One Piece

Will this traitor get executed next chapter?

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Does everyone have high expectations for spoilers tonight?

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Are you guys ready for 2+ years of Momonosuke!?

Anything is better than Big Meme.

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So,you're having a meeting at the office and Lafitte suddenly walks in.What do you do?

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Am I?!

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Call him a faggot

Remind me again why they didn't kill him in 2 seconds flat

What happened here?

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Because he asked politely

because they are not akainu

Is he a mama's boy?

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If he’s with his crew, then I’ll run away. Don’t want to job offscreen

Do we know Lafitte's power level yet?
I suppose his devil fruit is a Zoan called the Tweet Tweet fruit : model Pigeon.
Or maybe he just drank Red Bull and grew wings.

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Holy shit user you are so fucking funny

think i'm just gonna read the title for the chapter and what is the color spread about, then fuck off until the chapter is properly released on friday
maybe i'm gonna pull an all nighter that night, i don't know

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>Powerlevel fag

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Starting this thread off with dead waifus

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>no ToC out
how late will the spoilers be?

didn't the toc use to also come out on the same day as spoilers? i definitely remember some thursdays where the toc came out early morning and spoilers followed few hours after it

What about mythical zoan, guardian Angel

24 hours until spoilers reveal that Monet is back and the newest Strawhat.

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I am ready!

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This fucking arc has been going on for way too long. Big Mom and her pirates have overstayed their welcome, Sanji's family is NOWHERE near as interesting as people try to make it out to be and this entire hitman storyline gets completely botched up so that they can have Big Mom chase the crew for chapters on end to get "WEEEEDDDDING CAAAAAAKE!!!!"

I'm sick of being here. It feels longer than Namek and Hueco Mundo combined. Can we move onto Wano now?

I’ll make a pause till Friday, because spoilers often mar the pleasure of reading the manga.

I just want my color spread with Jinbei, why is it taking so long just to leak that?

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>monet was actually squatting in the sunny since PH
>crawls out after they escape WCI
>cesar left her heart on WCI
>big mom eats WCI
>monet dies again
>big mom absorbs the yuki yuki no mi and explodes

Seagull fruit. That's why Sengoku liked him.

>that size difference
How is Aladdin gonna survive?

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What if it's revealed that Kizaru is actually a member of the Revolutionary Army sent as a spy?

I miss him Sup Forums

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What is Koala's bounty?

She is probably the most interesting character design in the WCI arc.

Last time we saw Ivankov was in the flashbacks from Dressrossa.

hmm. sounds like a good idea.
but i don't think i could wait :(


the colour spread will be an eulogy for hte big mom pirates

I have no problem with Momonosuke. He's a fine young man. Hating on him is the most retarded thing ever.

user, I...

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Now now.... stay still...

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When are we gonna get VA's like Mamoru Myiano,Jun Fukuyama,Aya Hirano,Daisuke Ono,Hana Kanazawa,Yui Horie or Ryota Ohsaka?

a true villan
destroyed islands.
destroyed his own people
enslaved them and kiled them
then went to the moon. (I expect he will do the same thing to them too soon enough)

when r we gona get vas like chingchong nipnip haha who the fuck can remember these long ass click click names faggot

Reminder that this character exists

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Doesn't it seem retarded in retrospect they brought some of the strongest pirates in the world right into the heart of the World Nobles? You would think Shichi would be outlawed from going there. It would have made more sense to summon them to Marineford or Ennies Lobby. Especially Doflamingo.


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Too bad they turned out to be turncoats. They looked cool

Doffy had the highest chance to slaughter the Gorosei but didnt because muh master plan and chaos and shit.


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He's fighting Nami (navigator vs navigator). So... Not that strong.

>stussy kills mont d'or
>every prisoner in there gets released
>all hell breaks loose on the big mom pirates

faggot had tears in his eyes when he saw usopp

Mont D'or is my friend. He won't die.

>Doffy tries something
>Sengoku smashes his shit
Great plan there



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when big mom dies.
what happens to her clones.
will they disappear. or live on
become servants to who ever holds them

Leave Stussy to me.

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Sanji, the expert salad tosser of newkama land

What was her request?

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I think it's brave of Oda to show a positive abusive relationship for once, good job Oda for showing readers that some women can happily live with partners that beat them and it's not always against their will

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It just makes sense, user. Luffy and Blackbeard's crew are mirrored. Ussop is fighting Van Augur, Zoro is fighting Shiryu, Chopper is fighting Doc Q, Jinbei is fighting Burgess and Nami is fighting Lafitte.

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I wonder why people care so much about compote doing something. She was called a monster but so was Oven and look what he turned out to be. Smoothie and Snack are the only ones that we should complain since they are the only top tier fighters left and they have been useless

They may have taught him to make salad but Iva is much too classy to allow their followers to diddle the unwilling

cursed image

>but so was Oven and look what he turned out to be
A fucking tank? Dude has Luffy tier endurance.

I can't breathe

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When will he return bros?

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What's wrong with Oven exactly? He did a lot. All of the monsters did a lot. Smoothie did a lot. But Compote din't do anything. At all. It's odd as fuck. I still believe Oda has something planned for her.
She's helping Stussy and Morgans escape. She was just there. She disappeared at the same time as them.

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His crew threw him overboard and he drowned.


Ooh, I have a theory related to this
Katakuri -> Defense and Speed Focused (Observation Haki) Low Endurance
Oven -> Offense and Endurance Focus (Can’t guard well, but makes up for it by being able to endure hits)
Daifuku -> Speed and Defense, low Offense? (His Genie can move away from him so he has more movement options, and it seems to be covered in haki, but it prevents him from attacking on his own so he can’t use his own strength)

He's right. He got up immediately after getting kicked in the neck by Sanji like nothing happened, he was confident he could stop a giant fucking ship by himself (even though he couldn't), he got run over by said ship and still got up with minimal injuries right afterwards, got pierced through the chest with what we can only assume is a fucking laser and is still standing & shouting orders. He's a beast in terms of endurance.

Linlin will dominate

What the fuck is up with Tamago?
What is his DF even, will he turn to being an egg or is he forever a chicken now?
If you cut him again, does he then turn into an egg? Is he just outright Immortal?

Bigger girl is best girl

Also tanked a cannonball to the face from Bege.

are you ready for him?

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It was explained in a SBS. He turns back into an egg if you kill him again. It's a cycle, he has three forms.

It's an eternal cycle.

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>Luffy tier endurance
Not even close, and everytine he tries to fight he gets btfo almost instantaneously. Oven is a jobber

What is worse? His shoes or Oven's socks?

How do you beat him?

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

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I wonder if this fruit is a pramecia or a zoan

So the human came before the chicken and the egg?

By the way, following the theory of evolution, a chicken’s ancestor laid an egg that mutated from itself to become the first chicken. So, though it was not technically a chicken egg but an egg containing a chicken, the egg came first

The poop decorations on Kuro's coat.

Kairoseki will help i guess.

You probably have to kill him while he's tranforming. Can probably incinerate or drown him too.

You have to slash the yolk inside.

Overpower him, lock him up, clip his wings, seastone, etc.

hes probably killable in his yolk state, since kamikaze tiger tried to capitalize on it.

>Moria poisoned the cake
>Big Mom gets killed
>he steals her corpse and reanimates it
>he will now use Big Mom's resurrected corpse to fight The Kaido
Moria is the champion 4D chess player

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*Le Kaido

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La creatura llama Kaidou*