Spring 2018 anime lineup is 99.9999999% shounenshit

>Spring 2018 anime lineup is 99.9999999% shounenshit
What backlog do you plan to watch/rewatch to get you through this dry season?

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your moms backlog

Going to watch Fall 2017 and this year's winter shows I skipped because I've been taking a break from anime


really, it seemed like it was more fujoshit than usual.
still shit

Yeah but Captain Tsubasa and Gurazeni.

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>having a backlog
I'll rewatch shit sure. But if you have a backlog you shouldn't be spending time on Sup Forums

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Looks like a good season since stuff from both Go Nagai and Shoji Kawamori are here plus a gundam that isn't Iron Blooded Ovaries.

The bones original looks great. There is also a new Gainax anime.

Stop being a faggot and enjoy some shonenshit, OP

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Attaching the word shit to an anime genre is always a sign of newfaggotry, you need to watch more anime. The problem with spring isn't the shounen which is neither inherently good or bad, it's the fucking cashgrab sequels who are solely made to bank on their successful earlier works. They will probably suck ass, I'm looking at you S;G0, TG:re and FMB.

for me it's shaman girls, the office and how to train your F15

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When people say shounenshit, they mean battle shounen which is a genre.

Well if he only meant battle shounen then he is wrong. There is a lot more than battle shounen next season since for example neither S;G0 nor FMP are battle shounen.

Yeah, the problem was never shounen. It's the sequels. Even fucking Amanchu got a sequel


> re-watching anime
I never understood this.
I remember well what happens in the anime I consider great, so re-watching it is pointless.
Everything else is "just good" or mediocre, so not worth re-watching.

What is the point?

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Uma musume and SAO unironically might be great.

i just watch whatever my friends are watching

>I remember well what happens in the anime I consider great
When you watch a lot of anime for a lot of years you'll even reach a point where you don't remember whether you've seen an anime or not. You'll also mistake similar anime for one another. Rewatching an anime you've seen 10 years ago is actually a good experience.

At least 11 anime aren't

Does Darling in the Franxx really count as shounen?

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I personally have shit memory, that is getting worse every year, so rewatching anime i liked, is inevitable for me.

You mean anons right? You better be.

i usually rewatch them on BD if they are not QUALITY tier

damn shounen season, back to watamote for me

I just watched Angel Beats!
Fucking let down

>Steins Gate
>Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
>Golden Kamuy
>Megalo Box
I can actually go on, this is gonna be the best season in fucking years, especially for adapted manga. If you think this season is anything but amazing you have got the shittiest taste possible.

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I watch Tokyo Godfathers every New Year's Eve.

>99.9999999% shounenshit
Did you even look at the lineup?

I've heard Steins;Gate 0 is shit though.

I finished my backlog, what do i do now?

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Decide for yourself you silly user

read summa theologica

Just shut up and bow to your shonenshit overlords.

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it's okay
twin automata route is great tho

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Watch the anime you have yet to think of watching.

this season looks uninteresting, i'm going to watch every gundam in chronological order while waiting for something good

Been thinking of watching Jojo so I can understand all the memes, but maybe I should start with Legend of the galactic heroes instead.

Hard choice to me IMO

>there will be multiple generals for bnha at all times during the season
Welp,I might take a break from Sup Forums, that fanbase truly is narutards 2.0. I miss the pre ch100 threads which had a lot less cancer than what's in it now.

>what do i do now?
Make another backlog of course. Go back year by year and add shows you haven't watched yet that interest you.

it's passable, not much to look at

take a break from anime, explore other entertainment.

World masterpiece theater.

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Get a job

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>List of shounenshit to avoid this season
nanatsu no taizai
shokugeki no soma
boku no pico academia
tokyo ghoul REEEEEE
Toji no Miko
Kakurio no yadomeshi
Hitori no SHITa

there you go OP now you can watch all your shoujoshit without any distractions.

No, this current Winter season is the best season in years. Spring will be okay at best.

if you want to enjoy yourself watch lotgh
>being this new

Fuck off, mum.

I don't have to be new to not jump on the bandwagon of every popular anime.

I haven't watched or read that Titan wall garbage and I don't intend to. Jojo memes are at least funny.


You remember line by line? Shot by shot? No you don't. You fucking incel.

>re-listening songs
I never understood this.
I remember well what happens in the song I consider great, so re-listening it is pointless.
Everything else is "just good" or mediocre, so not worth re-listening.

What is the point?

Because you ALWAYS will pick up things you missed. Lots of anime benefit from multiple viewings. It's like watching a movie you like or listening to songs you like.

Throw that shit in plex. make it look pretty

> You remember line by line? Shot by shot?
I don't need to.

Anime and music are not the same thing.