How can you finish a anime and say it was bad?

How can you finish a anime and say it was bad?
Like if someone dropped it after a couple episodes and said it was shit then it would make sense.
but saying it was shit after completing a series? Doesn't that mean it wasn't actually bad if it managed to keep your attention the entire way?

For example DBS. Nothing but bashing by people who keep up with it week to week yet they saw it in its entirety of 130 episodes for nearly three years.
Doesn't this prove the anime is actually decent or better?

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some people have to complete things

Sometimes it's like a trainwreck.

how can you say something is shit if you've not even watched it completly, you can't say america is shitty if you've only visited new york

its a solid 5/10

Sometimes I watch things I don't really enjoy out of a weird sense of obligation to finish them.
Sometimes I watch things I think are bad but enjoy them anyway.
Sometimes I enjoy things and think they were bad in retrospect, particularly if they have a disappointing ending.
Merely occupying my eyeballs does not make something good.

that’s.. not how you determine whether something is good or bad.

Sunk cost fallacy.

>Doesn't that mean it wasn't actually bad if it managed to keep your attention the entire way?
please, no.
i watched Katanagatari out of despite to see why Sup Forumswas jerking over it and i regret every minute.

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Tits keep my attention pretty well. Doesn't mean I want anything to do with their owner besides having a good look. One nice feature will generally not save a show, unless it was extremely shallow to begin with, but it might keep it in my RSS reader. Like Senran Kagura, which doesn't have much going on besides tits, but does present them well. Or Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, in which nothing of importance occurs, but lots of good sound and visual direction make up for the lack of substance in the source material. One or two strengths is enough for those shows. They are not bad. Now consider Dies Irae. Pretty good character designs, some solid action scenes, but oh boy can that whole show fuck off. I watched it, but it is bad. Cross Ange has solid fanservice and passable world building, but having watched the whole thing, I wish I hadn't. It's also common that a show will start off so strong, it seems a shame not to see it out to the end of the next cour at least. Vanishing Line and Mahou Tsukai no Yome were like that for me.
>I have only ever watched DBZ, fight me.
Is that the only way you can get Sup Forums to reply to you?

First, you are making the mistake of assuming that somebody kept watching the thing for three years continuously just because they've seen the full thing. They easily could've just binge-watched the whole thing in one sitting (okay, several sittings) as opposed to bothering with it week-to-week. Second, not everybody fully watches something because it is good quality. They might continue watching in hopes that it gets better, they might continue watching for completeness (sunk cost/completionist), they might continue watching to have an informed opinion. They might continue watching because it isn't bad enough to make them stop, but half an hour a week isn't enough of lost time to be concerned over.

And then a series could just end up shit: it had a good buildup but a terrible payoff, it started decent but just trailed off or ended abruptly, it dropped on a cliffhanger and never had a followup. Perhaps it started strong and there was hope that it would get better by the end. There are a lot of reasons why and ending could retroactively ruin the whole work, especially if the "good" parts involved building anticipation or leading towards something which failed to deliver - a show with a good buildup to a terrible resolution is going to be a terrible show, at the end of it all.

And some people just want to know how truthful all the shitposting is about.


>get several opinions about the topic
>muh /thread

every single video game forum is filled with angry people saying the game sucks who have 1000+ hours, same with Annie May

but see katanagatari is good, if you didn't like it then it didn't appeal to you.

some stuff is objectively shit however.

somewhat related to both, i don't get how people like queen's blade, i've never dropped an anime except that one.

How can you have an accurate opinion i you haven't seen the entirety of it?

Opinions are never accurate.

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you don't need to visit that dung heap of a country at all to know it's the most degenerate piece of shit country in human history.

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I don't like dropping anime. If I pick it up I might as well finish it even if it's physically painful.

That's unhealthy!

Because you can enjoy something that is bad. I'm just not enough of a goober to think "thing I like=Good"

No it doesn't you fucking retard.

Nothing of what you said has any logic behind it.

I need some anons to waste time so that I don't have to.

Because no one in their right mind can claim to be an objective authority on this shit.
You can only say that something is bad *at something specific*.
I might enjoy a series for any number of reasons (in the case of DBS, nostalgia), but still warn people against watching it, because I think most people would not like it. That makes it good at entertaining me, but bad as a piece of entertainment in general.

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Autists, you mean.

Because they want to be able to talk about it.
If you drop something after 1 episode and call the series shit that's fine but you can't take part in discussions if you don't know what happends in the anime.

I had to force myself into finishing Kill La Kill. It wasn't bad that I completely dropped it but it became a chore to watch. I kept finding myself pausing a few times each episode to do other things so it wasn't good either

There are multiple reasons why people watch bad shows. Out of boredom. Because the show was promising things it never delivered. Because you desperately wished for it to become good at some point. Not liking to drop things halfway. Just wanting to see how it ends while clenching your teeth during the bad stuff.
Bottom line, a shit show is a shit show, especially if you watched it all until the end, because at that point you're 100% certain it is shit and why.

Watch something like big order, ousama game, evil or live, mayoiga. Terrible shows but I finished them for the memes. This does not make them good, they are still shit even if I watch the final episode.

>likes Jojo
>hates Katanagatari
you have to be 18+ you post here user

When you haven't watched enough anime, you lack the critical judgement to foresee a show being inevitably shit and you force yourself through the end in the vain hope it would get better. It doesn't.
I'd like to get back the time I spent watching hot trash, but then again it would probably just come full circle, because the garbage that I watched is the reason I can identify shit shows I wouldn't enjoy.
For DBS, most of the people watching it are either massive newfags or nostalgiafags. That applies to the former people, since the latter will just take anything with the Dragonball name on it anyway.

You could also just be a huge Toriyama fan. DBS is more like his other work than Z was.

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Most of Sup Forums watched Super for the memes. Normies did it because they are either nostalgiafags or wanted to feel like a part of something and heard about older people who watched it as a kid.

A small detail can ruin or save the show.

This. DBS was so bad but I was compelled to see just how bad it could get. Most of the time I was just bored though so I skipped certain chunks like the Goku Black arc and throughout most of the universal tournament arc I just had it on in the background while I did other things.

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The people wouldn't be watching it if it wasn't super popular or big parts of their childhood. Plus there's people who enjoy things ironically, enjoying making fun of the show with others as opposed to being legitimately entertained by the show itself.

This desu. I used not to drop anything when I was an anime newfag, but now I'll just happily drop a show if I simply don't like a certain character or some other small thing keeps ticking me off. It's honestly not worth the time.

Super is really bad, though. Dropped it at ep.30 and never looked back.

I like to finish what I started, regardless of how bad it is.

This is how stupid you sound.