis

How many times has Kazuma been killed? 3 or 4?

Aqua doesn't age, though, and she enjoys cleaning the bathroom/restroom.

Also, Aqua can actually work in construction.

Subaru didn't need to die in his original world.

The main requirements to getting isekaied is a Tracksuit.

Also, Kazuma never technically got hit by anything. He just received enough of a shock that his brain assumed he died and stopped his heart.

So start wearing tracksuits and learn how to make mayonnaise and soy sauce.

yeah but she could heal her hymen

>Subaru didn't need to die in his original world
>Main requirement is a tracksuit
>user just stands outside a 7/11 at 3AM constantly blinking

>Electricity powers
Will I accidentally fry megumin if I fuck her?

>control fire, manipulate time, and read minds
Whelp, sign me the fuck up.

>Would a bunch of lonely, miserable nerds want to be isekaiā€™ed?

Gee I dunno user, you tell me

Good look finding a natural blue haired girl, with perfect body and healing powers

She lacks the organs necessary to do so

Obviously, it's the very same reason why the genre is popular to begin with.

Water beats fire tho

Suns are bigger and powerful than any ocean

>full brain dive 'going into anime machine' will come in your lifetime
the only reason i don't off myself. virtual anime heaven will come, i am sure of it.

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>implying both liberals and conservatards won't team up and beg the state to illegalize isekai because it offends their shitty personal values
I wish I could be as optimistic as you, I just don't see a future in which the government will let me enjoy myself

I fear for the many worlds slavs have been isekaid to.

Now that Dust has settled what was his major malfunction!?

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Kazuma would be able to fuck all the girls if he tried.

Aqua would be the hardest just because she'd make him jump through hoops.

sexual assault is fine for aqua

>Megumin: Consensual leglocking
>YunYun: Pushes megumin aside and jumps on the cock to beat her
>Komekko: Protein shake
>Chris: courtship followed by tender lovemaking
>Darkness: Rape but not actually rape
>Aqua: Rape that actually is rape

If she is willing to link arms with him for a bottle of booze, all bets are off.

She would let you worship her feet for cash after she blows all hers on alcohol.

Think about it.

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Goddesses don't pee

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>>Darkness: Rape but not actually rape
It's called "rape play"

>Your powers are sensing emotions, teleportation, manipulating gravity, and creating copies of yourself
I will become a Harem Lord.

Even if you also placed a curse on me that prevents me from dicking all the main girls.

My life is boring and shit. I would kill for a world in which I could make money by killing monsters, even if it was difficult and I was saddled with a group of literal retards and degenerates to do it. Hell, I'd probably try and sabotage every other hero from killing the demon lord too. Just so I'd never have to go back.

Just turn yourself into the new DL.

Post Aqua. Nerds

>user gets teleported to fantasy australia
>Can't dick any of the main girls
>Creates a race of Chuuni semen demons to dick

>Yunyun can't stop challenging megumin to stupid duels
>thinks life with yunyun would be normal

welp good luck with that.

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>Your powers are controlling electricity, immunity to most diseases, and teleportation.
That's pretty good, actually.

>Your powers are the ability to see through solid objects and the control of air.
So I'm the panty peeper, great.

>Your powers are near-invulnerability to physical damage and withstanding extreme heat.
I am a rock

The legendary dragon knight is too awesome so he has to pretend to be a scum.