Dragon Ball Super

As of the beginning of the DB Hiatus, here are the ages of Team Universe 7 (minus Freeza):
> Goku
> Vegeta
> Gohan
> Krillin
> Tien
> Piccolo
> Android 17 and 18
45- 50
> Master Roshi
> Majin Buu
Over 5 Million

Years dead and in the Time Chamber are not counted

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Is not a member of team Universe 7. Frieza is.

well if you do count times in the time chamber
then vegeta would be over 60

and i don't think 18 and 17 are that old
gero captured them as teenagers, and they barely age after his upgrades

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I just didn't want to say "Z-Fighters"

More important. What are the height of androids?

When the fuck are they gonna tell us Freeza's age?

He was already an adult 40 years into the past, It's hard to tell

>Krillen is 44 and works as a police officer
>Tien is 47 and is a martial arts instructor
>I'm 30 and pulled a muscle getting out of a chair the wrong way

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fix yourself

They're taller than Vegeta but shorter than Future Trunks.

17 and 18 dont age


This gets me every time I realize this but he started training baby Gohan when he was 5 years old. This series is weird nothing makes sense.

Piccolo Jr was born very late, not much earlier before DBZ started

You're bad my dude. Future Trunks was taller than his father.

> Gohan
> Married with a beautiful wife and daughter
> Has a successful job
> Rich as fuck
> Can probably bench-press a planet
> Only 23

How does he do it lads?

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Son of the best character ever.

More like
>23 and already balding.

17 and 18 are at least like 7 years younger than Krillin

The Android arc took place around 17 years ago.

And Gero had already kidnapped Lapis and Lazuli before or while he was studying Goku during early DB and the Saiyan Saga (to create Cell)

When they were awakened as 17 and 18, many years have taken place.

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He is a reincarnation of King Piccolo, and also bound to Kami. It's just his species' thing.

>to create Cell
He also used that data and gave it to 16, 17, and 18

What the fuck does 45-50 mean?

Years they were turned off?

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>was more powerful when he was 11 years old
Chodehan is based amirite?

how can you marry your own daughter?

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> Z-Fighters
It isn't DBZ anymore.

For DBS, it's "Super Friends"

For DBGT, it's "Grand Tourists"

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wait gohan actually has a job?
i thought he was still a scholar.
and is forced to live of videl's money because he has none himself

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> Super Saiyan fetus
I remember this scene driving people insane

you forgot
>already balding
>needs piccolo or goku's help constantly
>baby daughter already stronger then him

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Did the Immortal Phoenix actually grant Roshi immortality?

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depends on toriyama's mood
roshi can't die of old age, but he can die of wounds

Where are these numbers coming from?

Side stories or TV Specials I would like to see:
> Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
> Dragon Ball Minus
> SSG Yamoshi (if it isn't addressed in the new movie)
> Lapis and Lazuli's lives before Dr Gero
> Android 21
> Future Trunks post-Zamasu (Time Patrol)

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In the movie

No. There's actually no root cause for Rishi's great age beyond the health benefits of turtle style living, and possibly genetics. There was no phenolic. He never drank from any magic well.
It might, I suppose, be from eating senzu breans

Didn't DBMinus retcon Goku's age? He should be as old as Krillin or older.

>there's people retarded enough to think Cabba and Caulifla, the little saiyans that still drink juice, are adults
Different artstyle idiots, that's how they are supposed to look according to Toriyama's modern arstyle

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Wasn't Goku dead for like a total of eight years? If years dead don't count, then it seems like he should be younger than that. He's younger than Vegeta to begin with, right?

18 is in her 40s. That's hot. Appearance wise they dont look old but their years still add up like everyone else that is alive.

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And yet you probably shit on Krillin and Tien when they get humiliated.

>> Android 17 and 18
>45- 50

>and i don't think 18 and 17 are that old

they are

japanese people just age slowly. it's why i love e-whoring for japanese men.

They don't age.

He's married to his wife and his daughter?
That's perverse.

>mfw 27 just like best dad

>already a dad

feels good

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They do age. They just age slowly because Toriyama is too lazy to change their designs drastically.

Even Krillin doesn't seem that old compared to Namek.

Wait wait wait I'm pretty sure I recall him saying he's immortal for some reason in the king piccolo arc, before he goes out to face him.

God damn it why do I stash these mangas away if you fuckers always have me scouring back through them to prove stupid points

>17 years ago
I don't think that's right. goten isn't 16.

I'm pretty sure toriyama confirmed saiyans live longer than humans as well.

Yes, there it is.

I think I remember it being more clear in the official translation but I'm not digging those up now.

