Hajimete no Gal

Is Yukana the worst girlfriend one can have?

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Nene proved herself better in every single way as the story went on and even cared for the protagonist years before she ever came on the scene.

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Yame is a good girlfriend, as always its the MC who is the worst.

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She is a stupid whore

She vag blocked herself to be honest, in the mid parts of the manga to be honest. And Junichi being the otaku loser he is doesn't know what to do.

no she just likes teasing her boyfriend how is that bad?
she's a virgin tho how can she be a whore

Would you make Ranko become an honest woman?

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no but i would fuck her in the ass and make her call me daddy

>watching ntr shit


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You know she' training Junichi to be able to defeat her in bed right? It's not for Yukana.

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Yame probably banged Dai

I like this theory more than I should.
She always seems touching him.

Only if you watch the anime. She's top tier in the manga.

She's a bigger bitch in the manga

I can't believe that I have become this type of person ,but manga is way better than anime. Half of the weird shit is anime original and yukana is actually normal.

>Teases him goes to far
>After a cool down she realizes that she was going to far herself and tones it down dramatically.
>Compare this with NTR-man the anime only arc.
Nah. She's new at having a boyfriend and figuring things out pretty quick.

She is a cunt

Hating this.
Bad form OP.

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Close but this bitch right here is the salt of the earth.

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Maybe she wants him fit enough to satisfy them both?

The only thing good about this series is Yui.

Yui = best girl

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Eh, 6/10
I like my gals to be gals in public.
Being a gal just for twitch views takes all the fun out of it.

In the manga she at least propositions him for sex, so maybe in another 75 chapters he'll be pounding that heavenly bod.

Ranko will beat her to it after one of their training sessions gets out of hand.

>Dub Ranko Dirty Talk

Ranko actually finally got in trouble with Yame in the manga, when she got caught going through her underwear.

>its the MC who is the worst.

Pfft. Not even close. All the others girls are scheming to break them off and Yukana is too trusting. Oh and there is a new girl who showed up in the raws.

Summer should be Gal season again, I hope it is.

Ranko is always being a cock block, no shit.

I do to. I need a constant stream of gal in my life.

2d only, real Gals are creepy orange looking things.

Atleast she's better than Kokkoro


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Nice try Yui. Why don't you go order that sandwich you want so much

Why didnt he get together with her?


She is the most bitchy I do admit.
She probably doesn't even want sex. Just slavery.

what? she's a good pure gal.


Yame is the best girl a man can have

Well of course though 3DPD memes aside, RL gals are kind of cute too when they're not one of the extreme subgroups

don't know what you are implying, but I don't like it

meant to reply to this cheeky fuck

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Because the main character is an incompetent self doubting retard, the entire series is basically him sabotaging his own life in most circumstances and being bullied by his shitty friends.

Absolutely wrong, fuckers. This is the absolute girlfriend you could ever have. Ever.

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This. If that fag won't have Nene then I will

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>that stare

generic oblivious ntr protagonist

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>Fall Asleep on her tits
>Have to pay 5 grand to a doc for Breast Reduc so her spine doesn't snap
Such a shame.

If we ever get season 2, i want him to cheat on her

MMMMM, Ranko sex in a back alley would be a great twist.


user all I want to see is a happy Yame so delete this comment please, thanks.

don't know, never had one

Anime Yukana is up there in being garbage yeah.
Manga Yukana is solid though.

>Is Yukana the worst girlfriend one can have?
this girl is worse. Boring "bully" personality only the lowest of beta's would like and also just kind of ugly.

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didn't anime original ruin any hopes for a 2nd season as all anime orginals do?

Its a divine punishment to have Belldandy, the Queen of Cucking as your girlfriend

Reminder that the anime has a drastically different plot than the manga. Not once in the manga does Yukana talk to some playboy faggot for NTR bait.

They need to let the manga get further before they even try.

Aside from that technically they could pick up with right after Yame and MC-kun's first kiss and pretend ntr-kun ever happened.

With Donovan as star guest

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>ntr in the anime
ok I'm not going to watch that shit then
my Yame is pure and faithful

yea this and slutneki kill animes.

