Best boy in their respective series

Best boy in their respective series

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that's not Zora though

>best boy
>dies over a women
Yeah get outta here

Its honestly a toss up for me between Ladros, Henry, Finral, and Zora

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OP is not a faggot for once.

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hot, what series is he from

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its a tie between him, doggo and priest

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shut up gil

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You never heard of it

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>not best captain

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>shitposting intensifies

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Seems you posted the wrong captain

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He is an elf now, his destiny is to be gassed

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This dumb cat

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Even with all that's happened to him in the last few chapters, I still fucking love him. If he loses his power or dies, I'm dropping the series.

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Truly the best villain in Bleach. Yhwach is badass too, but he's not Aizen-badass.

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That's still King.

Knights are always the best boys.

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is thats cestvs!


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currently reading it. really good manga. unfarily underrated. hope it gets more recognition in the future

what about Wan qi.

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This is correct.

Fucking Please. Julius and Yami are tied. Not anymore though, I guess. ;_;

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