Who is the all time best composer for anime and why is it Joe Hisaishi?

Who is the all time best composer for anime and why is it Joe Hisaishi?

If you honestly believe that that hack Hiroyuki Sawano is the best when all of his music sounds exactly the same, then you are a total faggot.

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>Top 10 best composers for anime:

1. Joe Hisaishi
2. Yoko Kanno
3. Shiro Sagisu
4. Susumu Hirasawa
5. Kenji Kawai
6. Taku Iwasaki
7. Yuki Kajiura
8. Naoki Sato
9. Hideki Taniuchi
10. Toshio Masuda

>Honorable Mention:
Ryuuichi Sakamoto. He's the only composer that can truly rival Hisaishi, but he's only composed for one anime (Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise) so I don't think he really counts.

Hisaishi is masterful, but he's no Taku Iwasaki.

Let's be honest. Taku Iwasaki is terrific. His soundtrack for Rurouni Kenshin Tsuioku-hen alone is reason enough to list him as one of the greatest composers for anime. But Joe Hisaishi? He's a living legend. The only composer that can rival Hisaishi is Ryuichi Sakamoto, and he only composed for one anime and generally does live action.

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Tatsuya Katou is the best and I will stand by that for the next 10 years.

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>Hiroyuki Sawano
Seriously. Why can't he make something different? All of his music is the same shit.

>tripfag having shitty contrarian taste in composers
What a surprise.

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He's the Hans Zimmer of anime. He peaked with his soundtrack for Gundam Unicorn and has been boring ever since.

And kensuke ushio

He does deserve an honorable mention for his latest soundtrack for Devilman Crybaby. We'll see how his career goes when we hear more from him.

Good list, but I'd personally have Naoki Sato at third, not really picky about grading the others. The gap between 1+2 and the rest of the list is huge in my mind, Hisaishi and Kanno are just that much better than everyone else.

Geinoh Yamashirogumi, for his work on Akira.
Kensuke Ushio, for his work on Ping Pong.
Shiro Sagisu, for his work on NGE and Bleach.

And even then his work for Gundam UC was just retreads of shit he'd already done in the past like Gigantic Formula

It's almost maddening.

>All of his music is the same shit
Do people even listen to his tracks or do they just like memeing? Not that the vast majority of shows he's hired for don't just having him doing Unicorn again, but Blue Exorcist and Nanatsu no Taizai are both very different from what people think of as his typical work and are good soundtracks on their own for their shows. He's clearly capable of range, but is either hired to shit out another Sawano original or simply thinks that's the best fit for most series he does. I don't think he's the best or anything, but it's clear there's just a typical hipster hate of his mainstream appeal.

I haven't listened to enough anime music, nor do I have a great ear for music in general, but Michiru Oshima is probably my favorite.

The variety of Hisaishi's work is incredible. From the synth landscapes of Venus Wars to the heartfelt emotion in Hana-bi's soundtrack.

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I like
Satoru Kōsaki
Yukari Hashimoto
And Yuji Nomi, who no one ever remembers even though he was mentored by Ryuuichi Sakamoto and worked on Wings of Honneamise with him.

Don't forget Sagisu's soundtrack for the Berserk Golden Age Trilogy. Though I prefer Susumu Hirasawa for Berserk, Sagisu's soundtrack was surprisingly fitting too.

>>Susumu Hirasawa
Good taste. The paprika ost is some of the most unique music I've heard, anime or otherwise

>how good you are as a composer depends on how good/popular your films are

Guess Hans Zimmer is a better composer than Joe Hisaishi and everyone else in Japan combined.

>Do people even listen to his tracks
Yes we fucking do. Almost every year there's at least one show with that fucking hack's name on it, and YES, all of his compositions sound phoned in and monotonous. Sawano is a hack.

His only issue is that he hasn't been attached to any big name work to give him good exposure.

Departure to the West from Princess Mononoke still gives me goosebumps to this day. It really gives a sense of wonder and excitement, and makes you want to embark on a grand adventure.

Okay, now I'm interested in Yuki Nomi. Can you give me an example?

Nobody's saying that. Fuck off strawman.

The most likely reason why is because he's given shitty restrictive direction from the directors of various projects he's working on, so he doesn't get the chance to flex his creative muscles since he's always asked to mimic his previous works, resulting in his talent stagnating.

Sawano probably does get very specific guidelines on how to compose, sort of like how an actor can be typecast. But you don't see that happen with other top composers, atleast not to the degree you see with Sawano year after year.
So the only explanation is that he's a studio monkey

Not even contrarian but okay.

Horizon S1 and S2.
Shokugeki no Souma.

These are pretty big shows.

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What happened to my nigga Iwasaki?

The best music he did were for a documentary on black holes, but it's impossible to find unfortunately.