The first 7 or so episodes is passable fanservice. That takes you to the obligatory beach episode. Technically the NTR never happened, she was hanging out with an old elementary school friend who she didn't know became a stereotypical "Fuck her, ruin her, then throw her to my friends for gangfucking" NTR man. MC-kun and friends man all man up to kick his ass
But yeah, the manga is much better in every regard

the NTR was when she lied to him. She said she is going to meet with some friends but it was only the one guy she met. Manga is superior

Did she really expect only the guy or did the others magically "Not make it"
I didn't watch the arc.

Is really ntr shit or is it just a meme? I kind if wanna watch it.

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I am not sure anymore but iirc she knew it was only one. But i am really not sure

yui was literally a mistake. she is literally only around because the writer thinks that the mc needs a harem,

it is but it really isn't.

It is basically like the start of an NTR doujin with the girl hanging out with a "cool new friend" (Though in this case it's "cool old friend") and the MC being powerless to stop it, mixed with everyone giving him a hard time for not trusting her.
Then when NTR-kun actually does go to fuckrape her (by the way, is not exaggerating with him being a "Fuck her, ruin her, then throw her to my friends for gangfucking until they get bored of her" NTR man. He literally says he's done so before himself.) MC-kun and friends show up to save the day.

NTR in my series! Never.

>loser is lucky enough to score a hot girlfriend
>a bazillion girls magically come out of the woodwork
Don't give me that "it's totally realistic!!!" shit, it's just annoying in practice.

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Bump for Nene.

If it's any consolation, the other girls aren't really after him harem style.
Yame-san wants him because he's her boyfriend who likes her bitchy side.
Nene wants him because she doesn't want to be the losing childhood friend.
Ranko is the opposite of wants him. She tolerates his existence but wants to yuri Yame up.
Yui's just a bitch with possession issues and is mad MC-kun's not crushing on her anymore

>Yame-san wants him because he's her boyfriend who likes her bitchy side.
it's been hinted that she has liked him for longer than he was aware of her.

Yeah but I wasn't being serious. It sounded funnier than the actual reason.

there is actually a real life psychological explanation for this. when you are taken you instantly become more valuable

>Single guy/gal
>"Why don't they have anyone, what's wrong with them."
>"What's so great about them? I want to know and have that for myself."
Checks out.

What happened in this series? I remember it as a harem where a guy goes to live some goddesses a la tenchi-muyio.

No one caree if it's realistic fuck off

Post more blonde bombshell with strawberry highlights.

I don't give a fuck, it's obnoxious and a distraction from developing the OTP

I thought Yame's "secret" was that despite looking and acting like a slutty gyaru she's actually really shy and prude and has never had a boyfriend. I thought the reason she agreed to go out with him was because he was the first person to ever confess to her.
When was it revealed that she's liked him for a long time?

The manga is completely different from the anime.

It's like a different work.

Are the translators still fucking around by dividing chapters into like two to three parts, though?

Or did a new translator appear to take over and save us from such faggotry?

Galko could have a S2 by now but the author doesn't produce enough content since Galko is a manga released in color.

However, I wish Galko had been a full length anime rather than shorts.

I liked the length of the Galko OVA.

I thought the anime director got chased out of town and the studio shut down?

as they all should.

kuma miko, slutneki. THEY ALL SHOULD BE IN JAIL.

Mangazuki is back to doing it. I know some retard was doing it using Marumaru scans and TLing it KR-Eng, but he's not on mangadex, so whatever.

Who is more likely to cheat in the manga?

Nobody. Main girl is virgin self-insert wish fulfillment, the girl friend is dyke only for the main girl, the childhood friend is childhood friend, the streamer girl has a weird case of reverse oneitis with MC.

>However, I wish Galko had been a full length anime rather than shorts.
I've never read the manga but I thought the format was perfect for the anime. Every episode focusing on one obscure question about the female body. The episodes didn't need to be longer than that. Sure it was a shame that it was over so quickly but the shorts were so lighthearted and fun to watch, it would've been difficult to keep it up with full-length episodes. The OVA was already weaker than the regular episodes.