OPM not even that good

All of my friends suggested this crap over and over.

No character development
Boring story "ark"

Fight choreography was pretty good I guess.

Trash/10 prove me wrong

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>Fight choreography was pretty good
and that's the only reason to watch a fight anime, which One Punch Man is.

Its like saying "This romance anime is garbage, looks like shit and the animation is lackluster, the romance was pretty good I guess", look how retarded you would sound

I think the character development was in Genos
I like to think of the story as really being about him

The way I see it, Genos started off very cocky. He believed he was on the path to being the strongest thing around. Then he met Saitama and realized he wasn't close
But he still believed he could achieve that by training and studying Saitama
He spends most of the rest of the season struggling and upgrading and training believing he will one day surpass Saitama, but eventually he settles into the idea that maybe Saitama's power is unlimited
Saitama is kindof a Goku character
He's a bit too pure
Like, Goku doesn't exactly develop as a character for instance, he's just an unstoppable force
It's the people around him that he sets an example for and they are the ones that grow and develop
Yeah, he becomes an adult, but they even reinforced this concept in GT by making him a kid again

funny gimmick taken... actually just exactly far enough

Aren't they making a season 2?

Who do you think is for something to be proven? Can you piss in wine and shit gold bars? No? so you're just another little human shit in the world and what you like or dislike does not interest me.

What, fight anime can't also have a good story? Can't include character development?
Essential story telling elements being almost non existent sucks the life out of any story

Do you tell your mummy that when she tucks you in at night and asks you why you didn't put in any job applications today?

Goku isn't pure. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone but fighting. That's literally how he acquired the ultra instinct shit.

>Vegeta: I fight for my family *flashes of bulma, trunks, goku, and her daughter on screen*
Meanwhile Goku never ONCE mentioned Chi-chi, gohan, or gotten. He doesn't give a shit. He never gave a shit. In the Buu Arc, Chi-Chi got turned into an egg and then smashed, yet Goku didn't even care. In the Cell Arc, Goku gave Cell a senzu bean, even though it would put at risk literally everybody, he doesn't give a shit, he just want to watch a good fight.

He isn't pure, he is retarded.

Goku is pure. He can ride the nimbus. He can't get hurt by the devilmite beam.

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It's farce. Saitama not being proactive is part of the joke. Watch Mob Psycho if you want a humorous action show starring an overpowered character that has some more pathos.

Uh...friends? Friends?!


You misread that scene, kids are pure. It's not a special characteristic of Goku.

Wrong, watch good anime for once in your life. Like Gintama, Konosuba, etc. You don't need story telling elements to have a good anime, all you need to do is achieve what the anime intends to do.

Also literally no one is talking about exclusivity in here. We are talking about how social life works, people who recommend you One Punch Man, they don't recommend you a fighting anime because of the love story, because of the character arcs, because of the thrilling world building. They recommend you a fighting anime because it has good fights. It doesn't seem like you truly understand the situation at hand.

OP's friends never recommended One Punch Man to him because of the Paprika experience, they recommended it to him because it has well animated fights, because that's what the anime is about, and that's what it does well, and that's literally the only reason to watch it.

Krillin was also a kid, and he couldn't ride the nimbus. Stop trying to play revisionist, it had been stated and demostrated over and over that Goku is pure of heart, which he is.

That's because overpowered main characters can wear down the tension. Pic attached is an old school example: he can't stay dead so there's not much at stake.

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Does Saitama even show up in the Garo arc before the climax?

then why is garous vs saitama so much hype???
explain this fagg

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We are friends

Because everyone thought that Saitama would finally do something, and Garou would give him a good fight.

You don't understand what the show is going for at all. Watch SAO instead or something.

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Saitama will never get a good fight. He's going to fight that god thing after years of build up, kill it without breaking a sweat then quit being a hero and take up a different hobby.

Let Me break it down for ya.

Saitama is the embodiment of an Existential Crisis, he goes from a man broken and disheartened at his own powerlessness, to a man disparaging and broken over how insanely powerful he is.

For most people, being the greatest most powerful person in the world would be great, it would mean you could extort the world for whatever you want at no risk to yourself. This isn't what Saitama wanted though, he wanted to be a hero. He wanted the thrill of being a hero. Something he can't achieve when everything he fights is so beneath him he can't help but kill them immediately.

This is further expounded upon when Saitama defeats the deep sea king, he could have easily taken the credit for it and use the publicity to shoot up the ranks of the hero association. But instead, he played the villain so that the crowed would appreciate the heroes who had been injured fighting The Deep Sea King. Why? Because to him, being a hero is when even though you might die you still stand up against the enemy. This is proven by the dream sequence early on where his opponents could actually hurt him, but rather than get scared it just made him all the more pumped up to fight them. The heroes who stood there ground to fight despite how strong the enemy was did something Saitama hadn't been able to do for ages and he respects it, even envies it somewhat.

He can't even take solace in the fact that because of him the threats of the world have been decreasing, because as explained early on he doesn't see any real change despite how much he's been fighting.

Saying that there is no character development where Saitama is concerned is actually correct; Instead, we are having the already established character of Saitama revealed slowly to us. He's as deep as any MC of any series, you just have to think about it.

If you didn't actually get any of the depth of this series stick to shows where it bashes you over the head with it's themes instead.

How is this not pasta?

Maybe it is

>Wrong, watch good anime for once in your life. Like Gintama, Konosuba, etc.

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This. An already developed main character can be a side piece while the other characters get the limelight for once.

I can't prove wrong a fact, user. That's a normie weeb shit tier anime, just like My Hero Academia et similia.

Nice Reddit spacing, go back

Nice original comment, rim my asshole

You contrarians really need to step up your game.

Meh, the action and characters interactions and POVs are top-tier in this manga, so it's at least a 7/10 in my book

Its a satire dumbbutt. Honestly though, neo-weebs (neow?) have ruined OPM for me.

Never let someone to affect your enjoyment dumbo, and especially not Sup Forums

>character development
Its a gag manga. The ONE version is funnier so read that.

What the hell is the weird cult following from the 'NEO-Weebs" then. What is the appeal.

>Caring about anything else but Tatsumaki

Enough of this faggotry.

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