He almost singlehandedly ruined Ponyo.

His Ping Pong soundtrack was also great.

You're implying that Katou is better than Joe fucking Hisaishi. That's textbook contrarianism.

Are you fucking kidding me?

No. His heavy handed music was in almost complete dissonance with the themes and generally fluid animation of the film.

no one ever mentions ken muramatsu and takefumi haketa. yoshiaki dewa is a recent favorite.

Nichijou, Whisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns
Not too much but what he has done is gold.

Because it's Yokoyama and you're all a joke that have never heard a proper OST.


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>Not J.A. Seazer

>Michiru Oshima
This. She has a very authentic polystylism.

I prefer Sonatine's.

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I'm glad Sawano's dick-sucking is over. Back when KLK and Aldnoah came out you couldn't go a day without hearing someone gagging on his cock.
Fuck that hack.

I really like taku iwasaki's works.

Blame faggots from MAL, Facebook and Reddit who started sucking Sawano's cock after season 1 of Attack on Titan.


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Joe Hisaishi is my favorite composer of all time. Any medium, any genre of music. That being said, I don't want to be associated with OP who is trying to challenge people.

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go suck a dick, aot hater, sawano whter you like it or not is top tier. stop sucking dick

That is the best live concert I've ever seen. Only thing that could have made it better is if they played The Dead Sea during Nausicaa. But that song can't be played by a live orchestra beyond the string section.

OP here. I was saying it in a tongue in cheek manner while praising Hisaishi.

I saw The Tale Of Princess Kaguya like a month ago.

I've been whistling the music since.

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>5. Kenji Kawai
Why do people love his music so much. All the stuff I've heard from him is not just forgettable in melody and theme, but kind of weak in composition. Like, he even uses synthesizers to perform straight orchestrated music. Not in a way that would benefit the synthesizer like Hisaishi or Vangelis would.

Definitely Hisaishi's most beautiful composition in recent memory.

>Why do people like Kenji Kawai so much?

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‘Yet another village is dead’

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What's this?

‘Let’s go, soon this place too will be consumed by the toxic jungle’

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But he's done so many others that are forgettable. Apparently so forgettable people only remember Ghost in the Shell.

You forgot shinji orito


Shitposts aside user Nausicaa has one of the best intros of all time

Please shitpost normally...

My fucking niggas. The entire budokan concert is legendary, and the Bygone Days is beautifully composed beautifully.

Kanno, Kawai, and Hisaishi are top tier. My favorite is Kajiura though.

>If you honestly believe that that hack Hiroyuki Sawano is the best when all of his music sounds exactly the same, then you are a total faggot.

Literally no one thinks this. But his music is still off the chain.

The person who's music sounds all the same is Yuki Kajura. Glad people stopped obsessing over her as the best thing ever.

Both of them actually, but Sawano went to Sameyville faster, and Kajiura's pleasant to hear.

Yasuharu Takahashi is pretty samey too.

You'd be surprised. Attack on Titan's fanbase are complete fucking faggots.

Her work sounds samey nowadays, but she actually had quite a bit of variety early in her career. Her soundtrack for .hack//Sign was top tier.

His AoT album is one of his best works.

The only reason why I'd knock him down a notch in terms of tiers is because he's way too prolific and so he ends up making a lot of similar songs. If he was more discriminatory and choosy among the projects in order to keep up with the quality of his works, I'd rate him higher. And if he got native language speakers to work on his songs so the lyrics don't sound butchered in their respective languages. That would help immensely as well.

Kajura sounded the same over a decade ago. Her music for Tsubasa was the same few instruments and chorus as she used on Noir.

His SnK album is objectively great, but to say that Sawano is the greatest composer of all time just because of one album is ludicrous. And yes, SnK's fanbase is cancer. Have you ever seen their containment threads here?

>Her music for Tsubasa was the same few instruments and chorus as she used on Noir.

Kajiura didn't use a choir in Noir, and most of Tsubasa had very few tracks with a choir. Most of it was sung by a single sing, and was different from the ones in Noir
Amount of instruments doesn't matter. You can make an excellent soundtrack with just piano, or a shitty one with a full orchestra.

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The point is a lot of Yuji Kajura's music is just 1-2 violins and a piano. I even saw a live concert for her and the whole "band" was just 4 people (two violins, a piano, a viola and a singer). This is why her music starts to sound repetitive.

And Tsubasa definitely had a choir for some songs. The big event where everyone gets teleported to a new world in episode 1 of Tsubasa definitely had a Noir style choir song going on.

Kensuke Ushio has only done a few things but they've all been spectacular.
>Devilman Crybaby
>Koe no Katachi
>Ping Pong
He's doing the music for the upcoming Hibike movie and Boogiepop anime as well.

