Darling in the Franxx

>Haha yaaassss queen you go girl!! Ride that dick, girl!!!! Fuck monogamy!
Is this

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Don’t use my wife to shitpost.

>so angry he cant even finish his sentence

She already cucked you

I want roasties and tumbrl to get the fuck out of my board

user died mid sentence for faggotry overdose may he rest in piss

Holy shit fatasses are STILL mad nearly a week after the fact. Kokoro is truly best girl.

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Quality thread.

She already cucked you

This thread again.
When will you learn that she was right ?

Manchild anons can't contain their feelings

She already cucked you

Reminder Sup Forums has good taste and NTR fags are a vocal minority


Y’all cucks just mad cuz a virtual girl dont love you cuh get a life bruhhh

fuck off pol

fuck off r9k

She already cucked you

But that's all Kokorofags do.

I want to cuddle her fluffy marshmallow hair

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You're either a cuck for defending her or you're a cuck for hating her.

You're a cuck no matter what

Is this because we see ourselves from futoshi?

>Ikuno is 2nd

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>This is all fatoshifag can say
Has brain damage gone too far ?

She already cucked you

>fuck off r9k
Fuck off to Tumblr.

Don't you have blacked porn to watch?

Because she’s shit?

I don't give a fuck about the fatass, Kokoro's is wrong and the people defending it are very clearly crossoboarders and outsiders.

Do you see that girl ? Now she belong to milkman.

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She already cucked you

I’ve been here longer than you have, fatass.

She already cucked you

That's literally all she's good for now.

Crashing your partner relationship with no suvivors

P.S. Hey Oniwhore, your stamen is MINE

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NTR arc soon

5 days and counting, by far the most cancerous reaction towards a Darling in the Franxx episode so far, all sides from this shit are at fault, Kokorofags, Mitsurufags and Futoshifags.

So I don’t really follow this show particularly, but I feel like 02 is gonna die by the end.

Uhh sorry sweaty, but ur weight is too high, you r not allowed to talk about konkoro

>Mitsuru has achieved the feat of stumbling with mech alone.
>Fortunately, his belove Prince Charming Hiro-Sama has appeared to save his as. His waifu still thanked Hiro.
>After that Mitsuru bumped into a Klaxosaur too.

Why is Mitsuru so beta?

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>fatfags THIS fucking assblasted

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The nips do love bittersweet endings, so I expect something where they both die sacrificing themselves to protect the Children or whatever.

>he wasn't here for episode 3 fallout

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She already cucked you

Imagine if every anime had one fat guy getting cucked. We'd probably need a 100 janitors just for this board.

400% chance he will fuck your busty mom into submission.
RIP Kokoro.

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She already cucked you



>Its been 4 days already and the faggotry doesn't shows signs to stop. Seems like the board still can't let go of a fattie and a whore. Over and out.

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>You call THAT cucking Kokoro? Watch this.

See but the reality of the situation is most women don't like black men or fatties
As a normally built male this is catering to me

>male Ikuno
>Mitsuru with different hair

Kokoro was just acting nice to that fatass to keep their numbers up. Now that she has a better partner she can truly be happy. Nobody wants a ham planet sweating all over their ass, smelling like coldcuts.

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No girl on Earth wants to fuck you.

This shitstorm is worse

Wow calm down sperglord

She already cucked you

How can a girl so pure have a body so lewd ?

He can't let go of the Hiro in his mind. He'll get around to it now that he has prime breeding material and top-tier milkers within reach.

>those eyelashes

Sure thing fatty

>fuck monogamy
fatoshifags are this delusional

>fucks every guy that gives her attention

A 2D girl cannot cuckold you retard

That didn't work for Fatoshi


How sad is it that you aren't fat yet you're getting laid less than some fat people are.

The absolute state of your dead sex life.

Can you imagine the shitstorm if those madnips commit mass NTR?

Thats called having a life BETA!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

i’d be bitter too if i were an archetype that total strangers all over the world mock and make fun of

cucking the fatboy

Fatoshi and Kokoro deserve to die tbqh

That's what makes it so awesome.
At least in theory.

Of course, in truth, it's just Sup Forums pretending to be butthurt fat people hating and shitting on whore defenders and Mitsuru fags.
>n-no, iti's not pretending, it's true
Yeah, right.

She already cucked you

She didnt fuck the gross fattie

>It´s over

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Shoule we be worried?

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From where do you guys even come from


Your projecting hurts my heart to witness

Okay virgin

You do realize all those are boys right?

This one is the surprise ss DOM.

I read enough shota-oneesan/milf H that I know he is "innocent"-shota-who-is-actually-very experienced-and-has-huge-dick-and-fucked-every-moms-in-the-neighborhood-already-while-pretending-to-be-a-virgin trope.

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I come from reddit for the greentext memes. When is there a greentext board

She already cucked you

Y-yes we should


How come DitF attracts the worst of Sup Forums?


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Dear Darling in the Fags: kill yourselves.
Regards: Sup Forums

You tell em bud

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Fatfags BTFO


She already cucked you

Nuke this thread already mods

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Jesus, this thread is worse than usual.

Keep crying virgin