I hate you Sup Forums!

I hate you Sup Forums!

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I hate myself too Mikan.

Fuck you, Mikan!!

I want to die

Mikan why?

Kill me Mikan

I-It’s not like I want you to like me!! Baka-anonymous!!

What the fuck, Mikan!?

Gotcha there!
I still love you Sup Forums!

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She looks like American Kirby.

I love you Mikan!

Well I hate you.

I love you Mikan

Get the hell out of here! I never want to see you around these parts ever again!

Wish I lived in a Japanese apartment right above a grocery store.

Oh you little rascal, Mikan!

I love you too!

You sure tricked me Mikan, but that's not very funny so please don't do it again.

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I love you Mikan!

Fuck this stupid VN, one of the routes ends with the heroine dating some other guy

I love NTR!

Stupid catgirl.

I love you, Mikan. But please don't do that again.

Have you read WtK yet, Sup Forums?

>WtK was translated 10 years ago

So be it.

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