Dagashi Kashi 184

Two chapters left.

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"It's goodbye for real this time."

"I can't force Brother to leave, so"
"If you're planning to choose that route,"
"I probably won't be able to start my own company, so I think I'll be helping Papa out at Shidare Company."

"I won't be able to do as many selfish things,"
"So I'll just have to stay patient, then."

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"Kokonotsu-san's been like this ever since he got back. Do you know anything?"
"I... wonder..."

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184th Sweet: Hard Punch

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"Still, I've seen this before."
"Pretty recently..."

"Does he get like this all the time?!"
"Well, he's not the most mentally strong person out there, so..."

"Generally, he gets like this when..."



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"Saya-chan... Welcome. What's up?"
"Whaddya mean, 'what'. We said we'd celebrate."


"For what?"
"For you!"
"Eh? Ohh, right."

"...What happened?"

"No, nothing..."
"Nothing ha-..."

"Hotaru-san said she's leaving..."

"Huh?! When?!"
"I dunno... But probably... at once."

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"I won an award,"
"And I could finally start on this path..."
"That's what I was starting to think."

"But that means I don't plan on succeeding the store,"
"And I don't plan on joining Hotaru-san's company."

"Even though I knew that there wouldn't be such a thing,"
"I still wondered, just maybe..."

"I see Hotaru-san isn't interested at all"
"In me, if I have nothing to do with dagashi..."

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"Something like..."


"O-ow...?! Huh...?!"

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"You idiot."
"There's no way that's the case."

"This is something she said during that women's gathering."
"Women's gathering?"
"That's right."

"Hotaru-chan said that she's selfish."
"She wants it all for herself."

"Because she loves everyone, she doesn't want to compromise."

"See? There's no way she isn't interested in you."
"She's been thinking of you the whole time."


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"She probably thought that so that she won't be bothering you,"
"It's better if she leaves alone, right?"


"If that's the case, then I'm pissed."
"I'm gonna punch Hotaru-chan as well."
"Waaagh!! Why?! Why're you so extreme today?!"

"I mean, of course I'm pissed!!"
"This time, and that time! Coming and leaving as she wishes!"

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"I mean, we"
"like Hotaru-san as well..."

"Huh?! Ah, yes?!"

"Where's the cooler box?!"
"Huh...? Um..."

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That's all. Also, the final manuscript is done

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god fucking damn it I haven't finished typing this shit
whatever, it's pretty much what I wanted to write anyway

Thanks, OP. So Hotaru has to succeed Shidare Company because her brother is off enjoying being a convenience store owner. It's odd seeing Saya play matchmaker here.

I still don't really have an idea what direction this going to go.

Thanks. Looking forward to new chapter.

Not only that, but four chapters ago, her brother had a talk with her, telling her about how she thinks too much like a fan, rather than a businesswoman and how that will prevent her from running her own company successfully. This is why she says that she probably won't be able to start her own company.

what did she mean by this?

user please.

>"I'm gonna punch Hotaru-chan as well."
oh shit

And Kokonotsu is physically restraining her from seeking Hotaru out to do it. She doesn't even realize that this violent shithead portion of her personality is part of why he doesn't look her way and won't ever do so.

you mean its ending ?

Yes it's ending.

This settles it. Hotaru will win the coconuts bowl

Thanks based op

im sad

Best girl wins, why would you be sad?

Even Saya is a Hotarufag and is shiping them

>"If you're planning to choose that route,"
>"I probably won't be able to start my own company,
What a BITCH

Not really.

Still not so sure but sadly i think Hajime is out of the competition. Now is all about Saya or Hotaru

>Saya or Hotaru
Did you even read the chapter?

Saya helping Coconuts could be a red herring. Is this your first Manga?

Dude, there are only 2 chapters left and you think it's a red herring? Is this your first manga? Or is this the first chapter of this manga you have ever read? Author has been very consistent about Hotaru winning it.

>Dude, there are only 2 chapters left and you think it's a red herring?
Just saying, pic related ended with the loser kissing the MC in the last 2 chapters. Anything can happen

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Well, I don't know how that manga progressed, but in Dagashi the winner couldn't be more obvious at this point.

I don't want it to end!