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Yeah slightly longer, they still go old at their 80s (according to Super) and that's when they are close to death. They live as long as healthy humans, that's not really special

How long have you been a fan of Dragon Ball?

What's your favorite story arc?

What do you expect from the new movie?

They just seem too old already to not have gone through a growth spurt yet.
They look like Gohan when he went to school. But he was at full height already, just kinda lanky.

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toei should use filler episodes as a chance to flesh out the other universes, sure it's nice to see the amazing adventures of baby Pan but I think it would be much more interesting to see what's going on in the other universes now that the ToP is over plus I'm sure toei could use that filler as a way to sell toys by giving a couple of fodder characters form the ToP some named moves anf cool scenes

Why do you bother saving those when you can download the official translation





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I didn't save it, it was just what I could google the fastest. I meant I have the physical mangas boxed somewhere

how expensive were the kanzenban?

>Goku 43
Since he was dead for 8 years physically he's closer to a much older brother than a father to Gohan.

Speaking of shekel chasing Jews I hope toei doesn't just sideline Hit, I'm usually ok with the whole "last arc's rival jobs to new arc's rival and never appears again" thing but Hit's moveset is so unique that I really want to see how far they can push his time manipulation

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Nah I'm sure Hit will come back. He's probably the most popular new character from Super

Remember they had 3 years before baby Trunks was born since Future Trunks warned them prior.

I want to untie kale's ponytail.

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Cabba and the girls aren't going through adolescence, they're just manlets and womanlets like Vegeta's brother

Was he the hardest antagonist to beat ?
Even Frieza wasn't this difficult for our heroes.

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The new director is my waifu, SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT HER!

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I've not really been around for super discussion as too stay away from spoilers, but what was the agreement on the best arc?

Felt Future Trunks/Zamasu was a cut above everything else desu.

Tell me about it, this show did wonders for my fusion fetish

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What have we learned in these threads throughout Super's run?

>DBZ was not perfect
>Toriyama is a hack
>Toyotaro is a tracer
>Dr. Gero is the savior of U7
>Beerus is evil
>Gohan has autistic fanboys who self-inserted as him
>Waifufags are the worst
>Zamasu did nothing wrong
>Sup Forums doesn't understand how animation works

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this one moment honestly made me like jiren

Well yeah he beat Goku alone like 4 times.

Nah Table was more muscular, he was just a really short saiyan. Meanwhile Cabba and Caulifla's bodies are just not developed yet

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The last few episodes were really quite enjoyable. I don't quite remember the last time Dragon Ball had an actual character with an actual character arc.

thanks senpai

>SSBKKx20 tickled his dick
>didn't even need to use his hands for a SSBKKx20 plus spirit bomb
>UI Omen made him try for about a whole second
>broke through Hit's time cage like it was nothing
>could take on a SSBE and a SSBKKx20 without trying
>took Goku, Vegeta, 17 and Freeza just to rip his shirt
>Omen: Second Coming wasn't enough make him go 100%
>Could take on blanco, THE ULTIMATE FORM OF THE GODS, with brute strength
>took Goku, Freeza and 17 to ring him out even after being completely drained of energy
Definitely the toughest

The funny thing is that he didnt even get beaten, he had to get pulled off the stage

where is piccolo right now in super?

Piccolo seems to be low God territory after vigorous training with Gohan. He's definitely under Kale but he could probably tangle with SS2 Cabba or Caulifla.

However, he has hands down the greatest feat in all of DB.

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I'm still pissed they made him job to Frost

I'm assuming UI only dodges things that have malicious intent, that would explain why whis didn't dodge Piccolo and why whis didn't try to stop Goku's bite

I'm not pissed that Frost won after cheating, I'm pissed that when offered a rematch Piccolo decided to give his turn to Vegeta instead.

Either Whis has complete mastery over UI and it doesn't move him when he doesn't need it to, or Piccolo and even Goku are so insignificant compared to Whis that it didn't activate his instinctual need to avoid damage.

Perhaps shades of both.

Pinnacle of saiyan fertility.

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He is barely than current manga Cabba.

barely thicker.

back to


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Same for me

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I'd rape 18

Then that means they were teenagers around the time Goku fought King Piccolo.

esto es el fin toriyama

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Can you even talk about age regarding 18 and 17? They weren't born, Dr Gero built them.

That's their chronological age, genius.

Hey that actually makes sense.

But wait, wouldn't that mean Gero ended up making androids stronger than Frieza while Goku was weaker than a Saibaman?

That's patently false, user.

I thought the thing about Gohan's hairline was a joke until I starter looking at his designs trough the years. Fucking hell, his hair has noticeably receded since the Buu saga.

Why wouldn't you count time in the time chamber? That time actually did pass from the given character's perspective.