Why are they doing this ?

Why are they doing this ?


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my eyes

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>That choppy framerate
Is the studio that made Berserk doing this?

What Dreamcast game is this?

Why the fuck do these studios keep trying to force CG on people who very clearly don't want it? You can't even say it's just a matter of getting used to it anymore more, they've been trying to force CG as the new standard for well over a decade now.

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I also hate that this and Berserk means both are less likely of getting a proper adaption any time soon.

I don't get why Jap CG always has that 10 fps shit. Is it stylistic choice or what?

The human eye can't see over 10 fps.


Poor HnK can't get nice things again

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Least the Yakuza game looks fun
Why do all of the good 3d/CG animators go to gaming?

>Is it stylistic choice
Pretty much. They want to imitate 2D animation by limiting frames.

>Why do all of the good 3d/CG animators go to gaming?
Better pay

just clang me up daddy


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>tfw Kengan Asura recently fell victim to the CG disease

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shut the h*ck up dude

Gotta save two dollars man.

Laughing is a coping mechanism so I don't end up crying over the future of anime.

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How many of you guys even watched the original series?

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It doesn't even work like that. Fucking gdgd series' budget is, like, 3 udon cups and it's 30 fps. It's all about imitating 2d.

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I remember after it was first announced people were saying it looked good and was proof that Japan was learning how to use CGI.

I watched most of the old Toei anime tho I did skip through stuff that was just insane filler (like the guy who controls zombies) or the multiple recap episodes.

>>tfw Kengan Asura recently fell victim to the CG disease
Wait what

The models themselves honestly look decent. I think the issue is whoever's in charge of the camera clearly has no fucking idea what they're doing in terms of making things look interesting/dramatic/impactful, and the framerate is in this awful uncanny valley middleground. Either they should have dropped the framerate even more and focused on making each frame actually look 2D, or they should've upped the framerate and embraced the 3D animation. As it is they have the worst of both worlds going on.

I finished it last month after a year of on and off watching.

It just did a month ago.

Ore wa mou shindeiru after watching the trailer

I thought it was an horrible game?

It was fucking great based on what I've seen


Everything that made me fall in love with anime when I was a little boy, is gone.

>no omae wa mou shinderu
you can't have FOtNS without those 3

>Looks better than whatever anime is in the OP
Some reviewers I actually trust gave it a 4/10 though, and they're fan of both Yakuza and HnK

>tfw every time something new HnK related comes out people have different voices

Excuse you, fucker, DC games had consistent frame rates and better textures than that 3rd rate tripe ever could

Why not? Retards will love it. In the stream where this was revealed some stupid spic thought it was Jojo. He will watch this and claim it's the best thing ever. HnK will become a cancerous fanbase once more just as it was for awhile in the 90s.

That doesn't sound right at all. Gimme a link m8.

kek I was thinking the same thing when I read that comment. Us DC bros, amiright???

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Great news!

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CGI is a CANCER that is ruining all modern anime. They are doing this because they are a greedy company. CGI is cheaper and easier to produce. Rather than giving us actual 2d animation they would rather give us disgusting ugly cgi that tries to imitate 2d animation.

Rather than give us real 2d animation they like to give us this cheap ugly cgi cancer that imitates it. They do this because they are trying to make the most money possible.

Are the Gantz movie and Kingsglaive the only good looking CG works from japan?

>Japan was learning how to use CGI.
Kill this retarded fucking meme, japan has always been good at making cgi just look at final fantasy 15. They give us this cancerous cgi that tries to imitate 2d instead of actual 2d. Anyway Anime is meant to be 2D not cgshit.

Advent Children and Captain Harlock CGI movie are the only two examples I can think of

not him, cgi is a cancer

>He doesn't know

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>look at final fantasy 15
It has lots of problems. For how long Japan has been making video games they can't seem to adapt to a modern workflow (Tying game logic to framerate among other things. They're fucking entirely remaking FF15 for PC supposedly which is some of the most retarded shit I've ever seen.). Most of their issues don't really apply to prerendered animation though and you can look at prerendered video game cutscenes in Japanese games that look better than CGI anime.

Advent Children was pretty crazy. Hard to remember that it's from 2005.

I'm not sure the video game cutscene argument makes much sense given that the total runtime for pre-rendered cutscenes (that aren't using the ingame engine) in most games is going to be way lower than the runtime of a one cour anime

I don't know how long it takes to render a 22 minute episode of a show how they're making them now but I can't imagine they're running up against the time limit for when the episode needs to be done and couldn't stand to render some more frames to make it look less choppy.