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I think you'll find it's actually Rimsky-Korsakov

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>He's the Hans Zimmer of anime

You're not crediting Zimmer enough. Say what you will about the people who ape him, but Zimmer's sound has evolved a hell of a lot more noticeably over the decades then say, John Williams.


This ain't Pirates of the Caribbean Hans.

The guy everyone forgets is Takanori Arisawa. Probably because he died so young and his best music was replaced in the western dub.


The point is a lot of Yuji Kajura's music is just 1-2 violins and a piano.
I'm starting to think you don't know what a violin is.

>I even saw a live concert for her and the whole "band" was just 4 people (two violins, a piano, a viola and a singer). This is why her music starts to sound repetitive.
Things that didn't happen.

And I didn't say Tsubasa didn't have a choir retard. I said it had very few tracks with choir. I know the track you're talking about, and it it sounds nothing like Noir.

Something something Yoko kanno

John Williams has kind of phoned it in over the years. Or maybe its that the movies he's working on have, since Spielberg and Lucas have also phoned it in. Either way, his music has been pretty forgettable since the mid 2000s. The last soundtrack I truly liked was Seven Years in Tibet.

And Nobou Uematsu is a perfect comparison to him.

>Anime Expo 2003 didn't happen

>no Keiichi Okabe
Come the fuck on.

No love for the Star Wars prequel scores?

I mean I don't care what anyone says about the movies themselves, the soundtracks were fucking PHENOMENAL. That was Williams' last big hurrah to me. You could tell he put a lot of passion into it. I remember hearing stories about how Lucas and him would be right next to each other, talking about the music, and spitballing ideas.

Now look at like, J.J. Abrams, who's been on record saying he doesn't really give any feedback for Williams' stuff.

Literally who?

No, I didn't like the prequel scores. It sounds like he was forced to just write things on the beat. Which, considering the mess of editing and CGI in the prequels, leads to stuff like 20 seconds of trumpets just chirping before a scene transition. Note, I'm not blaming Williams but the material he was forced to write for. When you're being told to write an "exciting battle theme" during the Battle of Naboo, it's kind of an impossible task.


I dunno man, I disagree. I mean true, Williams wrote the score in a way that very closely follows the material right on the screen- but he did that with the OT, too. Beyond that, I think he just nailed so many great ideas. Each film had at least one absolutely classic track.


And there were so many clever ideas, especially with TPM.


The parade music being Palpatine's theme from RotJ.


Anakin's Theme being built up throughout the trilogy (though it does leave the issue of ANH not having the Darth Vader theme more obvious).

Again, literally who?

>Nobody's saying that.

That's what you said dipshit. Now back it up.

I've been following SnK from BEFORE the anime. So you'll have to be specific about what you're talking about regarding the SnK fanbase. The reason why I said what I said is because, like you said, the SnK OST is objectively great. The bigger issue, the underlying reason why people hail Sawano as if he's the second coming, is because a lot of them don't have the exposure to other composers to compare with less bias. The music posted in this thread is downright fantastic, but how will the average anime watching joe know if they don't get the chance to listen to their music?

>Something something Yoko kanno

I was waiting for someone to mention her. SHE IS AMAZING. Zankyou no Terror, my god that OST is phenomenal.

Crystallized - youtube.com/watch?v=fzqYjH254HA
Von - youtube.com/watch?v=ZxnqSTzq6-w

No I fucking didn't say that Hans Zimmer is an objectively good composer, nor did I praise Joe Hisaishi just because he's popular. You're retarded.

Anime expo 2003 had keyboard, violin, and e. guitar. VERY different from what you said, retard. And it was a low budget concert, not a full one.

Kanno's soundtrack for Wolf's Rain still brings tears to my eyes.

But the fact that so many of her songs can be played on just those instruments doesn't show you that she lacks variety? And this continued into much later anime than Noir.

But this argument is pretty much subjective. You've already said you don't think her later work sounds similar to Noir. I think it does. That's about all we can say.

>But the fact that so many of her songs can be played on just those instruments doesn't show you that she lacks variety? And this continued into much later anime than Noir.

Did you ignore the screencap that shows she uses more than "two violins, and piano", I mean "two violins, piano, and viola". No wait "keyboard, violin, and e. guitar".
And no, retard, it doesn't prove anything, because if you only have three instruments for your concert (not a soundtrack recording) it means you're going to choose songs that either have those three instruments, rearrange the song for those three instruments, or use recordings of the missing instruments.

Iwasaki will always be my favorite, if not only for his schizophrenic choice in musical genres.

hahahah silly op

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ikr, i used to smoke weed regularly with this song. youtube.com/watch?v=yx9RgTiIKDE

Kanno's a very close second to Hisaishi.