Spring 2018 anime

>spring 2018 anime

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I agree with the sentiment however you are a dumb frogposter.

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ok buddy

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Enjoy you are ban

literally this

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Saged and reported, silly frogposter. Also, Spring 2018 looks great.

>DxD 4
>Trinity seven 2

All I need for it to be a considered a good season for me.

If dubs Milhouse is a meme

dumb frogposter


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>GeGeGe no Kitarou remake
>new QT Honey
>Captain TSUUUUbasa remake
>Ashita no Joe spiritual sequel
Good season tbqhwy

Pretty much this

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>not liking this season
Frogposters once again showing why they are retarded.

Based frogposter
Seething redditors in the thread

Kill yourself autist frogposter.


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No surprise there.