Spring 2018

What new (non-sequel) anime are you most looking forward to in Spring 2018?

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tell me where I can find a list of the ones coming out on crunchyroll/netflix and I’ll tell you.

simply epic

GGO, Golden Kamui, and Juushinki Pandora. Anything else, I'll just lurk Sup Forums when they air and see what's interesting.

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I’m serious tho. I can summarize all the anime I watched like this:

mentor me


P5 if Aniplex doesn't fuck up the subs
Megalo Box
Gegege no Kitarou

>Juushinki Pandora
enjoy you're Netflix

Operator Beato

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Golden Kamuy
Back Street Girls

Golden Kamuy
Comic Girls
Uma Musume

Gegege no Kitarou
Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu
Megalo Box
Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru
Devil's Line
Golden Kamuy
Cutie Honey Universe
Wotaku ni Koi

I think my problem with CR is that they only have PG13 anime and no mature stuff. I watch mostly R-rated anime. Their selection sucks.

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Persona 5 all the way

pandora and maso-tan

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Stale b8 m8

Uma musume and SAO.

My original answer would have been 3D Kanojou or the one about the tsundere boy, but after seeing the previews my answer is definitely Mahou Shojou Ore

Explain further please.

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Beato got sick of being bullied by Sup Forums and decided to get her own show where she mows people down with a P90.

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This season looks more interesting to me than the last.
New Cutie Honey, I've loved every Cutie Honey anime but one of them so I have high hopes.
>Lupin III part V, I hope this is better than part IV though based on the artsyle I'm not expecting much.
Gegege no Kitarou, one of my favorite manga series, and it's had pretty good adaptations in the past.
Tomie OVA, I swear this better be where Deen put their budget

Same VA?

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Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai and Piano no Mori.

Megalo box is gonna be amazing.

>Looking forward to Pandora
>Looking forward to Lost Song
>Both got Netflix'd
This sucks. Neither look to be popular enough to where you could expect reliable subs either. I'm sure someone will do it eventually, but still.

Haven't looked too closely into the listing but Mahou Shoujo Site and Comic Girls seem like my cup of tea.


Will Mahou Shoujo Site be another "dark" magical girl anime like Madoka and YuYuYu?

It's edgy all right but I'd say it's quite different from those two.

It's literally a horror show, so it looks like it'll be the edgiest one yet.

>Cutie Honey
>Natsuko is nowhere to be seen
What's the point?

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All the sport shows.
Tada Kun.
Maso Tan.
Hoozuki S2.

I'll give a watch to the show with the dragons, the comic girls one, the boxing one and the one with the working environment and the otaku guy.

Depending on how much CR licenses I might finnaly give them a shot (Since 3 months is only £13 and I don't mind giving abit to the people who actually sub everything)

Ideally I want to drop this to about 10~14 shows
Since playing the SAO: FB game I'm actually pretty excited for the GGO anime
Not many cgdct anime sadly but the season looks pretty cool overall.

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Butt Detective, but unironically. Shit looks so good it made me pinch my cheeks to see if I was dreaming. Some old fart is directing the series, which is a move I can really get behind. The PV made me crack up multiple times - I'm sure I sounded like a complete ass.

>going to watch
SAO badass lolis edition
Golden Kamuy

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai
Megalo Box
Piano no Mori

I'm open to anything though, I will see if something catches my attention after the season begins.

Do you guys think Build Divers will be good like GBF or bad like Try?


cute katrielle doing cute things

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Waiting for the British dub of that one

I'm sorry to say this but that SAO spinoff looks kinda fun

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Persona 5
Real Girl seems like a bitterfest but I'l check it out anyway
Akkun maybe
Piano Forest looks interesting
Megalo Box seems Killing Bites-tier dumb fun so I'll check it out too
Comic Girls maybe
I'll probably finally watch the old TLotGH
I'll also watch Hozuki S2 pt2

Literally nothing, Dogakobo it's dead to me from this year onwards and the shows i'm interested in will be censored to death so I'll simply catch up with my FMP rewatch and my Puppet Masters marathon.