It gives the impression of being well directed and scripted, but that animation is just an insult to life itself.


wtf!! Taiyan what have they done to you?!!!!

Maybe, that might depend on other factors.
I just don't think that comparing a production with a tenth the run time to some other production whilst probably having similar budgets and expecting them to look the same makes any sense as an argument, since there's more that goes into CGI than just the framerate.

How will MANime ever recover

Framerate or at least being choppy is an issue in a lot of the CGI anime I've seen clips of. I'm sure there are ways to make it look less choppy than raising the framerate but it's worth experimenting with if the people making them wanted to do anything than make their show with as little money spent if possible. Motion blur for instance since that's why 24 fps movies don't look as terrible as they would without it. And I'm sure you can do better looking motion blur in a prerendered video than in a video game that needs to render in about 33.3 ms.


>Using 3D animation
To be fair, I don't believe that 3D animation is bad, but they should of have used 2D animation for the series like they did over 10 years ago.

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From what I've read, rendering time isn't really a money saving thing since these scenes aren't very complex, and this particular show doesn't look like one that's desperately scraping for money like 2016 Berserk, so it's probably a stylistic choice more than anything. It's hard to say what exactly they are able to do without looking at the tools they have, though.

this can't be happening

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>I don't believe that 3D animation is bad,
This is Anime though. Fucking hell.

>cheap ugly
I don't think it's even cheap. If not for the low framerate it'd look good I feel, which is even more infuriating if anything. The character models themselves look good and they're being completely wasted.

but its not fist of the north star. this is before.

well i'm thinking of watching -

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I watched most of the first season a while ago, but now I'm back on it.


I watched it in 2009, also read the manga. It was such a manly, yet emotional ride.

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>Souten No Ken

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No, the studio behind Ajin and the past few Trasnformers cartoons is.

I watched all of it. Fudo shouldn't have died.

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I have the complete set on DVD. Finished rewatching Rei Vs Yuda

>raoh during the entirety of Part 4
>retroactively making shin a good guy in the end
I didn't need these feels

I watched it 2 years ago

It's cheaper than hand drawn. It also doesn't look nearly as good as hand drawn which is the point. What they have given us is cgi forced to look hand drawn, which of course doesn't look nearly as good as the real thing.
>The character models themselves look good and they're being completely wasted.
Fuck no. Please don't defend this horrid shit.

Anime is a closet market, I don't think non-Japanese studios can even get the rights to the various manga series, so big studios like Toei etc. etc. have a monopoly and have no reason to put effort into their work since they lobby against customers which will buy anything honestly, for example dvd discs are still a huge market in Japan.

>Is it stylistic choice or what?
Yes, BRS staff once said they intentionally remove frames to imitate traditional 2D animation.

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I wish they'd at least increase the framerate just a little bit. If you're gonna do CG, you might as well own it at least halfway.

>ruined Berserk
>ruining FotNS
At least they're too late to ruin JoJo

It's because some of these fucking studio's only care about money & cgi is cheaper and easier to produce.

>intentionally remove frames to imitate traditional 2D animation
Why the fuck won't they give us the real thing. It's what we all wan't.

>At least they're too late to ruin JoJo
Bless, thank god.

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>tfw Ajin will never get the anime adaptation it deserves

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Plenty of people, you dumb autist. I even went further beyond and read the manga, which I do not recommend.

WHAT A FUCKING BASTARD! WHY? WHY USE CG AT ALL THEN? Just fucking do it in 2D. Berserk, Ajin now this. Can't we start or petition or something for a proper 2D adaptation?

Rei got it the worst. It's like he was born to suffer.

Why? To save costs.
Instead of assembling motorcars by hand henry ford built an assembly line to churn them out faster. They were still cars.

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Watched it in tandem with the manga back in high school.

In this game's defense it's really the Yakuza characters playing the HnK characters.

>They were still cars.
not him, Yes, those cars were still the same at the end of it, but this cancer is no longer 2D, it no longer looks the same, it no longer has the same appeal, it no longer looks as good. Take your bullshit analogy and shove it up your ass.

Got more live 2d webms? also source?

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Watched it all last summer. Greatest decision of my life.

The curse of Berserk permeates into all old Anime


It still looks 10x better than the last adaptation though. Sure not every CG studio is based orenji but it's not cancerpense

>2000 + 18
>can't recognize a Precure ED at a glance

Millipense was the 2D studio. Gemba (literally who's) did the 3D parts.

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>the framerate is in this awful uncanny valley middleground. Either they should have dropped the framerate even more and focused on making each frame actually look 2D, or they should've upped the framerate and embraced the 3D animation.
Fucking THIS tbqh.